Building Multicultural Churches: A Conversation with Billy Curl and Lawrence Rodgers

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Dr. Royce Money, Chancellor of Abilene Christian University, interviews ministers Billy Curl of California and Lawrence Rodgers of Maryland. Together, they tackle the complexities of building multicultural churches, challenging the viewers to rethink the meaning of “culture” in a spiritual context. Curl, recently retired, was the minister and evangelist of the Crenshaw Church of Christ in Los Angeles. Rodgers currently serves as minister for the Westside Church of Christ in Baltimore. Curl and Rodgers participated with Dr. Money in a similar discussion, “True Diversity in the Kingdom of God,” as a part of ACU Summit 2016.

Schindler 330A Hydraulic Elevator at the Hills Medical Building.

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Riding the very nice elevator at the Hills Medical Building, and for a Schindler 330A, this one is really nice, but wait until tomorrow, because the next video will be a Schindler, but it will not be an ordinary Schindler.

General-Schindler/Holeless Hydraulic.
Performance-2000 Lbs/20 HP.
Distance-30 feet/3 floors & 100 FPM.
Cab-Brushed stainless steel ceiling with 6 recessed lights, brushed stainless steel walls with cherry panels & 2″ wide brushed stainless steel handrail, limestone tile floor, & brushed stainless steel fronts/car doors/lobby doors/jambs.

Reno Police Respond to Medical Building Shooting

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Police say one of the victims of a shooting at a Reno, Nevada, hospital campus has died. Reno Deputy Police Chief Tom Robinson says two people are dead, including the shooter and one of his victims. At least two more were being treated. (Dec. 17)

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LFG Building, Greensboro NC

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This is the Lincoln Financial Group Building in Greensboro, North Carolina. (But it will always be the Jefferson Pilot Building to me!)
Anyway, this was one of my first videos. I lost radio signal during descent, so it gets a little choppy. I would’ve edited the rough spots out, but I just like the way this This is the Lincoln Financial Group Building in Greensboro, North Carolina. (But it will always be the Jefferson Pilot Building to me!)
Anyway, this was one of my first videos. I lost radio signal during descent, so it gets a little choppy. I would’ve edited the rough spots out, but I just like the way this single, CONTINUOUS shot timed so well with the song, which was a complete afterthought to add.

Music Credit: Up, Up and Away by The Fifth Dimension

Abandoned Plant In Chattanooga Exploring Old Building Dangerous Mysterious

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This video is about Exploring an Abandoned Plant and Buildings In Chattanooga, Tennessee I went in and explored inside the old abandoned buildings at this old plant.

THE EVIDENCE OF THE GOSPEL || The House That God is Building || Pastor Grant Pankratz

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Thank you for joining us as we hear from our Senior Pastor Grant Pankratz, in part one of our series The House That God Is Building.

Church of the Harvest is based in Oklahoma City with locations in Oklahoma City and the Edmond area. Along with our Senior Pastors Grant and Monica Pankratz, we have a vision for you to Know God’s Love and Join God’s Purpose.

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Modular Building – Central Florida’s Largest Commercial Modular Builder

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Modular Building Systems in Central Florida is a leading supplier and certified contractor for custom commercial modular buildings in the Southeast United States, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

Modular Building Systems specialize in churches, charter schools, public schools, and private schools, medical buildings such as CT/MRI centers, x-ray storage facilities, administration buildings, industrial and government buildings. MBSI also offers traditional and green building practices for site-built projects.

Modular building solutions range from a simple 1000 sq. ft. building to 100,000 sq. ft. campus-like projects. Modular Building Systems provides on-site project management and work closely with our clients to ensure that each project is on time and within budget.

For more than 10 years Modular Building Systems has grown by providing our clients with the highest level of service in the industry. We invite you to browse our website and contact us with any questions. We are ready to assist you.

Pre-Engineered Steel Building in Arizona. Arizona Metal Building.

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Steel Building in Arizona. Arizona steel Building.
Completion of a 41,000 sq ft Pre-Engineered Steel Building in Arizona. Image Building Systems supplied and Mustang Steel Erectors did the steel building erection in Arizona.