28th February 1993: Beginning of the Waco siege of the Branch Davidian Church in Texas

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The Branch Davidians originated in the late 1950s as a sub-group of the Davidian Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Under the leadership of Benjamin Roden they took control of the Mount Carmel religious settlement 10 miles outside the Texan town of Waco, where they prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The mid-1980s saw a power struggle from which Vernon Howell, who later renamed himself David Koresh, emerged as the new leader of the group. Shortly after this Howell announced that God had told him that he should take multiple wives, with reports stating that some of these were as young as 11 years old.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had already been watching the Mount Carmel compound due to concerns that Koresh and his followers were stockpiling illegal weapons. They began making plans to raid the compound in late February but were prompted to action after the Waco Tribune-Herald newspaper began to publish a series of articles that included allegations of child abuse within the cult.

More than 70 agents raided the property on the morning of 28 February, but Koresh had already received a tip-off and had made preparations. Gunfire consequently broke out, although it is still unclear who fired first. The fighting lasted for almost two hours and resulted in the deaths of four agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as well as a similar number of Davidians. The resulting siege lasted until 19 April when it was ended by the FBI in a raid that saw the compound destroyed by fire.

Tremont Temple Baptist Church: Where an Incredible History Meets a New Beginning

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– “It was the first integrated church in America, it was the first church to have free seating, Abraham Lincoln spoke here, Jenny Lind sang here, Charles Dickens read the first Christmas Carol reading in Boston, the Emancipation Proclamation first was read here in Boston in 1863, so it does have a rich history,” proclaims Rev. Dr. Denton Lotz, the Pastor of Tremont Temple Baptist Church.

Indeed, Tremont Temple Baptist Church, located in the heart of downtown Boston, has historically been committed to advancing faith, community, and social justice. At a time when worshippers had to pay for church pews, Tremont Temple was founded on the premise of offering free services for everyone. The church also supported the abolitionist movement by strictly forbidding any individual who participated in the act of slavery from attending.

Today, Tremont Temple Baptist Church continues its open tradition and prides itself as the International Church at 88 Tremont. Attend a Sunday service and you will be welcomed by a congregation that resembles an assembly of the United Nations. “Everyone is welcome here,” announces one enthusiastic church member. “I particularly like the diversity of the church,” declares another. Watch this video and find out why you should come to Tremont Temple!

Experience Tremont Temple Baptist Church: Where an Incredible History Meets a New Beginning.

“End of the Beginning” – First Baptist Church | Jackson, MS

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Featuring the Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra of First Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi – April 20, 2014 – Easter Celebration – Live Streaming each Sunday Morning and available Online and via Satellite – See www.FirstBaptistJackson.org

Gypsies Feeding The Homeless!–Gypsy Church In Atlanta GA

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Gypsy Homeless Ministry Atlanta, Georgia

Pastor Maurice Moore, Jr. Of God’s New Beginning Church & Ministries; Baltimore, MD

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” Do You Want a Closer Walk With God?” Ecclesiastes 12:?1-3; Union Temple Congregation Annual Youth & Young Adult Day, Sunday, May 3, 2015