How we Made our New Bigger Better Chicken Coop!

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We finished our new in-barn chicken coop which will house our future flock. It came out so good and we are really happy with it. It features two sliding pop doors and a really clever angled door design that saves space and leaves more room for the dual communal nesting boxes on the front. We were able to upcycle wood from pallets and shipping crates, and even made use of the pickets from our old fence. Now we just need chickens 🙂

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Churches are BIGGER in New York – Trinity Episcopal Church

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It’s Palm Sunday. The churches in New York City are HUGE! This is Trinity Episcopal Church in the Financial District. #PalmSunday #NewYork

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NEON | God Always Sees the Bigger Picture

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Everyone everywhere will have something bad happen to them at some point in life. Trusting God to use the bad for something good is not always easy, but it is necessary if we want to heal and help others heal. In this message, we will look at the ups and downs of Joseph’s life and how God had a plan from the beginning of Joseph’s life to bless him even when he couldn’t see it.