Bush Plane/Wilderness/Camping/Hot Springs……Epic 2 days in the Idaho Back Country

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I spent 2 days camping and flying with some new friends thru the Franck Church Wilderness of no return in the Idaho backcountry. We landed at Johnson Creek, Sulphur Creek, Indian Creek, Thomas Creek, Big Creek, The Flying B, and Lower Loon. Most of these strips are along the banks of the Middle fork Salmon river.

About my plane:

Kitfox Model 4 1200, Rotax 912 ULS 100hp engine. 26″ Alaska bush Wheels

The gear i use

Camera :
Action Cam:
Cockpit audio cable:

Bush funeral: Mourners sing ‘America the Beautiful’ at Texas memorial

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Guests gathered to mourn the 41st president of the United States, George H. W. Bush, joined in on a singing of “America the Beautiful” inside St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston.

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WATCH: Oak Ridge Boys sing ‘Amazing Grace’ at George H.W. Bush Houston funeral

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Oak Ridge Boys, the country and gospel vocal quartet, sang “Amazing Grace” at the 41st president’s funeral Thursday at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas. They were old friends of George H.W. Bush.

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George H.W. Bush returns to Houston to lie in repose

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The casket of former president George H.W. Bush returned to Houston Dec. 5 to lie in repose overnight at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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George H.W. Bush Texas memorial service

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Family, dignitaries and friends of former President George H.W. Bush gather in Texas at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church for the final memorial service for the 41st president.

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FULL TRAIN RIDE: President George H.W. Bush FINAL RIDE To College Station, Texas

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The special funeral train carrying former President George H.W. Bush arrived in College Station, Texas on Thursday — the last leg of his journey before America’s 41st president is laid to rest.

Following a funeral at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, Bush’s casket – draped in an American flag – was loaded aboard a Union Pacific Locomotive 4141 train car in Spring, Texas.

Former President George W. Bush and his family were among those in attendance at the ceremony, after which they boarded the train.
During the funeral, the elder Bush – who died Friday at age 94 – was remembered for his “decency, boundless kindness and consideration of others” by a longtime friend and former secretary of state, James Baker.

Bush is to be interred on the grounds of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, on the Texas A&M University campus, near his wife, Barbara, and Robin, their daughter who died of leukemia at the age of 3 in 1953.
The train was scheduled to slow down through a number of towns along its roughly 70-mile trip. That included Magnolia, where hundreds of people gathered to see 4141 go by. Crowd members waved flags and cheered as the train arrived.
There have been several other such funeral trains in the nation’s history. That includes the one that carried Dwight D. Eisenhower’s body from the National Cathedral in Washington to his Kansas hometown of Abilene several decades ago, according to The Associated Press.


Mon, Dec 3: Anna Paulina vs Sex Trafficking; RIP Bush; Paris Riot

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Mon, Dec 3 Hour 1: Anna Paulina on human trafficking; RIP George Bush. Blacks believe in God?
| 1) GUEST: Anna Paulina Hispanic conservative activist, model, and US Air Force veteran on human trafficking problem at the border. Democrats don’t care, but Latino voters think they do.

| 2) President George Bush died at 94. May he rest in peace.

Jesse talks to callers. Ryan from Massachusetts is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

| 3) Support BOND Jesse talks about his black engineer not fixing his “cough button” (mute button).

Sarah from TN says there’s a big difference between socialism and communism — communists don’t believe in God. She thinks Obama was a Christian convert because he said he was.

| 4) Jesse speaks on Trump vs. Obama. Michelle Obama says about feminist “lean in” — she says “that s*** doesn’t work sometimes.

Wiggins of West Palm Beach, FL, asks what makes someone a mother.

| 5) Anger is playing God. Get From Rage to Responsibility.

A black lady Ella May of South Carolina asks if Jesse’s saying that single mothers can’t be Christians.

Mon, Dec 3 Hour 2: Self-control vs free will; Paris riots! Racism doesn’t exist: Callers
| 1) Rest in peace, George Bush. Ella May tries to tell Jesse how to communicate his point.

Monty of Riverside, CA, asks how you have self-control if you don’t have free will. He talks about his parents and being a beta male in a prior marriage.

| 2) Real men are nationalist.

Riots in Paris! “Yellow Vest” protesters against a fuel tax hike had weeks of civil unrest.

Jody of NC wore his Jesse Lee Peterson hoodie — ”Uniting the Races with Truth Instead of Dividing them with Lies.” Jesse’s Teespring via

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Carol of CA talks about the little Mexican-Indian gal (Anna Paulina from first hour) as a breath of fresh air, wanting her people to be more discerning. Beware the free stuff! She talks about women and marriage.

Chuck of Franklin, OH, is a minister and loves Jesse.

| 4) CBS News report on the Paris, France riot.

Ari of PA appreciates Jesse. Most men and women are evil — it has nothing to do with race.

| 5) Ari’s father is not a living example, so don’t listen to him. Christian of Las Vegas asks whether racism is real and asks about Tim Tebow kneeling.

Mon, Dec 3 Hour 3: Black Panther vs Great White Hope; Kareem Hunt fired for fight with woman
| 1) Christian of Las Vegas, NV, keeps cussing and lying. He doesn’t like Jesse calling Trump The Great White Hope, and says Saudi Arabia perpetrated 9/11. Why do you smoke pot? He won’t answer.

Dave of Los Angeles, CA, talks about Church and the Biblical Question.

| 2) Dave tells about forgiving his mother.

Louis of FL talks about a Muslim doctor in Detroit doing FGM – female genital mutilation.

| 3) Support BOND 800-411-BOND.

23-year-old Kareem Hunt cut from Kansas City Chiefs NFL football team after TMZ publishes surveillance footage of a fight with women!

| 4) Scott of San Diego, CA, is a Jewish man who grew up in the South. Donell says his 12-year-old son doesn’t like hanging out with black kids.

| 5) Donell, don’t force your son to hang out with black kids. Lauren of Arkansas says Jesse is a role model for the black community.

Funny Church Videos: Kid History: The Burning Bush

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Funny Church Video: Kid History: The Burning Bush
Moses story through a kid’s eyes
Are you looking for a Christian Church in Las Vegas?
Church for people who don’t like church.
Do you like to laugh? Verve Church, has been referred to as the Saturday Night Live of Churches. They have a unique perspective on the Bible. Verve creates a fun non-judgmental atmosphere. Yeah, we are funny too!
Verve Church 7850 Dean Martin Drive, Suite 503, Las Vegas, NV 89139
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Vince is the author of five books, including: God for the Rest of Us, I Became a Christian and All I Got was this Lousy T-shirt, Renegade: Your Faith Was Not Meant to Be Safe and Guerrilla Lovers.
This church is unique, they even had a reality show God for the Rest of Us reality show air on TBN.
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Missionary bush pilot – Papua New Guinea

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We are missionaries with New Tribes Mission Aviation. MAF trained me for the first 6 month of my time flying in PNG due to the fact that NTM did not have any training pilots at the time. I have finished flying with MAF, and have started to fly for NTM. Follow us on facebook.

St. George 42 miles away

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I left St. George on 10/19/2012 and flew to St. Paul. The weather was nice. When we left St. Paul headed for Anchorage you could see St. George Island, which is 42 miles away. Only on nice days can you see a great view of St. George from St. Paul in a plane. Was a perfect day for flying!