Westboro Church Protesters in Reno, NV @ Memorial (Part 2)

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This is the second part of the video. At the end, the police escort them away in cars.

February 23rd 2008 – Reno, NV
Westboro Baptist Church (From Topeka, Kansas?) protesting outside of the Reno Event Center at Brianna Dennison’s Memorial service. There were only 3 women protesters. There were several hundred Reno locals. The original plan was to block them with blue tarp taped to long 8 foot poles. The police wouldn’t let us in front of them.

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Westboro Church Protesters in Reno, NV @ Brianna’s Memorial

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Westboro Church protesters in Reno, Nevada on February 23rd 2008 at Briana Dennison’s Memorial at the Event Center.

What a bunch of douche-bags. There were three of them (women) and about 200 of us. This is part 1.

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