Operating on Bad Information | Young Apostolic Preachers – Pastor Brian Greene Jr

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Clips from a sermon our Senior Pastor preached at Litway Missionary Baptist Church in Savannah, GA on Feb 14th, 2016!

Pastor Green is one of the most relevent young apostolic preachers in our country. He loves people and he loves the church. I hope you are blessed by this short clip!

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Memphis Pastor Tries To Run Over Wife With Bentley Because She Drove It

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EADS, TN (abc24.com) – A Memphis pastor is accused of trying to run over his wife. Deborah Ray claims her husband, Reverend Frank Ray, tried to mow her down in his $150,000 Bentley two weeks ago.

As pastor of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Dr. Frank E. Ray commands the attention of his congregation. But on May 25, Rev. Ray commanded the attention of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.