All-State CBDA CASMEC Junior High Honor Band 2014 Performance

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Thank you to the amazing conductors Ms. Angela Woo and Ms. Cheryl Floyd for creating one of the highlights of our junior high school years.
JHS Concert Band ~0:00
JHS String Orchestra (partial performance) ~23:50
JHS Symphonic Band ~38:06

JHS Concert Band
1. Clouds That Sail In Heaven by Todd Stalter 0:00
2. Old Churches by Michael Colgrass 2:32
3. The Ayres of Agincourt by Richard Meyer 7:41
4. Earth Song by Frank Ticheli 14:02
5. Reflections on a New Tomorrow by Robert Sheldon 17:36

JHS String Orchestra
1. Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 23:50
2. Serenade for Strings by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 26:09
3. (not included)
4. Vanishing Point by Richard Meyer 30:48

JHS Symphonic Band
1. Children of the Regiment by Julius Fucik/John Bourgeios 38:06
2. Shenandoah by Frank Ticheli 41:50
3. Tonadillas Suite by Enrioque Granados/Ralph Ford 47:26
4. Undertow by John Mackey 50:20
5. The Blue and the Gray by Clare Grundman/Longfield 58:06

High Treason (Local Milwaukee band from the early 1990’s)!!!

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Priceless (to me), extremely rare, and from my personal video archive. This is ‘High Treason’ a local Milwaukee band from the early 1990’s. Video was shot in 1991 at T.A. Vern’s. I traveled great distances many times to see them perform in the Milwaukee area and they never disappointed. They had incredible energy coupled with amazing showmanship! They put many “national pro bands” to shame. They always packed the clubs and lines would be out the door quite often. They wrote great songs and had a sound all their own! I even saw them perform at “Summerfest” an annual 2 week long music festival in Milwaukee. I don’t know if they ever achieved national stardom, but if not, they certainly were the real deal!!

Gaither Vocal Band – Montgomery, AL

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Montgomery, AL
Frazer United Methodist
Friday, November 17, 2017
Doors Open:

On Sale: August 21, 2017 – 10:00am
Pre-Sale Starts: August 18, 2017 – 10:00am

Ticket Prices: (Additional fees will apply.)
Artist Circle General Admission: $35.00
General Admisson: $30.00
Senior (60+): $25.00
Child (12 and under): $25.00
Groups of 10+: $20.00
Groups of 10 or more receive 1 FREE ticket!

Charge-by-Phone: 1-855-484-1991
Ticket Outlets: Frazier United Methodist Church Office
For More Information: Call 1-855-484-1991 or wmail [email protected]
Group Tickets: Call 1-855-484-1991 or email [email protected]

Band Names You’ve Been Mispronouncing This Whole Time

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Back when radio airplay was basically how everyone found out about new music, it was hard to mispronounce a band’s name. DJs introduced the songs and who performed them, so unless your local radio station was run by total dopes, you knew what was up. But in today’s streaming free-for-all, plenty of music fans read a ton of band names without ever hearing them spoken out loud. It’s not like Spotify has a “pronounce this band” feature… but they totally should. Not every band is as easy to say as, say, Smash Mouth or Oingo Boingo. So, unless you’re one of the musically-informed elite, here are a few band names you’ve probably been saying wrong this whole time…

Get lost, Corey | 0:35
A Walter by any other name | 1:17
Sleepy Justin and his good liver | 2:03
Punktuation | 2:48
The answer to a question nobody wanted to ask | 3:28
Please buy a vowel | 3:59
Holy spell check | 4:42
Double-V equals W | 5:14
Ohhhhhh-no | 5:41
A Swedish tongue twister | 6:16
Should’ve just called himself DJ Benjy | 6:46
Placing the name | 7:23
Flower power | 7:53

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The Arrowood Sisters Band – Using My Bible For A Roadmap

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The Arrowood Sisters Band

(828) 289-1767

Jaymin Goodson, Banjo
Tyler Leonard, Guitar
Chuck Gibson, Bass
Autumn Arrowood, Mandolin
Carley Arrowood, Fiddle

2016 RenoFest honoring Don Reno
Always the 4th weekend in March

(843) 332-5151

The Center Theater
212 N 5th St
Hartsville, South Carolina

*Personally I recommend staying at Hampton Inn and Suites (843) 332-2128 most excellent hotel 5 star!