Space Age Ship, McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone & #3 Crunchy Taco Bell Tacos, Gila Bend, Arizona, 4 June

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Space Age Ship, McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone & #3 Crunchy Taco Bell Supreme Tacos, Gila Bend, Arizona Drive Thru, 4 June 2018 GOPR6514

Ding Dong Bell | English Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics

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Ding dong bell
Pussy’s in the well
Who put her in?
Little Johnny Green
Who pulled her out?
Little Tommy Stout
What a naughty boy was that
To drown poor Pussycat,
Who never did any harm
But scared all the mice
In the Farmer’s barn!

Riverside Church NYC bell peal

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A close-up view of the bells of Riverside Church NYC as they start to peal for the Sunday morning service, at 10:20 a.m. on August 19, 2014. The sound of the five bells pealing is deafening; in fact, I had to cover the mic opening of my phone with my finger to keep the sound from distorting too much. The largest bell’s clapper, due to a mechanical issue, never struck the inside of the 10-foot tall bourdon, in spite of the bell swinging, so it never rang during this peal.

Seven Factor:As The Church Bell Chimes-OFFICIAL VIDEO

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Artist-Seven Factor
Song-As the Church Bell Chimes
Album-The Suicide Diaries
Music and Lyrics-Seven Factor
Produced by-Chris Vrenna and Seven Factor
Recorded at KDS Music Studio, Orlando Florida
Mixed at-Chris Vrennas Studio, Los Angeles California
Mastered by Erie Loch

Video Credits
Directed by Seven Factor
Filmed by Seven Factor
Edited by Seven Factor
Female Model-Halo V

Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, & Christ Church in Philadelphia – Our RV Life

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We lost track of time catching up with friends, so we had to speed our way through the Liberty Bell, Christ Church, and be back at Independence Hall for the tour all within 30 minutes before they closed!

Bob Stroller:

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GorillaPod Focus:
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Shure VP83 Shotgun Microphone:

2013 Macbook Pro:
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“Unbreakable Spirit” by Andrew Applepie (
“You” by Kronicle (

Robert Trudell orders 7-Layer Burrito & Burrito Supreme at Taco Bell Drive-Thru, Mesa, AZ, GP024622

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Robert Trudell orders 7-Layer Burrito & Burrito Supreme at Taco Bell Drive-Thru, Mesa, Arizona, 17 April 2016, GP024622
Taco Bell
2028 N Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215, United States
(480) 325-1195

William Fitzsimmons – Mission Bell North American Tour 2019

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William will be touring North America in support of “Mission Bell” in early 2019. Get tickets below!

* Jim and Sam are supporting the following dates:
1/6/2019 – Pittsburgh, PA – Club Cafe –
1/8/2019 – Lakewood, OH – The Winchester Music Tavern –
1/9/2019 – Ann Arbor, MI – The Ark –
1/11/2019 – Indianapolis, IN – The Hi-Fi –
1/12/2019 – Chicago, IL – Old Town School of Folk Music –
1/13/2019 – Milwaukee, WI – The Back Room at Colectivo –
1/15/2019 – Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Center –
1/17/2019 – Denver, CO – The Soiled Dove Underground –
1/18/2019 – Fort Collins, CO – Magic Rat Live Music – FREE

* Eddie Berman is supporting the following dates:
1/21/2019 – Vancouver, BC – Wise Hall –
1/22/2019 – Seattle, WA – Fremont Abbey –
1/23/2019 – Portland, OR – The Old Church –
1/25/2019 – Sacramento, CA – Sofia Tsakopolus Center –
1/26/2019 – Novato, CA – Hopmonk Tavern Novato –
1/27/2019 – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel –
1/29/2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Bootleg Theater –