“1 Thessalonians 2” Baptist preaching

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Back On Track At Inglewood Baptist Church Nashville, Tenn

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Edward Granadosin, Cres San Jose, Ogie De Guzman And Pastor Kevin Ramientos Of Back On Track Sang At Inglewood Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. Got A Standing Ovation From The Congregation! Amen! And Glory Be To GOD!!! Chills.

110th Anniversary Celebration of South Main Baptist Church, Houston, TX

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South Main Baptist Church is 110 years old and during his sermon on November 10, 2013, Pastor Steve Wells and John McCoy, chairman of the capital campaign burn the note that signifies the congregation is debt free.

Westboro Baptist Church Chickens Out On Protest of Army Ranger Pfc. Cody Patterson Funeral

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I arrived early enough to see Cody James Patterson’s casket removed from the hearse and carried into Oregon State University’s LaSells Stewart Center. It was very quite at that time and chills ran through my body. Cody had recently been at national controversy when his family was not paid death benefits by the Federal Government, due to the Government Shutdown of 2013. Full Story-

Withholding Nothing SHILOH BAPTIST DALLAS w/ Min. Donald Wright and Alice Guthrie

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Shilohbaptstdallas.org 921W. Illinois Ave; Dallas,TX Pastor Johnnie R. Bradley, Sr. E. Dion Chew Williams, Minister of Music

Hip Hop in light of the Bible (Pastor Steven L. Anderson: KJV Baptist Preaching)

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Preached at Faithful Word Baptist Church Los Angeles, California

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Baptist History and Heritage Movie

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The newest baptist history film by www.shilohfilms.org

Film Synopsis:
In 1755, Shubal Stearns led a wave of Baptist revival that began in Sandy Creek, and washed up over the mountains into the south. The planting of Baptist churches caused Royal unrest and increased persecution upon the growing Baptist population. State religion and the heavy tax burden both fed the flames beneath the simmering colonial Uprising. The Regulators, consisting mostly of colonial farmers, formed to protest against the rampant tax extortion and persecution of the citizens. Based on true events, “The Over-Mountain Men” is a moving action drama depicting not only the Patriot spirit which formed the independence of our nation, but also the strong influence of Baptist Churches upon our Liberty.