Episode 08 – The History of The Independent Baptist Movement

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In this episode Pastor Josh Teis sits down with Pastor Matt Lyon to discuss the history of the Independent Baptist Movement. Pastor Matt is an expert in this area, and provides incredible insight into the leaders, history, and focus of the Independent Baptists.

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Rev Michael Walrond of First Corinthian Baptist Church Baptist Church in NYC Explaining “his” theol

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Pastor Mike (Rev Michael A. Walrond) pastor’s First Corinthian Bpt Church in Upper Manhattan (Harlem) New York. The church claims to have 10,000 members. In this clip he spews some questionable doctrine with regard to “the paths to God”. His message borders on a universalism philosophy in oppose to baptist theology and has attracted “cult-like” followers as well as the LBGT community.

David McClintock, Christian piano soloist at Faith Baptist, Knightdale, NC

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David McClintock shares his testimony and his amazing skills on the piano in an hour long program at Faith Baptist Church, Knightdale, North Carolina, Sunday evening July 28, 2013.

I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray – Abyssinian Baptist Church Choir

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The Cathedral Choir of The Abyssinian Baptist Church in the City of New York ministers “I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray” (Negro Spiritual) arranged and conducted by James Davis Jr.

September 20, 2015

Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts III, Pastor
James Davis Jr., Director of Music Ministries & Fine Arts

Maria Freeman, Soprano

Oh I couldn’t hear nobody pray, I couldn’t hear nobody pray.
Oh way down yonder by myself, and I couldn’t hear nobody pray.

In the valley on my knees, with my burden and my Savior.
Chilly waters in the Jordan, crossing over into Canaan.
Hallelujah! Troubles over, in the kingdom with my Jesus.

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Big Daddy Weave ~ Nettleton Baptist, Jonesboro, AR, US

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[[:'( サ [at Big Daddy Weave ] Nettleton Baptist, Jonesboro, AR, US { February 2019}
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New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir 50th Anniversary Reunion Choir Concert “I Can’t Feel at Home “

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The New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church Choir (Flint, MI) celebrated 50 years on Saturday October 17, 2015 with a reunion choir concert. The Choir (known as the Inspirational Voices) recorded 10 albums and brought many gospel standards to the world. This video is a clip of the reunion choir singing “I Can’t Feel at Home” This song is and old church standard sung by many people form various backgrounds, ethnicities and denominations. The churchy gospel rendition that most know was recorded by the then New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir circa 1979/1980 and lead by Joann Anderson. The church was led over 40 years by the iconic Bishop Odis A. Floyd. The church is now under the leadership of Pastor Patrick Sanders.