Holy Angels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois, Mass 12-18-2016

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Holy Angels Catholic Church is the only American Catholic Church “LISTED” as a link listed on The Catholic Church in Africa website:

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Father Andrew Charles Smith, Jr., aka Father Drew celebrates the Mass with Deacon Bruce McElrath, Deacon Mervin O. Johnson, Mr.
Tyrone Pittman, Minister of Music & Executive Director of Music of the Chicago Black Catholic Choir. Drummer: Darius Jackson, Violinist: Robert C. Fisher. Mr. Gregory Evans Callaway, Videographer, Cinematographer & Narrator. Webmaster & Web Developer: Mr. Rex Djere.
Visit our Holy Angels School website at: where Mr. Sean Stalling is Principal.
Music Background:
Kevin Macleod

The Israelites: Prophet Brings Out the Word to His BLOOD BROTHER IN COLUMBUS GA!!!

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City/State: Columbus, GA
Contact Number: (855) 484-4842 (IUIC)
Extension: 711 Primary Contact: Deacon Malachi
Original Royalty:
israelunited.inchrist/Twitter: https://
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Church Every Sabbath ( Saturday ) in Knoxville Tennessee

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The Church of Spirit and in Truth Missions

Pastor Leroy Blackwood in Jamaica Our Brother in Christ

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We are raising funds to send to Pastor Leroy. Pastor Leroy is a man of God who loves his people. Please share this video and contact Pleasant View Baptist Church, Carrollton Georgia if you’d like to sow into the Kingdom by helping Pastor Leroy continue God’s work in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

I apologize for the poor quality video and sound, but it’s all I had while we were there again this year (2011). Hopefully I will have new equipment for next time.

Many blessings to all who pray and sow into this ministry.

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