Home Free Seven Bridges Road and My Church Orlando, Fl 3-30-17

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Two songs here and Tim talking in between them 🙂 Seven Bridges Road and My Church. Orlando, Fl 3-30-17

This is only a sampling of this wonderful band. For the best experience be sure to see them in concert. You won’t believe your eyes or ears.
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AwanaGo May 24,2018, Bridges Community Church, Fremont, CA Awana T&T

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AwanaGo Celebration with the amount that the T&T Clubbers raised at Bridges Community Church, Fremont, CA. The Clubbers goal was $600 for the club and if they doubled that amount everyone gets to help make an Ice Cream Sundae on of the Directors (Mr. Chapman) Head. The amount reach was $1387.20 to reach kids throughout the world to hear and see God’s word