God’s Beautiful Women

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This is the official Middleground Church of Christ in Savannah, GA YouTube channel. “A friendly church in a not so friendly world.” We will publish recorded content here including events, sermons and special programs. We pray that this will encourage you and edify the Kingdom of God.

We invite you to come out and join us:
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Phone: (912) 925-1719

The Most Beautiful Mummy In The World and Its Mystery

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Rosalia Lombardo (December 13, 1918 in Palermo, Italy – December 6, 1920), was an Italian child who died of pneumonia. Rosalia’s father, Official Mario Lombardo, was sorely grieved upon her death, so he approached Alfredo Salafia, a noted embalmer, to preserve her.
Her body was one of the last corpses to be admitted to the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo in Sicily.

Thanks to Salafia’s embalming techniques, the body was well preserved.
X-rays of the body show that all the organs are remarkably intact.
Rosalia Lombardo’s body is kept in a small chapel at the end of the catacomb’s tour and is encased in a glass covered coffin, placed on a wooden pedestal.
A 2009 National Geographic photograph of Rosalia Lombardo shows the mummy is beginning to show signs of decomposition, most notably discoloration.
To address these issues the mummy was moved to a drier spot in the catacombs, and her original coffin was placed in a hermetically sealed glass enclosure with nitrogen gas to prevent decay.
The mummy is one of the best preserved bodies in the catacombs.

Recently, the mummification techniques used by Salafia were discovered in a handwritten memoir of Salafia’s.
Salafia replaced the girl’s blood with a liquid made of formalin to kill bacteria, alcohol to dry the body, glycerin to keep her from overdrying, salicylic acid to kill fungi, and zinc salts to give her body rigidity.
Accordingly, the formula’s composition is “one part glycerin, one part formalin saturated with both zinc sulfate and chloride, and one part of an alcohol solution saturated with salicylic acid.”


Music: Days Are Long, Silent Partner; YouTube Audio Library

Daniel & Elisabeth // Beautiful Southern Wedding with AMAZING Reception

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Produced by Hud Productions
Insta: @hud_productions

See the Full Ceremony Video Here:

Bride: Elisabeth Epperson (@elisabethandbutter)
Groom: Daniel Farris

Photo: Bryan Johnson

Ceremony: First Baptist Church (Montgomery, AL)
Reception: Epperson Residence

Shot on Sony A7sII.


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Robb and Kristy explore an abandoned church and catholic school that was basically untouched by any vandals, only nature. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Songs Of All Time

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For those interested, I also made a 2nd video:

Here are some of the top ten most beautiful songs ever written (in my opinion). Please read the description at the very bottom for more information about this video’s purpose.
The songs go in a list like this:

#10 – Samuel Barber : ” Adagio For The Strings ”
-Conducted by Paul Ruskay

#9 – Johann Sebastian Bach : ” Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring ”
-Conducted by Leopold Stokowski

#8 – Johann Pachelbel ” Canon ”
-Conducted by Unknown

#7 – Jacques Offenbach ” Barcarolle ” From the opera ” The Tales Of Hoffman ”
-Performed by Unknown

#6 – Franz Schubert : ” Ave Maria ”
-Performed by Leontyne Price And The St. Thomas Episcopal Church, New York

#5 – Pietro Mascagni : ” Intermezzo (Cavalleria Rusticana) ”
-Performed By The Orchestra Of Bologna Municop Thetra

#4 – Johann Sebastian Bach ” Air ”
-Conducted By Unknown

#3 – Cesar Franck ” Panis Angelicus ”
-Performed By St. Philips Boys’ Choir Featuring Jaymi Bandtock And Sam Harper

#2 – Johann Sebastian Bach ” Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1, BWV 1007 ”
-Performed By Yo-Yo Ma

#1 – Ludwig Van Beethoven : ” Moonlight Sonata , 1st Movement ”
-Performed By Unknown

Entire version of “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring” conducted by Leopold Stokowski, click here:

Entire version of “Ave Maria” Performed by Leontyne Price & The St. Thomas Episcopal Church, New York, click here:

For more songs that I couldn’t fit into this video, click below for my second video: “2nd Top Ten Most Beautiful Songs Of All Time”:

Please note:
All beauty is subjective. There is no such thing as a true “Top Ten” list. Each piece holds its own beauty and is neither better nor worse than others. Also, unless it has singing, it is not technically a song. The title of this video is merely meant to help an average person find it, so that beautiful music, and the incredible depth of beauty that comes with it, will be discovered and felt by more people. Also, there is a second video with more songs and composers which I couldn’t fit into this video (see above link).

What a beautiful Name it is, Journey church Jacksonville, Florida, sang by 14 year old

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Amazing worship In Jacksonville! March 5 2017.
What a Beautiful Name it is!! from Hillsong album, Let there Be Light

Lexington Kentucky Wedding Videography – Lesley and Ben – Lexington Country Club

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What a beautiful day for a wedding in Lexington Kentucky! Ben and Lesley had a fabulous wedding from start to finish at the impressive Lexington Country Club and the quaint Saint Raphael Episcopal church. Book us for your wedding or other videography need at or

Music Licensed through Music Bed – Found a Heart – Emily Hearn

Shaahin + Sadaf’s 4K Wedding Highlights at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort Palm Springs

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Beautiful Persian Wedding in Los Angeles created by STAVROVIDEO PRODUCTIONS www.stavrovideo.com


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Aerial views of beautiful Columbus, Ga. Ride the rapids on the Chattahoochee River, fly to the moon-and-back at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center and unwind in the southern hospitality of Columbus. Meet your family and friends in Columbus at the RiverWalk, in Uptown or any one of our fabulous attractions or eateries www.GenesisVS.com

Mud Trucks Gone Wild – Louisiana Mud Fest 2015 – Part 1

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Arriving on Friday morning early had some perks. I saw many mega Trucks go through the mud and got to film some exciting Mud footage early. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Duces, Jeeps and many more custom off road vehicles sling mud all over the off-road park. Check out our other channel:

for more upcoming events.