Bibleway MBC Tribute To Our New Pastor Pt. 3 6/9/2013

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Bible Way Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Nathan Paul Whittom Sr.

If you desire the complete sermon on CD $7.00 or DVD $10.00 please contact is at 510-233-3674 or [email protected] Thanks for supporting the evangelical ministry of Bibleway MBC

“To Those Who Believe”- Bibleway Church of Atlas Road Mass Choir

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The Bibleway Church of Atlas Road Mass Choir of Columbia, SC singing “To Those Who Believe.” From their album TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE. Sallie Loyd & Frank English III are the soloists.

Bishop Andrew C. Jackson- Pastor.
Ocie Goode- Organ
Matthew McCants- Drums
Ralph King- Drums
Sallie Loyd & Frank English III- Directors