Building A Tiny House From Start To Finish!

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Building our tiny house on wheels together with the team from Tiny House Chattanooga in Tennessee was an amazing experience. To find out more information, including the cost and details on the products we used visit our website:

We were rushing to get the home complete so we could be on the road for some tiny house festivals around America and so the entire build was done from start to finish in only 21 days!

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Tiny House Chattanooga ( were amazing. Not only did the team pull together to get the home finished to an amazingly high standard, they also allowed me to get stuck into the build with them and I was able to learn an incredible amount about tiny house building in the process.

The home was constructed on a trailer from Tiny House Foundations ( We follow the whole build process of this tiny house, from preparing the tiny house trailer and erecting the Volstrukt steel frame ( right the way through the completed home.

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Headteacher’s experience of Building Learning Power and Online training

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Jayne Keller, Headteacher of Heathcoat Primary School talks about Building Learning Power (BLP) in her school and how the Online training programme ‘Stepping stones’ has help all her staff to bring Building Learning Power into their practice. To help her students get better at learning.

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Abandoned building in Rocky Top, TN (Lake City) old car and home made motor home

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Updated this was a bar that had burned down.

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Berry Architecture Office Building Green Roof – Project of the Week 12/7/15

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Home to Berry Architecture + Associates and Downey Roth Hrywkiw Fidek LLP, the former Red Deer Bowladrome is now the award-winning Gold LEED-certified Fidek Office Building, the first privately-owned building to receive such in the City of Red Deer, Alberta. Key elements were energy and efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and modern comfort and functionality. The building’s crowning glory is the green roof which features a stream, native plantings, vegetable gardens, and bird, butterfly, and bee habitats.

Designed and installed by Living Lands Landscape & Design, the green roof boasts indigenous plant species of Alberta’s prairie and parkland ecosystems. Plants were selected so that one or more species are in bloom from early spring through to late autumn, providing an ongoing source of food in the form of nectar, pollen, and seeds. Water in the design takes the form of a flowing stream, providing a place for birds to bathe and drink, pollinators to access water, insects to lay eggs, and aquatic life to exist. Shelter has been created by both natural and man-made nesting structures in the form of standing and horizontal snags, a butterfly hibernaculum of stacked wood, bee blocks and bumble bee boxes, cavity-nesting bird boxes, and stone piles. Installation of webcams, habitat box cameras, and citizen science projects are all initiatives to gain an understanding of how the site is being used by wildlife and how its usage evolves. Exploring new methods of how to increase successful plant establishment, eliminate the need for irrigation, and reduce maintenance requirements has also been a goal. Careful consideration to design and installation techniques has made this green roof a viable habitat for Alberta’s indigenous pollinators and a showcase for many of its indigenous plant species.

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“Ye are God’s Building” KJV Baptist Preaching (independent, fundamental)

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Church Pastor Helped Me, Building Communities | Nick – Madison, WI | Atheist Experience 23.05

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The Atheist Experience 23.05 for February 3, 2019 with Tracie Harris & Matt Dillahunty.

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Old fire alarm bell going off at old closed-down building (Read description)

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While first walking into church this morning, I could hear the sound of a fire alarm bell. It wasn’t coming from the church. It was actually coming from an old closed-down grocery store building located near the church. After morning service had ended, I stepped outside and found that the ringing hadn’t yet stopped. My dad then drove me to the old building where we found the police and supposedly also a plumber investigating. It wasn’t a break-in and it wasn’t an actual fire. So I’m pretty sure I know what happened. Quite recently, the fire sprinkler pipes at my old high school froze and set off the fire alarm system while also causing some flooding. I’m pretty sure the same thing happened at this building. Despite the fact that the police were investigating the building, I was quite determined to get footage of the fire alarm bell going off. Luckily, it was located in the back of the building.

Mammoth Spring church of Christ – Building Dedication – February 9, 1964

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Dedication ceremony for the new auditorium at Mammoth Spring church of Christ on February 9, 1964.

Order of service:
Richard England – Emcee and song leader
First Prayer – Gene Bench, preacher at Thayer, MO
Virgil Boler – for the elders
Leroy Miller – first full time minister
Ira “Woody” Woodward
Clovis Ragsdale
Boyd Morgan
Bill Graddy
David McNeese
Closing Prayer – Eugene Springer, preacher at Hardy, AR

-uploaded in HD at

The Capitol Building of Albany, NY

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The capitol of Albany was initially planned to be what is currently Washinton D.C. So there was more work and more elegant features that went into this capitol building over any other capitol building in the US.
Please check out my other Albany videos:
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The Most Modern Church Building in UK?

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This has to be one of the most modern utilitarian Church Buildings in the entire UK.
This is the new Stranmillis Evangelical Presbyterian church building on the Stranmillis road Belfast.
Some people will obviously like the more traditional type of church architecture but I think this building looks fabulous. it is sited in student land and looks like the modern university buildings found nearby. In that sense it fits in well. Stranmillis Evangelical church leaders have obviously put their heads together and come up with a way of producing a building that is multi functional, practical, very modern and I think pleasing to the eye.
Well done Stranmillis Evangelical Church for taking this leap of architectural faith as well as jumping into the 21st century with this fabulous looking building. I wish you well.

Village #2 Building a Homeless Camp in Oregon. Sanctuary, Tiny House.

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A raw video trip to half a dozen homeless camps in Oregon and beyond. Well done look at the true grit and broken vessels called the homeless. The Eugene Oregon Opportunity Village is also featured.
Things like Twenty-five days after the city of Portland’s sweep of the Springwater Corridor got underway, a newly created homeless camp in Southeast Portland is hoping it won’t see the same fate.
a group of 12 homeless campers left the Springwater Corridor two weeks before the sweep began. They set up a new, regulated camp, named Camp Amanda. Homeless shelter fails sometimes.

Blimps Docked on Empire State Building: True or False?

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A popular myth claims that the top of the Empire State Building was meant to serve as a docking station for dirigibles, but the building’s owners say that the story is just hot air.

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Building floats down I-24; Antioch (Nashville), TN

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A portable classroom from a nearby high school floats down a flooded Interstate 24 before breaking apart during the May Day 2010 Flood in Nashville, Tennessee.
(Video courtesy WTVF – Nashville, TN; no copyright infringement is intended)