4 swinging bells in peal at HNOJ Raleigh NC

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Peal of 4 swinging bells at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Cathedral in Raleigh, North Carolina. (The 4 swinging bells are located at the bottom of the top of the tower just under the carillon).

Bell tower donated to veterans cemetery in Marana

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A Carillon Bell Tower was dedicated Saturday morning to Arizona’s Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Marana. It is one of the newest veterans cemeteries in the nation.

A Bell Concert at the Nevada State Capitol, Carson City, Nevada

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As part of our continuing quest to visit all 50 of the state capitals we visited the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City, Nevada. While walking around the building we were serenaded by a bell concert from a local church.

Christ Episcopal Church Bell Tower, Raleigh NC

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My visit to the Historic Christ Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. It opened it’s doors to the faithful in 1854. The bell tower construction was completed in 1861. There are 8 change ringing bells and one 2000 pound swinging BOURDON bell.

The Intricate Dance of the Alaskan Bell Ringers

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On a remote Alaskan island chain, ringing church bells involves more than simply pulling a rope. At the Holy Ascension Cathedral in Unalaska, Alaska, there are multiple bells, many strings, and one highly trained bell-ringer. And for the past 35 years, that conductor—Okalena Patricia Lekanoff Gregory—has been sounding the many bells at the cathedral. Years ago, Gregory’s father taught her the technique—which requires a kind of dance in rhythm—that he learned from his godfather. Now, she’s passing the tradition on to her daughter and great nieces, an honor that she is proud to share with her faith and her community.

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