Atheist Experience 22.06 with Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker

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17:50 Journey: Asheville, NC: God Exists Because the Word “God” Exists (troll)
19:05 Stephen: Tokyo, Japan: Why Don’t Atheists Believe, Infinite Universe, Desires of Hosts
40:40 Teddy: Gainesville, FL: Fear of Hell, Evidence for Resurrection
58:50 Joey: Akron, OH: Life After Death
1:13:00 Linnea: Seattle, WA: Scientist Gives a Quick Lesson on Radioactive Decay and Dating
1:27:25 Victor: Brooklyn, NY: Flat Earther, NASA Faked the Moon Landings

The Atheist Experience episode 22.06 for February 18, 2018, with Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Pro-Life in Texas. Don examines the fruits by which we know Texas conservatives.

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Thanks from other Ministers in the Truth of God – Minister Abraham, Baker, Campbell

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Thanks from other Ministers in the Truth of God p2

– Minister Abraham (Spanish Speaking Minister)
– Minister Baker (From Jamaica)
– Minister Campbell (From Oklahoma)




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Chet Baker – Greatest Hits Vol 1 (FULL ALBUM)

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Chet Baker
Greatest Hits Vol 1 (FULL ALBUM)

00:00:00 Summertime
00:04:19 Tenderly
00:10:53 Time After Time
00:15:01 My Funny Valentine (Alternate Version)
00:20:22 Secret Love
00:25:59 All Blues
00:31:31 Line For Lyons
00:34:02 Marilyn
00:37:30 Darn That Dream
00:41:06 Round Midnight
00:46:14 Blue Bossa
00:51:50 I Married an Angel
00:55:23 Deep In a Dream
00:59:55 Angel Eyes
01:04:32 What’s New
01:09:27 When I Fall in Love
01:13:01 My Funny Valentine
01:18:00 You Go to My Head

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American jazz trumpeter and singer Chet Baker became a star on the strength of such songs as “My Funny Valentine” before his career was derailed by drug use.

Jazz trumpeter and singer Chet Baker was born in Yale, Oklahoma, in 1929. He rose to stardom in the 1950s with Gerry Mulligan’s quartet and then as a bandleader, but encountered personal and professional difficulties after developing a heroin addiction. In 1988 Baker was in the midst of a late-career resurgence when he fell from an Amsterdam hotel window to his death.

Chesney Henry “Chet” Baker Jr. was born on December 23, 1929, in Yale, Oklahoma, and moved to the Los Angeles area with his family at age 10. The son of musically inclined parents, he sang in church choirs and tried his hand at trombone before turning to trumpet at age 13.

Baker dropped out of school at 16 to join the Army, and played in bands during his two stints in the armed forces as well as San Francisco jazz clubs while he was stationed in that city. In between, he was turned on to the music of Miles Davis and also became involved in the Los Angeles jazz scene.

Baker moved to Europe in 1959, ultimately settling in Italy, where he appeared as “Chet l’americano” in musical comedy Howlers of the Dock (1960). However, his continued drug use landed him repeatedly in legal trouble, with arrests in Italy, England and West Germany, the last of which resulted in his deportation to the United States in 1964. Upon his return, Baker recorded five records over a three-day period, but subsequent recording efforts were panned by critics. In July 1966, he endured a brutal beating by drug dealers that severely damaged his teeth and left him unable to play the trumpet properly for years.

Baker gradually regained his skills, with Dizzy Gillespe helping to set him on the comeback trail by arranging a concert at New York City’s Half Note club in 1973 followed by a reunion show with Gerry Mulligan at Carnegie Hall the next year. He returned to Europe in 1975, where he regularly performed and recorded despite essentially living as a nomad. Although years of hard living had withered his youthful voice and looks, many considered his output from this period to be among the best of his career.

Just weeks after delivering a lauded performance with the NDR Big Band and Hannover Radio Orchestra, Chet Baker was found dead outside his Amsterdam hotel in the early hours of May 13, 1988. His second-floor room window was open and drugs were found in his system, although it was never known whether his death was accidental or not.

In subsequent years, the release of Baker’s unfinished memoirs, As Though I Had Wings (1997) and James Gavin’s Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker (2002), provided details of the jazz icon’s troubled but memorable life and career. In March 2016 the Chet Baker biopic Born to Be Blue was released, starring Ethan Hawke in the role of the troubled jazz man.

Gods of Music – Sound Without Time!
Soul – Jazz – Blues – Funk – Pop

Listen to the Best Music of:
Etta James, Billie Holiday, Bill Evans, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Muddy Waters, Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, James Brown, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Harry Belafonte, Nat King Cole, Louis Prima, Duke Ellington, Elvis Presley, Count Basie, Little Walter, Herbie Hancock, Edith Piaf, Aretha Franklin, Charlie Parker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, B.B. King, Thelonious Monk, Howlin’ Wolf, Quincy Jones, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Paul Anka, John Coltrane, John Lee Hooker, Coleman Hawkins, Robert Johnson, Dean Martin, Oscar Peterson, George Gershwin, Ben E. King, Hank Williams, Benny Goodman, Art Tatum, Big Joe Turner, Bing Crosby, Jimmie Rodgers, Mamie Smith, Ma Rainey, Dave Brubeck, Mahalia Jackson, Fats Domino, Marvin Gaye, Bud Powell, Sonny Rollins, Tony Bennett… and many others!

George Baker Selection – Una paloma blanca

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Voor een ontspannen gevoel en nieuwe energie.

Is een effectieve therapie tegen stress, gespannenheid, vermoeidheid en burn-out
Werkt preventief
Is inzetbaar bij schouder, nek -en rugklachten
Werkt ondersteunend bij geestelijke klachten
Geeft goede resultaten bij darm -en maagklachten
Helpt bij hoofdpijn/migraine
Werkt ondersteunend bij hormonale disbalans
Werkt ondersteunend tijdens en na de zwangerschap

Tyler Baker Preaches Works (Valiant Baptist Church)

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Tyler Baker of Valiant Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL preaches works salvation; he says that it’s “not enough” to just believe the Gospel — that in addition to having faith, that you must do two things (1) Verbally confess with your mouth and pray the sinner’s prayer and (2) not be ashamed of the Gospel and professing Jesus publicly.

In addition to preaching works, Tyler Baker also says that a Christian cannot go soul winning or preach the Gospel to the lost without authorization from their local church.

This all adds up to the perfect recipe for not a church, but a cult, centered around heretical false teaching, works salvation mixed with habitual railing, venomous hatred, and slanderous lies from behind the pulpit.

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The Worship Boat with Heidi Baker & Sean Feucht

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Heidi Baker and Sean Feucht take a team of worshippers from America and Africa to release God’s presence among the unreached islands off the coast of Mozambique.
Visit, or for more info!

“The Outsiders” cover by Chris Baker

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This is my cover of “The Outsiders” by NeedToBreathe. If you have not heard of them, go look them up. They are one of the most amazing bands I have ever seen and highly recommend them to everyone! This is a really cool song by them and I hope you all like it. Thanks to Daniel Park, Rein Garcia, and Matt Morgan in the filming and backup singing in this video. It is downtown Las Cruces at the outdoor market on a Saturday morning.

The Storm is Passing Over arr. Barbara W. Baker

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Music Sunday, May 11, 2014 at First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska. The Alleluia (K-2nd), Choristers (3rd-5th), Chorale (6th-12th), Te Deum, Cantorei, Plymouth Choir, Plymouth Ringers, Plymouth Brass Quintet, Summit Strings, Conductor Tom Trenney, Organist Christopher Marks.