Christian Heritage Church Sunday promo/recap

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Christian Heritage Church located in Tallahassee Florida

video is a promo/recap on what to expect at our sunday service

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Women From Bethel Bill Johnson- Disturbing Impartation- Benny Hinn San Jose 2014

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June 6,2014 OAP’s meets a college group at San Jose,ca Miracle Service.Is this what is being taught at Bethel Church Redding, CA with Bill Johnson

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Biserica Maranata Knoxville – Corul Bethel Nashville – Ne vom aduce mereu aminte

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Maranatha Romanian Church of Knoxville, TN: Corul Bethel Nashville – Ne vom aduce mereu aminte 08/19/2018

Springfield Baptist Church – Raleigh, NC @ Mt. Bethel Roxboro, NC

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Church Anniversary 8.28.11

Prophetic Word over Fremont Community Church – 2.23.18

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So yesterday at the Bethel Equip Conference, using his friend Lindsay Coil, God called me out of the crowd with such surprising clarity and detail. The address of our church is 601 N Coldwater St. Just listen to the rest.