Brainerd Mission Cemetery Chattanooga Trail of Tears

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The Brainerd Mission Cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee educated and Christianized hundreds of Cherokee Indians. It was actiive from 1817 until the Cherokee were removed just over 20 years later.

Wadena-Deer Creek High school demolition – Brainerd Dispatch MN

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WADENA — It was an emotional roller-coaster ride in the Wadena-Deer Creek School District Monday.
The school district began its day by beginning to demolish the high school that was destroyed in the June 17 tornado as the entire student body watched — to going to the elementary school for a pep fest to celebrate the high school’s volleyball victory in winning the Class 2A state championship.
At the demolition W-DC principal Tyler Church told the students and community members that the school is not about the building, but is about the students, the staff and the community.
“It’s a sad day,” said Church. “A lot of kids have been here for a long time … but we need to move on.”
“This is a very emotional day,” Wayne Wolden, Wadena mayor, said through tears. “My daughter is a senior and she was hoping to graduate here in this gym, but there is hope that they’ll be able to graduate on the football field … Today, this is about closure because seeing the high school the way it is has been a constant reminder about the tornado and the damage it did.”
Church said the new school is expected to open the fall of 2012.
Superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom said the demolition will take five weeks and they hope to break ground by April.
Brainerd Dispatch/Jennifer Stockinger

10/28/2010 – Robby Gallaty; Senior Pastor, Brainerd Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN

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10/28/2010 – Robby Gallaty; Senior Pastor, Brainerd Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN