Testing out the Baldwin Organ

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I was giving this organ a run before deciding to take it for home (or possibly church) use. They said I couldn’t take the gothic acoustics with it 🙁 . No critiques on the playing!!! I was just messing around with sounds and stops on tape, so i’d have something to remember once I went home. What a beautiful church…it’s Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Baltimore, MD

The Baldwin Custom Multi-Waveform Organ Demonstration

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Demonstration of Custom Multi-Waveform Organ

Searle Wright — Narrator
Robert Read — Organist

This recording was made in four different locations to provide a showcase for the Baldwin Custom Multi-Waveform Organ in various acoustical environments. The four churches selected are deliberately very different, ranging from the very reverberant church at St. Pius to Concordia Lutheran, a church with very little reverberation.

Each Multi-Waveform installation is completely customized for it’s location. In each instance the organs you hear on this record were voiced individually for the building when the installation was made. All four instruments are three-manual organs of approximately the same size, but the tonal specifications of each custom organ have been tailored to the individual church’s musical needs and tastes.

Recording on location can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, and making this record produced its share of problems. Recording sessions had to be scheduled around other church activities. Particularly in the case of St. Pius X, most of the recording was done at night because the church is in a direct line with the San Antonio Airport. Some extraneous noise may be noticed, since the completion of a number was often married by the arrival or departure of a jet.

St. Pius X Church, San Antonio Texas (right) — Organist Bene Hammel during a recording session.

St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles Church, San Antonio, Texas (center and below left).
The St. Peter Choir and Choir Director Gene Regard during a recording session.

Concordia Lutheran Church, San Antonio, Texas (below right).

Seventh Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati Ohio (front cover).

Baldwin Multi-Waveform Organ Opus 8

Concordia Lutheran Church, San Antonio Texas

In the Baldwin Custom Multi-Waveform Organ, organ tradition and Baldwin scientific research have successfully united, resulting in a most musically advanced, tonally authentic and versatile organ ever produced. The sound of this remarkable instrument is the proof of its musical capabilities. Computer generated independent voices capture subtle nuances of traditional organ tone, produce each infinitesimal shading of tonal color and slightly fluctuating air sound. Most important, just as each pipe in a rank speaks in its own unique voice, so does Baldwin’s tone generation system produce a separate and individual waveform for each note of each stop.

The tonal design and voicing of ea particular Multi-Waveform Organ may be on the Classic side with its clarity and brightness, or the warmth of beautiful solo stops and broad ensemble of the Romantic Organ may be evidenced as well. Tonal specifications of each custom organ are tailored to the church’s individual requirements. To illustrate a typical custom tonal design, the specifications for the Concordia Lutheran organ, the largest of
the four featured on this recording, are given here.

Production coordinator Rusty York,
Jewel Recording Productions, Cincinnati, Ohio
in cooperation with Master Sound Studios
Eddie Morse — Engineer
San Antonio, Texas

Printed 1974 Jewel Records LPS 406/4064-7

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spotted in Seattle, Washington. (July 18, 2018)

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spotted in Seattle, Washington. (July 18, 2018) • Video & Photos

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin with fans.


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James Baldwin Speaks! “After the Murder of Four Children”

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James Baldwin Speaks! “After the Murder of Four Children.” Author and activist James Baldwin responds with ferocious passion to the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama by the Ku Klux Klan. The terror attack killed Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Carol Denise McNair and injured twenty others.

Chester D. T. Baldwin & M3 Spring Break Tour Unity Fellowship B/C Jackson, Mississippi 3/17/17

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Chester D. T. Baldwin-Two & The Music Ministry Mass Choir at Unity Fellowship Baptist Church -Jackson Mississippi
Rev. Orlando D. Franklin, Pastor

** Some of the video may go upside down when watching.
** Thank you Andrew McCall for videoing for me I truly appreciate it.

Justin Bieber e Hailey Baldwin deixando a igreja Zoe Church em Los Angeles, CA (26/08)

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Nos siga em nossas outras redes sociais e não deixe de acompanhar notícias do Justin Bieber de uma forma mais rápida e prática!


3/8/2018 – Dr Kenny Baldwin – God will provide – 2 Kings 4

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Youth Revival. Temple Baptist Youth Choir. Join us at 4210 Sabrina Lake Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27127. We saved you a seat. For more information and service times visit our website at hanesbaptistchurch.com
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SDA Pastor C. Baldwin: Sunday Not Mark Of The Beast, 666 Not Pope, SOP & Pioneers Incorrect, Pt 2..

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Dr.Clinton Baldwin said in (minute marker 7:40 – 8:45). SDA members should go back and read June 2002 Sabbath School Lesson, in order to understand the mark of the beast and 666. The symbols used on Religious Hardtalk are all satanic including Islam the half moon and the star. www.sdadefend.com/Defend-foundation/666.htm

AN UNUSUAL STATEMENT-On pp. 85-86 of the June 2002 Senior Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly
(reprinted below), several remarkable claims are made:
1. The number 666, in Revelation 13:17-18, could apply to the names of lots of people . That is not
true. The number can only be applied to a relatively few individuals. Select 100 names and see
how many fit 666; probably only one or two.

2. The number probably only refers to “humanity”; that is, all human beings. We will let the official
English Bible of the Roman Catholic Church refute that claim:

“Six hundred sixty-six. The numeral letters of his name shall make up this number.”-
Revelation 13:18 in the Rheims-Douay (Rheims-Douai) Bible.

Thursday June 6
THE MARK AND NUMBER OF THE BEAST (Rev 13:16-18; 14:1).
What is John’s purpose in mentioning the mark and number of the beast? Rev. 13:16-18. Why do we say that those who keep Sunday do not have the mark of the beast now? Why is it important that we make this point clear?
The number of the beast. The mark, the name, and the number of the beast are closely related (Rev. 13: 17). Many suggestions have been made to explain the meaning of 666. Here we must be very careful. The Bible does not say that the number is the added numerical value of the letters of a name. Some see in the meaning of 666 a symbol of humanity separated from God. Humans were created on the sixth day, and the number can stand as a symbol for humanity without divine rest (the seventh day). Humans have claimed ultimate independ­ence from God (the cause of their fall), and even now they do not want to find rest in Christ.
Over the years, numerous Bible students have come up with various explanations for the 666. Some found significance in the fact that if you added up the number of letters in the name of a former president of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan, it came to 666; others saw meaning in that, years ago, all the buses in Jerusalem had 666 on their license plates. This is futile speculation that adds nothing toward understanding truth. The important point is that God’s Word has given us enough information to know what the key issues are and who the players will be in the last days, even if we do not know all the details for now, such as the precise meaning of 666.
Friday June 7

Please note the following points in conclusion to this week’s study:
1. Vicarills Filii Dei (Vicar of the Son of God). Since the Reformation, this papal title has been used to calculate the number 666. But there are several questions that should make us cautious. First, it is not clear that this title is an official one. Second. there is no clear indication in Revelation 13 that the number is based on the numeri­cal value of the letters of a name. The phrase “it is the number of a man” (vs. 18, NIV) could be translated “it is the number of [humanity]”; that is, of humans separated from God. Third, those who insist in counting the numerical value of letters confront the problem of – deciding which language will be used. Because the text does not identify any language, the selection of a particular one will be somewhat arbitrary. At the present time, the symbolism of intensi­fied rebellion, six used three times, and total independence from God seem to be the best option. Time will reveal the full meaning of the symbol….

WORK YOUR WEAKNESS | Try Again | Chris Baldwin

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Chuck Baldwin speech in Hamilton, Montana 7-29-09. Chuck was speaking before a crowd of around 500. As many of you know he was the 2008 Constitution Party candidate for President and is founder and pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida.