His Blood (Vinyl LP) – Shirley Caesar,”Live in Chicago”

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Shirley Caesar,”Live in Chicago” Release date: 1988

Shirley Caesar (born October 13, 1938 in Durham, North Carolina) is an American Gospel music singer, songwriter and recording artist whose career has spanned six decades. A multi-award winning artist, with eleven Grammy awards and seven Dove awards to her credit, she is known as “The First Lady of Gospel Music.”[3] She is a graduate of Shaw University with a degree in Business Administration. She also received an honorary doctorate from Shaw University and another one from Southeastern University.

Beginning her recording career in 1951, Pastor Shirley has since recorded over forty albums, exploring her gift and spreading messages of faith. She has participated in over 16 compilations and three gospel musicals, Mama I Want to Sing, Sing: Mama 2, and Born to Sing: Mama 3. Her credits also include a series of commercials for MCI Communications and several awards for her recordings. She has been awarded 11 Grammy Awards, 13 Stellar Awards, 18 Doves, 1 RIAA gold certification, an Essence Award, McDonald’s Golden Circle Lifetime Achievement Award, NAACP Achievement Award, SESAC Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. According to Soundscan, she has sold 2.2 million albums since 1991. Pastor Shirley has made several notable appearances including the televised Live from Disney World Night of Joy, the Gospel According to VH-1, a White House performance for George Bush, and a speech on the Evolution of Gospel Music to the US Treasury Departmen.

At the age of 10, Caesar began singing and performing for family and friends. While she first began recording in 1951, her professional adult ‘career’ began at 18 when she approached Albertina Walker about joining The Caravans. She sang with Dorothy Norwood , Inez Andrews , Delores Washington, and James Cleveland in the Caravans. She recorded and performed with The Caravans from 1958 until 1966 when she began pursuing a solo career and making a name for herself in the gospel music circuit. Caesar credits Albertina Walker as her mentor. After singing with the Caravans, Shirley started her solo career, making guest appearances on the Bobby Jones gospel show and other popular television shows.

Caesar has received numerous awards for her gospel albums. She has received eleven Grammy Awards, for recordings including Stand Still, Shirley Caesar Live…, He Will Come, Sailin’, Rejoice, Celebration and He’s Working It Out For You. Between 1981 and 1995 she received seven Dove Awards for Black Gospel Album of the Year for Live at the G.M.W.A., Live…In Chicago, Celebration, Christmasing, Sailin’, Go and Rejoice. She has also received two Black Gospel Song of the Year Awards for “He’s Working It Out for You” and “Hold My Mule.” Over a dozen Stellar awards. She is respected as The “first lady of gospel” by many (behind Albertina Walker). She has performed or recorded with many of the greats in gospel and mainstream music such as: Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, Dorothy Norwood, Faith Evans, Dottie Peoples, Kim Burrell, John P. Kee, and Tonex (for whom she also performed a rap), just to name a few. Gospel singers, Dorinda Clark and Dottie Peoples consider her to be their role model in music.

Caesar graduated from Shaw University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1984. She also received honorary doctorates from Shaw University and Southeastern University.

Caesar pastors a church in Raleigh, North Carolina that seats 1500. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and has been married to her husband Bishop Harold Williams since 1983. “I never dreamed the Lord would bring my ministry to where it is, and I feel that I have not yet reached the zenith because we’ve got such wonderful things planned!” She sites her mother as a strong influence in her decision to give so selflessly of herself. The pastor has committed a sizeable portion of all concert sales to her Outreach Ministries. She continues to deliver weekly sermons and also leads an annual Outreach Ministries conference. She notes, “I cannot sweeten the Atlantic Ocean, but I can take a pitcher out of the ocean and sweeten that.” With a schedule that includes recording, performing, and ministering, Pastor Shirley constantly finds ways to spread messages of love and encouragement.

She has no children of her own. She supported Barack Obama in the 2008 elections, and said at her church, after his victory, “God has vindicated the black folk”. She is a much sought after Evangelist and psalmist.


What Mormons Believe And Why You Should Not Donate Blood Or Plasma

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We really have to be careful in today’s world. Satan is trying hard to rule God’s people. But we will not let the devil do it For we are strong within the lord. We are God’s people and we will not let the devil win. AMEN

Blood Covenants – Pastor Earl Jones

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For those that don’t know anything about Earl F. Jones, he died at age 78 at his ranch home in southern New Mexico on Wednesday September 19th 2001. He was born in West Liberty, Ohio to Frank and Mabel Kauffman Jones on May 26, 1923. He was raised in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and just after Pearl Harbor, he and his brother, Herman Jones, volunteered into the U. S. Army. Herman, in the Paratroops, was killed in the Normandy Invasion in 1944. Earl was in the invasion also, and fought under General George Patton through all six major campaigns in Europe during World War II in the Third Army.

In May of 1943, before he left to go to war, he married Mary Alice Hignett in El Paso, Texas, when he was stationed at Fort Bliss. They were happily, lovingly married for 58 years. After the war, he returned to Las Cruces and attended New Mexico State University. He then went to work at White Sands Missile Range where he, over the course of time, became Project Manager for Engineering and Testing for the Nike Ajax Missile, then the Nike Hercules and even started the Patriot Missile program. He retired after 28 years of government service.

In 1983, he was ordained as a Christian minister by Pastor Sheldon Emry of the Lords Covenant Church and America’s Promise Ministries in Phoenix, Arizona. He remained active until the day of his death with a Christian ministry called “The Christian Crusade for Truth” and a monthly newsletter called “The Intelligence Newsletter” which you can read below. Earl Jones also spoke and hosted many Christian-Israel meetings and gatherings all around the country up until his death, and he greatly influenced people with his love for truth and the Word of God. You can listen and watch many of those sermons and lectures below. I pray that this library is a blessing to you and all who are able to use it for the advancement of the Christian faith, and our Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Scriptures for America Worldwide is an international outreach ministry of the LaPorte Church
of Christ and is directed by Pastor Peter J. Peters. This ministry is dedicated to proclaiming the true Gospel of Christ Jesus throughout the earth, and to revealing to Americans and the Western Nations their true Biblical Identity

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet (SF Premiere)

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April 1, 2018

City Church San Francisco Easter Sunday

Official San Francisco premiere of “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet.” Performed by Magik*Magik Orchestra and City Church Choir with guest conductor Ming Luke, current Principal Guest Conductor of the San Francisco Ballet.

This piece is a 1971 arrangement by Gavin Bryars. It is formed on a loop of an unknown homeless man singing a brief stanza:

“Jesus’ blood never failed me yet. There’s only one thing I know, for he loves me so”‘

The loop of the singer was originally recorded for a documentary by Alan Power chronicling street life in Elephant and Castle and Waterloo Station in London. While other subjects of the documentary broke into drunken song, opera, or sentimental ballads – one man, who did not drink, sang a religious song “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed me Yet.”

In Bryars’ words:

“I took the tape loop of the man sining and copied it onto a continuous reel of tape. The door of the recording room opened on to a large painting studio and I left the tape copying, with the door open, while I want to have a cup of coffee. When I cam back I found the normally lively room unnaturally subdued. People were moving about much more slowly and a few were sitting alone, quietly weeping.

I realised that the tape was still playing and that they had been overcome by the old man’s singing. This convinced me of the emotional power of the music and of the possibilities offered by adding a simple, though gradually evolving, orchestral accompaniment that respected the homeless man’s nobility and simple faith. Although he died before he could hear what I had done with this singing, the piece remains as an eloquent, but understated testimony to his spirit and optimism.”

John Mayer – In the Blood (Home Free Version) (Country Music)

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In the Blood
Writer: John Mayer
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Directed, Shot, and Edited by Green Shoe Creative

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Veterinary Technician Training: Lab Skills 1: Part 1 – Basic Blood Collection

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FREE Veterinary CE courses at:

Animal Care Technologies is committed to providing the best online training content in the veterinary industry. In doing so, we are constantly updating our content and adding new titles to our vast catalog of training videos.

This Laboratory Skills Volume 1 series covers some of the most essential skills needed for performing procedures in your hospital’s lab such as:

• Basic Blood Collection
• Complete Blood Count
• Heartworm Snap Test
• Urinalysis
• Fecal Analysis
• Basic Microscope Techniques
• Identifying Intestinal Parasites

For more information on our online veterinary staff training programs, please visit www.4act.com

Pope to Address Congress During Blood Moons & Day of Atonement & Talk of an Asteroid That Same Week

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Apostolic Preaching – Pastor Walker: It’s in the blood

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Church youtube description:
World Harvest Pentecostal Church
4450 N. Brawley
Fresno, Ca

Date: Sunday PM March 4th, 2012

Speaker: Pastor Keith J. Walker

Sermon Title: It’s in the Blood

Description: Pastor Walker preaches about the Blood and about Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior, and healer!

Service Times:
Sunday – 10:30am | 6:30pm
Wednesday – 7:00pm

BREAKING: Ethiopia Eritrea Border Reopens 20 Years After War & Bad Blood

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Two border crossings between Ethiopia and Eritrea reopened Tuesday, strengthening a promise of reconciliation between the countries’ leaders after a border war and 20 years of bitter relations.

In the presence of their defense forces, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki opened the frontier at Bure, at the easternmost end of their common border. It was once an area of intense fighting.

The ceremony coincided with celebrations for the Ethiopian New Year.

“We heralded the new year by demolishing the trenches along our border,” Abiy told media, according to Reuters. “As of today, Ethiopia’s defense forces (along the border with Eritrea) will be gathered to camps and ease tension that was often extreme. The same will be done from the Eritrean side.”

Video and photos emerged of people embracing, dancing and weeping as flags of both nations flapped in the breeze.

Some analysts have compared the events to fall of the Berlin Wall, NPR’s Eyder Peralta reported. Families that were separated on either side of the border are finally able to reconnect.

The border reopening will also bring back trade. Bure gives landlocked Ethiopia access to Red Sea ports. The other reopened crossing, in the frontier town of Zalambessa, is northwest of Bure and on a major trade route between the countries. The road was guarded by the military, and as Al Arabiya described it, “the once-bustling trade hub where cactuses sprout from conflict-damaged buildings is eerily quiet.”

The path toward peace began shortly after Abiy took office. In July, he stepped off a plane in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, and hugged its president. Together they rewrote the future of their countries by signing a peace deal.

The reopening of the border is the latest sign that icy relations have thawed. The summer saw telephone connections restored, the first commercial flight in 20 years from Ethiopia to Eritrea and embassies reopening in the capitals.

The Chief of Staff for the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Fitsum Arega, called the border reopening “the full normalization” of relations. He said that with roads linking the countries open, “our recent tragic history is coming to an end.”

Eritrea was once a province of Ethiopia. It gained independence in 1993. Border clashes began in 1998, and tens of thousands of people died in the two-year war.

Residents near another stretch of the border said soldiers from both countries were clearing landmines before another “potential opening” on Monday, according to Al Jazeera.

“This is the happiest day of my life,” Ruta Haddis, an Eritrean who lives near Zalambessa, told media, according to Reuters. “I never thought this would take place in my lifetime.”

Some people remain skeptical about whether peace will hold. As part of Ethiopia’s sweeping reforms, Abiy also vowed to honor international rule by giving Badme, a disputed territory, back to Eritrea.

His announcement angered some Ethiopian veterans as well as their descendants. Habtom Shiferaw, whose family members fought in the war, told Reuters, “They should not expect peace here if they force us to leave.”

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Ethiopia Country in East Africa Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is a rugged, landlocked country split by the Great Rift Valley. With archaeological finds dating back more than 3 million years, it’s a place of ancient culture. Among its important sites are Lalibela with its rock-cut Christian churches from the 12th–13th centuries. Aksum is the ruins of an ancient city with obelisks, tombs, castles and Our Lady Mary of Zion church.

Capital: Addis Ababa
Capital and largest city: Addis Ababa
Population: 102.4 million (2016) World Bank
Prime minister: Abiy Ahmed Ali
Official language: Amharic

Ethiopia – Wikipedia Ethiopia officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It shares borders with Eritrea to the north and northeast, Djibouti and Somalia to the east, Sudan and South Sudan to the west, and Kenya to the south. With over 102 million inhabitants, Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country in the world and the second-most populous nation on the African continent.


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