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On this upload date (June 6, 2015) a year earlier, Dorothy was at her brothers home going ceremony, where she sang a heart-felt tribute to King Jesus, in honor of her brother (Daniel J. Bedford) in Lawton, Oklahoma. …I know we’ve seen the many uploads of Dorothy singing from her hometown of San Antonio -Texas, and all the way to the Middle-East in Jerusalem and to South America in Brazil…leading the hundreds of thousands into the presence of our Mighty God…Now, the Perfect Harmony Network wants to share with you a more, intimate side of Dorothy’s gifts.

To be able to sing in the big lights is an awesome thing…but to have the courage to fight through the agonies and adversities of life and still be faithful and strong enough to trust in God “NO MATTER WHAT” shows just how special a “TRUE” Worship Leader is.

We honor all of the worship leaders who (many times) have a huge smile on their face in public…while having great pain in their hearts…

We also honor Daniel J. Bedford on this day June-6, which was also the same date that Dorothy’s aunt (Pastor Lillian Blackmon of the youtube channel, “Unlocking The Word” went on into glory) There are NO (Zero) coincidences in life! God is in control…this is why we must hold on and keep the faith…and continue to sing…”TAKE ME TO THE KING”

Dorothy sings “EVERY PRAISE” in Brazil (2015)
Gilmar Britto, Ana Márcia Britto e Dorothy Bedford

“Your Presence” – Lucas Pereira, Dorothy Bedford, Gilmar Britto

Dorothy Interviewed in Brazil

Dorothy in Jerusalem (2013 – 2014)
God I Look To You – ICEJ2013 – Dorothy Bedford & Worship Team

Victor’s Crown – ICEJ2013 – Dorothy Bedford & Worship Team

I Belong To You – ICEJ 2014 – Dorothy Bedford and Worship

Dorothy’s Aunt

Welcome to the Potter’s House Church of the Living God!

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Join us every Sunday at 12 noon in worship! We are located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York City.

To learn more, visit our website:

October’s Children Cancer Awareness – Carver Park Baptist Church – Waco, Texas

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October’s Children Cancer Awareness – Carver Park Baptist Church – Waco, Texas
A short announcement by our Pastor, Dr. Gaylon P. Foreman
Carver Park Baptist Church Waco, Texas