Bay Area Entertainment Network: Easter Fun @ Fremont Hub Shopping Center

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Face Painters, Balloon Twisters, and the Easter Bunny appear at the Fremont Hub on Saturday April 5th. BAEN provides entertainers and talent for any occasion.

Chesapeake Bay Oysters: Part I – History of Oysters

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What happened to all the oysters? This is part 1 of 5 of the series and looks at the historical importance of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay and some of the factors that led to their intense decline. Features an interview with a local waterman in the Chesapeake Bay.

2017 Pony League World Series GM #14 – Bay County, MI 8 vs. Brownsville, TX 5

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Game #14 of the 2017 DICK’S Sporting Goods Pony League World Series August 15th at Lew Hays Pony Field in Washington, Pennsylvania

In Chesapeake Bay Cleanup, A Larger Ecosystem At Stake | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

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President Trump’s proposed budget cuts would nearly eliminate funding for the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay. In this 360¡ video, visit an oyster restoration center and a cattle farm in Virginia to learn how a larger ecosystem system may be affected.
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By: Julia Wall, Logan Jaffe and Guglielmo Mattioli

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In Chesapeake Bay Cleanup, A Larger Ecosystem At Stake | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

Focusing on positive after shooting at Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas

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What happened on Sunday, October 1st at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival was an absolute tragedy. With so many people being killed and injured to point that it was the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history still feels hard to believe. There is a ton of media attention from the news covering the story about what actually happened at the Mandalay Bay Hotel that night. There is a lot of talk about finding the truth behind what really happened in that room on the 32nd floor that night that the shooter unleashed on so many innocent people.

With so much media attention on that, I’d like to take a moment to focus on the people that were heroes on that awful night. There were thousands of employees-police officers, firefighters, medics, EMTS, ambulance drivers, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, dispatchers and people in a variety of support positions working to help those people that were in that life and death moment.

I also want to thank all of the other people that were there just to see the concert who helped each other. Locals and tourists both were doing whatever they could to help people that would seriously injured and trying to get them help to give them a chance to live.

Thank you to all of you that helped that night, and showed that you were a hero during a massacre to someone else in a life and death situation.

Where does Las Vegas go from here? We continue to moved forward. I encourage people to continue to live their lives, and not to let fear win. If you were planning a trip to Las Vegas, then I still encourage you to take that vacation. If you are planning on moving to Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas, then I seriously encourage to follow through with your plans of moving here. Las Vegas really is an amazing place to visit, and to live. I moved here years ago, and absolutely love it. Even with this tragic event, Las Vegas is still a great place to live your life, and will only get better from here!

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Raw Footage : Mandalay Bay , Las Vegas, NV.

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Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

President Trump responds to Las Vegas shooting


Focusing on positive after shooting at Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Vlog: Live updates at club night of shooting at Mandalay Bay

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Shake The Nation – Hero – Pastor Bil at Bay Area Fellowship Corpus Christi, TX

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Shake The Nation performs their incredibly moving song Hero with Pastor Bil at Bay Area Fellowship Corpus Christi, TX on July 3, 2011.

“Sunset Over Mission Bay” Short 4K UHD Ambient Nature Film from San Diego’s Mission Bay

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Own this without watermarks: | ABOUT: Relax and enjoy the amazing sights of a golden coastal sunset as seen over San Diego’s Mission Bay / Beach last night, August 17th, 2017 on my new DJI Inspire2 X5S drone. Beginning just before sunset, you’ll enjoy a vibrant and detail-packed view of the exit from Mission Bay out to the Pacific Ocean, just in time to watch it peak. As it begins to fade, you’ll gently soar back to shore, all the while lulled into a state of deep relaxation thanks to a new musical track from Enlightened Audio artist Christopher Lloyd Clarke. MORE INFORMATION/DOWNLOAD & STREAM LINK:

Filmed on the DJI Inspire 2 + Zenmuse X5s in H.264 100MB/S 4K 29.976; edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.
Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke:

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Shore Drive – Lesner Bridge – Chesapeake Bay

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Short video from behind my house showing a nice sunset over the Chesapeake Bay, the Lesner Bridge and the beach. You can see in the background Town Center then panning along the Great Neck Region, towards the Ocean Front and finally the Lynnhaven Fishing pier.

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