“By The Time I Get To Heaven” (Original)(1973) Star of Bethlehem COGIC Youth Choir

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This is track 4 from the 1973 album “By The Time I Get To Heaven”.
Lead by Tawatha Agee (later to sing with Mtume)
Written by Harvey Lewis Jr.
The Star of Bethlehem Church of God in Christ was founded in May 1955 by the late Mother Ruth Powers. It was located at 1244 5th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. The original name of the church was the “Second Church of God in Christ.” At that time there were only three members, Mother Ruth Powers, who served as General Church Mother until her home-going on January 24, 2000, Mother Janie Jones, and Sister Rosa Walston.

The First pastor appointed to Jurisdictional Bishop Samuel Kelsey to lead this small flock was Elder Gibson. Elder Gibson sowed for two years, and after many obstacles and trials, decided to leave. However, the three members remained. They fasted, prayed, and worked diligently (selling pies, cakes, and dinners) to keep the church doors open.

Later, the late Elder Shaw was appointed by Bishop Kelsey to pastor. Elder Shaw was responsible for changing the name of the church to “Star of Bethlehem Church of God in Christ.” Elder Shaw was not only a preacher, he was also a baker. He worked faithfully in the church, and as a result, the church began to grow. After a year of devoted leadership, Elder Shaw, Bishop Kelsey immediately appointed Elder Wiseman as the pastor. Elder Wiseman served several months and left suddenly.

Elder Metcalf was the fourth pastor appointed to the Star of Bethlehem Church of God in Christ by Bishop Kelsey. He worked very hard and spent his personal monies to help keep the church open. This was a hard time and the church was not progressing very well.

Bishop Kelsey later installed Elder Hammond of Delaware as the fifth pastor of the church. Due to some denominational differences, Elder Hammond served only a few months. Upon the departure of Elder Hammond, Bishop Kelsey reappointed Elder Metcalf as pastor. He again worked faithfully. The progress of the church was slow due to the many changes in leadership. Bishop Kelsey, determined to turn Star of Bethlehem into a “soul saving station” for the Lord, made yet another appointment.

On the third Sunday in March, 1960, Elder Harvey Lee Lewis, Sr. was appointed pastor. Elder Lewis, Sr., the seventh pastor, was accompanied by his wife and their three children, Marie, Harvey, Jr., and Winona. The early years of the ministry were trying and hard, but under Pastor Lewis’ leadership and guidance new members were being added and the church began to grow. Two years after Pastor Lewis’ appointment, Mother Madeline Walston joined the church. The first family to join the church was the family of Mother Esther Jones. Her daughter, Church Mother Shirley Jones Fields and Mother Madeline Walston are yet worshipping with us today.

The first choir was organized by one of the faithful members of the church, Sister Willie Thompson. The choir was made up of children recruited from the neighborhood. Sister Thompson served as president, and Pastor Lewis served as the first choir director, with Mother Lewis as his assistant.

By the fifth year, under Pastor Lewis’ leadership, the church’s membership grew from 3 to 75. The church was progressing spiritually and financially. The church grew to a position where it was able to serve not only the church family, but also the surrounding community. As the church grew, Pastor Lewis saw a need for a larger facility in which to worship. In a tremendous act of faith by the pastor and the Star of Bethlehem congregation, the church family relocated to 2033 11th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., where we continued to grow both spiritually and financially.

As you can see, the “Star” family took an even bigger step of faith and moved into this beautiful edifice at 14th and Colorado. The Lord allowed us to purchase this church without money, when it was not for sale. To God be the glory for the things he has done.

Orthodox Christmas in Bethlehem

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(6 Jan 2017) Orthodox Christians marked Christmas on Friday with a service at the Church of Nativity in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.
The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III joined worshippers and pilgrims for the celebrations.
Scouts played bagpipes and drums as the religious faithful looked on.
The Orthodox Church observes Christmas on 7 January, because it retained the Julian calendar for its liturgical schedule.

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Water Baptisms in Jesus Name Pt 4 8/12/12 @ Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith

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Greater Bethlehem Temple Church Choir singing “Total Praise” by Richard Smallwood. Soul on the altar is filled with the Holy Ghost at 0:50. 12 Souls being water baptized in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ on 8/12/12 following the Sunday 11 AM sermon preached by Bishop Robert N. Forston Sr.entitled “Heaven, A Future preview” at:

Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith
Bishop Robert N. Fortson Sr., Pastor
1505 Robinson Rd.
Jackson, MS 39203

One of the largest Apostolic Churches in Mississippi it was founded in 1955 by the Late Bishop Phillip Coleman, Sr., & it is a member of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Inc.

“Call On The One From Bethlehem” – The International Mass Choir (COGIC)

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The International Mass Choir of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. under the direction of the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. A memorable event recorded live at Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee.

“From Nazareth to Bethlehem”

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“From Nazareth to Bethlehem,” The fourth in a series of Advent sermons on the people in the Christmas story; focusing on Mary and Joseph’s return to Bethlehem as told in Luke’s gospel, chapter 2, verses 1-7 by Rev. Dr. Rula Colvin at Christ Church United Methodist, Tucson, Arizona. December 23, 2018.

The Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem with the most beautiful stained Glass Windows

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Zahi Shaked A tour guide in Israel and his camera.
+972 54 6905522 [email protected]
צחי שקד, מורה דרך ומדריך תיירים. מצלם אותם בכל הזדמנות 0546905522
In terms of the formation of a congregation, the Lutheran Christmas Church is the oldest Lutheran church in Palestine. It was formed in 1854 by German missionaries, which means the ministry is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. In 1886 the construction of the sanctuary of the Evangelical church was begun by the Germans. Some Americans of German origin, living in Philadelphia, PA, gave financial help. The church was completed in 1891 but could not be used for worship until it received a permit from the ruling government in Istanbul, seat of the Ottoman Empire. In 1893 Empress (Kaiserina) Augusta Victoria of Germany (wife of Emperor [Kaiser] Wilhelm II) visited Istanbul because there was a relationship between Germany and the Ottoman Empire. She was able to obtain the necessary permit for the Bethlehem church. The sanctuary was dedicated in 1893. The actual permit document exists today in the church; it is beautiful, written in the Ottoman script. In 1893 the church name was Evangelical Christmas Church (it was connected to the Lutheran and Reformed traditions). Not until 1947, through the efforts of Lutheran World Federation (LWF), did the church become named and recognized solely as a Lutheran church. The official name of the church since 1947 is the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church.
History of the Sanctuary
The windows in the church came from the Emperor Stained Glass Factory in Germany. They are in a unique style, similar to German windows, and made to reflect the Bethlehem and Holy Land environment. In the church chancel, at the front, are three windows depicting the Christmas story, complete with angels, shepherds and the Holy Family. At the left, in a shallow, rounded chapel, are three windows showing the life of Christ until his baptism, including the flight to Egypt, portraying Jesus and his family as refugees. This picture is particularly pertinent and poignant for the congregation of today because two-thirds of the people re refugees themselves. At the right, in another shallow, rounded chapel, are three windows portraying Jesus’ passion and resurrection, with the crucifixion in the center window. The remaining windows in the main church are related to Bethlehem’s biblical history and landscape.
Windows made by this factory in this style have been used around the world, but today the Bethlehem windows are the only ones to survive in total. This is an amazing fact for two reasons:
The church was bombed in the 1967 war and the roof and ceiling were damaged; and
The church was in the middle of fierce Israeli shooting and bombing in 2002.
People were under curfew in their homes and could hear glass breaking everywhere. Pastor Raheb, who lives with his family in the parsonage on the church compound, also could hear glass breaking and feared it was the stained glass windows. No one could get out to check until a few days later. When Pastor Raheb finally went into the church he was astounded and grateful to see that all the windows were unbroken and intact. There is one small hole in the red robe of a person in the left chapel windows, which is hardly noticeable but serves as a reminder of the frightening chaos and the damaging attacks in 2002.

A Child Is Born In Bethlehem

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A Child Is Born In Bethlehem · The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge · Richard Marlow · Samuel Scheidt

The Great British Carol Collection

℗ 1993 Conifer Records Limited

Producer: Morten Winding
Assistant Engineer: Andrew Halifax (Modus Music)
Assistant Engineer: Geoff Miles (Modus Music)
Editor: Marian Freeman (Modus Music)
Executive Producer: John Kehoe

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Greater Bethlehem Temple Sanctuary Choir (Part 2) 11/25/12

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Greater Bethlehem Temple Sanctuary Choir singing, “Jesus I Love You” by the Norman Hutchins during Sunday Morning Service

Recorded 11/25/12 at:
Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith (
Bishop Robert N. Fortson Sr., Pastor
1505 Robinson Rd.
Jackson, MS 39203

One of the largest Apostolic Churches in Mississippi it was founded in 1955 by the Late Bishop Phillip Coleman, Sr., & it is a member of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Inc.