Brokenness Aside Live – All Sons & Daughters – Justin Robinett ft. Katie Kresge

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This video ft. the incredibly talented Katie Kresge! In this video I wanted to show a different side of music that has been a key part of my life since the very beginning of my musical endeavors, Worship.
It is such a blessing to continue to work with such talented and humble people! Thank you guys for following me down this musical journey for the past 5 years! I’m so excited to see where it takes us!!

“Brokenness Aside” LIVE
Katie Kresge & Justin Robinett
Recorded Live at JRM Studios in Lubbock, TX.
Mixed/Mastered – Justin Robinett
Video Editin- Justin Robinett
Cameraman – Ben Cooper
JRM info
Booking – [email protected]
Management – [email protected]

Katie Kresge contact – [email protected]

Christian Humility and Brokenness | Highlands Baptist Church Huntsville AL

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