IUIC: Black And Brown Power Comes When We Repent!! #BlacksAndDominicans

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Busta Brown gets a view of Praise Assembly Church Ministries at the Bethesda Center

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Praise Assembly Church Ministries volunteers served meals to the homeless at Bethesda Center for the Homeless on Nov. 18. “With situations like this, everybody is on one accord. No race, everybody is one in the spirit,” said Richie Rich of Winston-Salem. Busta truly enjoyed fellowshiping with the residents at Bethesda Center, I felt the spirit of love and appreciation in the room. See his full report here.

TK Kravitz on Him & James Brown Being Only Ones to Make it Out of Augusta, GA (Part 1)

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Watch Part 2:
TK Kravitz spoke to VladTV about growing up in poverty-stricken Augusta, Georgia, and being one of the few people, including James Brown, to make it out. He explained that he was always “too player” to run in the streets, and taught himself to sing after growing up in the church and watching his rebellious Grandmother remix the church songs, which got her kicked out of the choir. 

To hear more, including how TK linked up with Cash and they were the last group to be signed to Chris Lighty, hit the above clip.

Election 2016: Behind the Scenes – David Corn with Michael Steele

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Skip ahead to main speaker at 3:32

This is the first of a three-part interview series with David Corn ’81, political journalist, author, and the Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones. He will discuss Election 2016 with Michael Steele, author, political commentator, and former chair of the Republican National Committee.

Future conversations will feature Glenn Kessler on October 14 and Mara Liasson on November 21.

Chris Brown wants to see you at Thrive Leadership in Palm Springs!!

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Join Chris Brown, Bob Goff, Lincoln Brewster, Ray Johnston and more at Thrive Leadership Conference in Palm Springs, March 23-25, 2017!! Register here:

F.O.C.U.S. Band Soundcheck-Raleigh, NC

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Just a few clips of the band in soundcheck before service at Elevation Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC! Thanks again to Elevation for having us!!!

Jesus Speed Painting Fast to Music | Christian Painter & Artist Lance Brown

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If you’re looking for Christian painters…. watch this painting of Jesus done in 4 minutes fast to music. Performance artist Lance Brown lives in Dallas Fort Worth DFW, TX. Fielder Church in Arlington Texas.

Song “One thing remains”

Bishop K.W. Brown Presents Earl Bynum and The Mount Unity Choir LIVE – EPK

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Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church embodies an electrifying atmosphere of praise. The thriving Chesapeake, VA church, known as The Mount, and their anointed music department has rendered their first live recording. The highly charged, passionately expressive, praise and worship project Bishop K.W. Brown Presents Earl Bynum and The Mount Unity Choir — LIVE exemplifies a chorus of sound like none have heard.

Under the ministerial leadership of Bishop K.W. Brown and the musical direction of Stellar Award nominee Minister Earl Bynum, The Mount Unity Choir has delivered a collection of perfected praise that is setting forth a charge of electrifying worship. With over 100 voices strong, the pristine choir is being noted as one of Virginia’s best-kept secrets.

Bishop K.W. Brown Presents Earl Bynum and The Mount Unity Choir- Live will be available in CD and DVD formats via K.W. Brown Ministries, a division of Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, with distribution by Habakkuk Music / INgrooves Fontana Distribution.

Featured guests on the project include The First Lady of Praise and Worship and President of the COGIC International Music Department Dr. Judith McAllister who wrote and provides lead vocals on “Arise”, a vibrant anthem the choir delivers with a melodious thundering sound of triumph. Chicago’s Evangelist Lemmie Battles offers her signature energetic delivery on the churchy, foot stomping song “Victory”. The project musically reflects the diversity of The Mount’s ministry by incorporating traditional gospel, contemporary worship, a cappella choral arrangements, jazz-flavored tunes and stand out songs by Award-winning Contemporary Christian songwriter Tifani Wilson who penned “Praise Awaits” and the sweet worship ballad “Most Holy Lord”. Minister Earl Bynum also provided his songwriting talents on the project and takes the vocal lead on the choir’s first radio single “Bless The Name Of The Lord”.

Two Organ Improvisations by Kyler Brown based on watercolors by Marilyn Foley — Improv II

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Two Organ Improvisations by Kyler Brown based on watercolors by Marilyn Foley
Improvisation I — in four movements
Improvisation II — a toccata

Marilyn Foley, watercolorist
Kyler Brown, organist

From an organ concert given Friday, October 14, 2011, at 5:30 PM

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Savannah, Georgia
Schantz Organ Company, 56 ranks, built in 2003

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