Iglesia Bautista West Brownsville De Lo Que Se Ha Perdido

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Título: Dorcas Predicador: Rev. Carlos Navarro Cita Bíblica: Hechos 9:36-42.

Título: La Tempestad Predicador: Rev. Carlos Navarro Cita Bíblica: Mateo 8:23-27.

La Primera Iglesia Bautista Del Sur.

Church we built in Brownsville Texas.

Escucha la Palabra de Dios aquí en nuestro enlace en Vivo.

#5. IMMERSED IN DARKNESS – Brownsville, TX

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The Black Metal 2-piece takes us barhopping while showing us it isn’t always dark rituals and worship. Sometimes it’s just screwing around and kicking ass.

Performance filmed at BAM
1045 E Washington St

USA: Over 1,000 protest family separation in Brownsville

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Over 1,000 people protested outside the federal courthouse for the Southern District of Texas in Brownsville on Thursday, decrying the separation of undocumented children from their parents.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) National Campaigns Director Natalie Montelongo was attended the protest. She said: “there was a recent injunction that happened two nights ago that demanded that children under five be reunited within 14 days and the rest of the children within 30 days, but we must continue vocalising our views and mobilising in action to make sure the administration implements that.”

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David Hall – Speaking at Brownsville Assembly of God, Pensacola, Florida

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David Hall’s passion for the supernatural power of God in our lives is so infectious that he travels the world holding meetings with people being changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He is a regular speaker at churches, conferences, youth events and as well the church he pastors; Lifepoint Church in Adelaide, South Australia.

David’s ministry is accompanied by supernatural expressions of God, such as people being healed, people being filled with God’s presence, people being empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve God with a fresh passion and people are saved.

David is married to Donna, who is an incredible leader and pastor in her own right, and together they love life and love building the church.


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Cerca de 800 personas participan en el Viacrucis viviente 2017 de la Parroquia Saint Joseph de Brownsville protagonizado por un grupo de más de 100 actores en recorrido realizado a lo largo de 2 millas por las calles de Brownsville.

Roaches in Brownsville restaurant, Pharr eatery caught with moldy tortillas

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When a kitchen cooks up demerit-less dishes, it scores the Food Patrol’s ultimate honor for clean.

Villa Del Mar in Palmview is this week’s featured top performer.

Reporter: When you walk in the restaurant and see that on the door (Food 4 Thought sticker)…What do you think?

“That I can come here every single time… Clean forks… Clean trays… Clean cups… Everything clean,” said waitress Maria Pacheco.

Carlos Cobos and his family love to eat at the seafood eatery on 910 Veterans Blvd.

“Makes me feel great,” said the Food 4 Thought fan. “Quality of food… I enjoy coming here just about every Sunday.”

The staff is excited to be recognized.

It’s not just the jumbo shrimp they want customers to sink their teeth into.

Workers want them to get a taste of their kitchen cleanliness, even before walking through the restaurant’s door, by seeing their top performer sticker.

“I love that you guys are going out there and staying on top of things,” said Cabos. “You’re making Valley residents feel comfortable about restaurants in our Valley!”

It’s a different story in Pharr.

That’s where a public health complaint at Taco Fiesta on 1101 North Cage Blvd in Pharr, leads to the discovery of moldy corn tortillas.

About 40 of them are voluntarily destroyed because mold is detected, according to a health inspector.

He says moldy food is a health risk.

The inspector added how the business thought the mold was actually burn marks on the corn tortillas.

The Food Patrol is told burn marks are typically brown in color, mold is black.

The tortillas in question are not made on the restaurant’s premises, according to the report.

Demerits aren’t typically issued on check-ups as a result of a public health complaint in the City of Pharr.

Once the tortillas were removed, no further action was taken.

Taco Fiesta did not comment on the inspector’s findings when the Food Patrol tried to inquire about the health violation.

Palm Lounge Bar and Grill on 757 E. Elizabeth St. in Brownsville is back on the low performer list with a score of 28 demerits.

A refrigerator is off temperature at 64 degrees when it should be 41 degrees, according to a health report.

There’s also no water pressure for proper sanitation, no soap or towels and a note about the need to fumigate because of roaches.

The creepy crawlers were caught on tape, along with other filthy conditions.

It’s the second time this restaurant has cooked up insect contamination in less than a year.

You know what we say to that!

“Keep it clean!”

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performers: (total # of demerits)

Palm Lounge Bar & Grill (28) *Roaches, Off Temp Fridge*

Taco Fiesta 1101 N Cage Blvd (complaint) *Moldy Tortillas*

Weekly Top Performers: (0 demerits)

Villa Del Mar 910 Veteran’s Blvd

San Benito
Subway 1220 W Hwy 77
KFC 1120 W Hwy 77

Los Trijoles 720 E Edinburg

Rodriguez Restaurant 3227 W Mile 7
Subway 4416 N Conway
Taqueria Don Felipe 2600 Mile 5

Church’s 921 W Tyler
Taco Bell 1518 Ed Carey
Peter Piper Pizza 306 N 77

Church’s 1607 S McColl
Church’s 1201 S Closner
Jack in the Box 1602 W University
Subway 102 S 2nd St

Taco Chino 5075 Austin Rd
Wingstop 5850 FM 802
Long John Silvers 1165 FM 802

Padre Brewing Co. 3400 Padre Blvd

Rio Hondo
Deep River Bar & Grill 28734 FM 106

Pizza Hut 1309 E Bus 83