What makes St. Mary’s Norwalk so beautiful?

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St. Mary’s Norwalk (CT) was honored to be included in the Final Four in “Church Madness 2017,” presented by Art & Liturgy, despite competition from some of the most stunning churches in the country! Why do those who love her think St. Mary’s is the most beautiful church in America? Watch, listen, and maybe you will catch a glimpse.

Photos: Stuart and Jill Chessman
Audio: The St. Mary’s Schola Cantorum sings the Credo from William Rasar’s Mass “Christe Jesu” (find out more about their debut CD here:

“Beautiful Savior” sung by The Lutheran Choral Association in Portland, Oregon

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Hymn #657
The Lutheran Hymnal
Text: Ps. 45: 2
Author: unknown, 1677
Translated by: Joseph A. Seiss, 1873
Titled: “Schoenster Herr Jesu”
Tune: “Schoenster Herr Jesu”
1st Published in: “Schlesische Volkslieder”
Town: Leipzig, 1842

The Lutheran Choral Association celebrates its 77th season with five Sunday concerts beginning September 7. The 120-plus voice choir has members from more than 80 churches and several denominations and has sung continuously since 1938. The repertoire is broad, with music from traditional choral (God So Loved the World) to down-home gospel, from tender to majestic. Composers/arrangers include Paul Christiansen, Pavel Tschesnokoff, Jester Hairston, and Mark Hayes. Sue Thompson Armentrout directs the choir, accompanied by Karl Jurisons. There is no admission charge. An offering will be taken. Your support of this musical ministry is welcomed whether you are in the audience or a future choir member.

Please contact the Lutheran Choral Association
in care of:
Peace Lutheran Church
(503) 289-1070
2201 N Rosa Parks Way
Portland, OR 97217

For additional information e-mail Eric Jordahl or Ken Dale at kwd595 @ hotmail.com

2017 The Blinds And The Beautiful Different Types Of Window Blinds

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“OBSERVE 2017 The Blinds And The Beautiful Different Types Of Window Blinds

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THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY is a provocative new play with music about the expansion of the Evangelical movement in Colorado Springs, created by the documentary theatre company The Civilians (GONE MISSING). While conducting interviews with people involved with or affected by the mega-church movement, scandal broke about New Life Church pastor Ted Haggard and shook the entire city. THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY is a fascinating and timely look at faith and how it affects the American landscape. The Civilians work has been called “superb” by the NY Times and “clear evidence of evolution in the world of modern theatre,” by Time Out New York.

Own this Cheap 5.05 Acres Beautiful Desert Land to Build or as your Weekend Getaway

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Are you looking to Own a Gateway to Ride your AV , camping or build an off-grid Cabin?

This 5.05 acres parcel is a flat vacant desert land, 10 miles Douglas town of Cochise county of Arizona. This parcel is 59 miles from Sierra Vista, 121 miles from Tucson and 233 miles from Phoenix. You will have easy access as this property is along with the E Cll Principal road. Another advantage for accessing the property is this property is close to North Lee Station Road and Pan American Ave Road. This property is just 11 miles from Bisbee-Douglas International Airport. The surrounding area is wide space places of rugged desert lands. Most exciting side of this desert land is it is only 19 minutes from Douglas town, where you will get hospital, bank, shopping malls along with all the required places. Within 10 miles (15 minutes) you are getting two elementary schools, a junior high school, an academy school and a church. Also the Pirtleville town is only 9.7 miles away and Bisbee is 35 miles away. Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge is only 12 miles away from this place. This area is great form hunting, trail hiking, bird watching and nature photography. If you works in the nearest towns but want lead a quite, calm and low cost living rural place, then this parcel will become your first choice. The Douglas town is enriched with cultural and historic places. You will find lots of things to here like go to Queen Mine tour, Tombstone, Double Adobe Campground and Shotgun Sports, Cochise County Fairgrounds, Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch and many others.

Evergreen Memorial Park – Columbus, Georgia’s Most Beautiful Cemetery

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Visit this Place of Dignity, honor & Pride.

At Evergreen Memorial Park, you will find what many people call a place of serenity and tranquility unique for a cemetery. It is a place where families and friends can visit and embrace the pleasant memories of loved ones passed.

We are one of this area’s most peaceful places, close to nature with birds, ducks, squirrels, geese and sometimes even a few deer.

Most beautiful drone videos ever filmed!!

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Drone video of Germany
Video name: DJI Phantom 2 Epic (Domtoren Utrecht)
Video description: Beautiful video of the Utrecht church tower shot with low lying clouds. The Dom Tower of Utrecht is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone videos of England UK
Video description: Incredible video of the English coast line in the United Kingdom with sun over the sea. North Cornwall coast in England, near Newquay.
Video link:
Channel Link:

Drone videos of Norway
Video description: This video is full of the most remarkable clips of Norway in Northern Europe including fjords in and around Stryn, an area on Norway’s western coast including Heim, Alnes, Ålesund, Stryn, Hoddevik.
Channel Name: Kai Jonny Thue Venøy
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone videos of Thailand
Video description: This video is a great way to see Koh Yao Noi island in Thailand. Koh Yoa, is a group of islands between Phuket and Krabi.
Channel Name: Philip Bloom
Channel Link:
Video link:
Video name: Koh Yao Noi
Gear: GoPro Hero 3+ Phantom 2 with Zen Muse 2 axis gimbal and FPV.
Drone video of thailand

Drone videos of Norway and drone footage Norway
Video description: Aerial footage over sea ice, ice caps and glaciers. Svalbard, is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. Great drone video of Norway
Channel Name and Pilot Name: Peter Cox
Channel Link:
Video link:
Video name: Svalbard – The High Arctic (Ice bergs and arctic)
Gear: GoPro Hero 3+ cameras, one mounted on a DJI Phantom 2 drone.

Drone video African safari and drone footage of Africa
Video name: BeetleCopter in the Serengeti
Video description: This Aerial video captures some of the most beautiful parts of Africa in the wild. The Serengeti is located in north Tanzania and extends to south-western Kenya, and includes Maasai Mara. Drone Videos of Africa are amazing.
Channel Name: Will Burrard-Lucas
Channel Link:
Video link:
Gear: Nightjar: the ultimate GoPro-carrying quadcopter for professional filmmakers.

Drone video of Florida and Drone footage of California
Video description: Great edit with some skilled flying including The Isle of Man, Hawaii, the East Coast of Florida and Winter Park.
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone video of Alaska
Video description: U.S state of Alaska, over the summer solstice, shot in and around the City of Wrangell. Some of the best drone footage of Alaska.
Channel Link:

Drone video of Indo.
Video description: Epic video of the Mentawai Islands. The Mentawai Islands are off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Largest islands include Siberut, Sipura, North Pagai and South Pagai. Really is one of the best drone videos of Indonesia ever
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone video of Mongolia.
Video name: MONGOLIA
Video description: Incredible Aerial video shots of Mongolia, a country in east-central Asia, bordered by Russia and China. Some of the worlds best drone videos of Mongolia.
Channel Name: Tim Browning – Two days on the road, just before the snow. Beautiful country.
Channel Link:
Video link:

Anderson County,SC..Beautiful countryside of south Anderson.28 hiway area.

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Video by Jimmy Gilstrap.Sites of southern Anderson County,SC…5-20-2011

See it Everywhere – Beautiful Ultra HD 4K Footage Compilation by Tel Stewart

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Song: See it Everywhere by Ricky Valadez
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Thank you for watching. This is a compilation of my favorite shots I have taken over the past six months. These were little moments that I was able to capture in between my crazy professional production schedule. These clips, to me, make me feel alive and excited to go out and create another video like this. If you like these videos you can support me by sharing this video with the world.

This video is special to me in a lot of ways. The music was written specifically for the video and I feel like it pushes the emotions over the top. A big shout out to the composer Ricky Valadez.

My goal is to make one beautiful compilation video a month, fore focused on one specific theme per video. This is the first video in, I hope, a long series. Uploads are going to be slow at first but in the future there will be a regular upload schedule so look forward to those.

Again thank you for your support. If you have any questions please post them in the comments and I will try to answer you the best I can.

All footage was shot in Ultra HD 5K on the Red Epic and uploaded to YouTube in Ultra HD 4K.

Anchorage, Alaska
St. George, Utah
Coos Bay, Oregon
Kauai, Hawaii

Location Breakdown:
00:00 – Anchorage, Alaska
00:06 – Anchorage, Alaska
00:10 – Coos Bay, Oregon
00:14 – Coos Bay, Oregon
00:19 – Cougar Cliffs, Southern Utah
00:28 – Cougar Cliffs, Southern Utah
00:35 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:37 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:39 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:41 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:44 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:46 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:48 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
00:50 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:51 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
00:54 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:58 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
01:03 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:07 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:12 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:21 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:27 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:29 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:32 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:34 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:38 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:38 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:42 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:47 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:49 – Coos Bay, Oregon
01:51 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:55 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:58 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:00 – Kauai, Hawaii
02:04 – Coos Bay, Oregon
02:07 – Kauai, Hawaii
02:08 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:11 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:13 – Alaska
02:17 – Coos Bay, Oregon

Red Epic – Live action and slow motion
Canon 5D Mark III – Timelapses

Canon 24-70 f2.8
Canon 16-35 f2.8
Canon 70-200 f2.8

See it Everywhere – Beautiful 4K Stock Footage by Tel Stewart

10 most beautiful Places to Live in Virginia | Us Historians

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Best Places to Live in Virginia
When it comes to the best places to live in the United States, expect to find Virginia among the top contenders.

The Mother of Presidents is known for its scenic natural landscape, as most states around the mid-Atlantic area, temperate climate, vast cultural diversity and more.

This is one of those all-inclusive states that remain appealing to everyone – the young and old, parents and their kids, millennials and retirees; most of the roads in Virginia lead to satisfaction.

Virginia has the 11th highest per-capita income in America, and it homes four of the 10 wealthiest U.S. counties: Loudoun County, Falls Church City and Fairfax County (scooped first three positions based on survey by Code Black Group), as well as Arlington County (No. 7).

It is full of fun things to do for everyone, Virginia, and its public schools floor those in 42 states, not counting D.C. Healthcare is a big deal in this state, and there is significant opportunity for economic growth, with plenty of jobs for anyone interested in working for the federal government.

There is a reason they say this is a place for lovers. Lovers of life.

But even in the highly livable Old Dominion, there are towns and cities that outshine the rest.

In this list of 10 best places to live in Virginia, we reveal the places where it’s mostly sunshine and rainbows, basing our arguments on the aforementioned factors.

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Top 10 America’s Favorite Buildings

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America’s 10 Most Beautiful College Campuses

10 Real American Ghost Stories


Exploring an Abandoned Cathedral In a Beautiful State Of Decay

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Additional Photos provided by Joey Lax-Salinas more of his work can be seen at: Urban Expolring at its best in Gary Indiana, considered America’s Largest Ghost Town due to a dramatic decrease in population over the past 20 years. There are still people mostly African American. Who hope for the cities steel mill to open back up. But the city is largly vacent with only 20% population remaining. It is actually where Micheal Jackson was raised. I invite you to follow me on facebook and twitter:

Levitation – Electro Magnetic Tesla Coil and Blowing up a Smurf With Electricity by Danny Wolverton Special Head
The physical world is the illusion The spiritual world is what is real. I invite you to follow me on facebook and twitter:

Specialhead Special Head
Special Head Special Head
f AGT beg to differ. Special Head Levitation

Bardstown: “Most Beautiful Small Town in America” | Kentucky Life | KET

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Bardstown, Ky was named “Most Beautiful Small Town in America” in the Rand McNally/USA Today 2012 Best of the Road competition. Kentucky Life talks to Kim Huston, author of Small Town Sexy, about the iconic streets, shops, cafes, and historic neighborhoods in the “Bourbon Capital of the World.”

A total of 650 towns were nominated, and Bardstown pulled out all the stops for the offical judges’ visit, with people lining the streets for a parade. The Rand McNally team of Nikki and Dusty Green spent a few days seeing the sights and getting to know the people. When the online voting was done, this Nelson County town — home to Barton 1792, Heaven Hill, Jim Beam, and the Ky Bourbon Festival — was the winner.

(Note: Danville was among the towns vying for Most Beautiful, making the final six; and Murray was named Friendliest.)

For more videos celebrating the people and places of the Bluegrass State, visit

Lost Frequencies ft. Sandro Cavazza – Beautiful Life

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Following the global success of ‘Are You With Me’ and ‘Reality’, Lost Frequencies hits the world with ‘Beautiful Life’, the first single of his debut album. Spotlighting the Belgian’s sparkling guitar tones, catchy flute melodies, and Sandro Cavazza’s distinct timbre, this stunningly delicate tune redefines what we refer to as feel-good music. Beautiful atmospheres for a beautiful world. That’s ‘Beautiful Life’.

Music video by Soulvizion

Vfx studio: Division CM