St Mary’s Basilica Phoenix Arizona

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We visited St. Mary’s Basilica on out pilgrimage through the Southwest. We enjoyed the beautiful Basilica and were impressed at the garden with the statue of Pope John Paul II.


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Thought we were late for the first Sunday mass (9AM Eastern Time), but turned out we were an hour early. LOL. Oh well, it was good then. Was able to take some videos and photos of the beautiful church.

Saints Peter and Paul Basilica is a historic Roman Catholic church at 214 E. 8th Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was founded in January 1852. It was raised to a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI and inaugurated by Bishop Richard Stika of the Diocese of Knoxville on October 22, 2011.

Sunday flyover of the basilica and downtown Lewiston

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An aerial view of the Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul in Lewiston, Maine and the downtown area as seen from the Sun Journal drone. Video by Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal Aerial

The Pope’s video message to the youth in Brownsville, Texas

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Roadside Series: Basilica of St. Josaphat – Milwaukee, WI

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Take a peak at this Milwaukee’s religious landmark. Constructed in 1888 and currently owned by the Milwaukee Archdiocese.