Bert Clendennen- “Be Ye Holy”

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This message was preached sometime in the mid to late 80’s.

Restoring The Message of Pentecost: B.H. Clendennen

During the last eighteen years of Brother Clendennen’s life he continued to labour all the more in reaching this world of ours in Forging a Vessel of Recovery and in seeing a Pentecostal Revival come to each nation. It was very normal for him to preach at least several times a day with great fire, substance and energy, often wearing out his interpreters. Over these recent years God had healed his body and raised him up at different times to continue preaching. Always gracious, always uncompromising he always set an example for the preachers and churches of our day. He was truly able to say ‘Follow me even as I follow Christ.’ Just a few years ago in England at breakfast one morning he said to me the morning he gets up and cant preach, he wants to go home. He was a man of one task.

The call to Restore the Message of Pentecost came to B.H. Clendennen in 1956 when he was first planting a church in Beaumont Texas. In those days the Pentecostal Movement was experiencing the great Healing Revival in America and across the world. Evangelistic preaching in tents, the healing of sick bodies and an expectation of reaching the nations before Christ came marked it. Since then a great and terrible decline has come to this Pentecostal Revival. It still speaks in tongues, raises it’s hands and talks about Revival, but something fundamental is wrong. Generally speaking there has been a departure from Christ, the Word of God, holiness and death to self. Many great marks of the Movement at the beginning of the century had disappeared by the end of the century.

The School of Christ International has been a cure to this decline. It has sent students into 150 nations over the past 18 years in Forging a Vessel of Recovery. This is the story of its founder.

“Love God” – Mrs. Juandalyn J. Bailey

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Oklahoma Baptist State Convention 2013
Union Baptist Church (Lawton, OK)
Ministers’ Wives’ Stewardship Report
Mrs. JJ Bailey