Where Did We Come From? | David – Austin, TX | Atheist Experience #475

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The Atheist Experience #475 for November 19, 2006 with Matt Dillahunty and Jeff Dee.

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We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.


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Buddy Guy on Austin City Limits “Nine Below Zero”

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Buddy Guy’s brand new episode premieres February 2, 2019 on PBS. Check your local listings.

About the Episode
Thrill to an hour of blues and hip-hop with Buddy Guy and August Greene. Blues legend Guy plays hits and songs from his latest album The Blues is Alive and Well. Hip-hop supergroup August Greene performs songs from its self-titled debut.

About Austin City Limits
Austin City Limits (ACL) offers viewers unparalleled access to featured acts in an intimate setting that provides a platform for artists to deliver inspired, memorable, full-length performances. The program is taped live before a concert audience from The Moody Theater in downtown Austin. ACL is the longest-running music series in American television history and remains the only TV series to ever be awarded the National Medal of Arts. Since its inception, the groundbreaking music series has become an institution that’s helped secure Austin’s reputation as the Live Music Capital of the World. The historic KLRU Studio 6A, home to 36 years of ACL concerts, has been designated an official Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Landmark. In 2011, ACL moved to the new venue ACL Live at The Moody Theater in downtown Austin. ACL received a rare institutional Peabody Award for excellence and outstanding achievement in 2012. Austin City Limits is produced by KLRU-TV and funding is provided in part by Dell, American Airlines, the Austin Convention Center Department and Cirrus Logic. Additional funding is provided by the Friends of Austin City Limits. Learn more about Austin City Limits, programming and history at acltv.com.

Chinese New Year 2019 Lion Dance l 20,000 Firecrackers! l Epic Stunts and Roof Climbing l Austin, Tx

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Here is me and my amazing team from Austin, Tx performing for Chinese New Years! We are the Summitt Lion/Dragon Dance Team.
Filmed by : Juan Torres
We work very hard all year long and this is one of our favorite places to perform.
I hope you enjoy this as much as we did participating in this amazing event!
Happy Chinese New Years! 2019 Year of the Pig!

JERRY JEFF WALKER – “Gettin By” (Live in Austin, TX 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

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Jerry Jeff Walker — “Gettin By” live in Austin, TX 2014 with Jam in the Van.

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*** About Jam in the Van***
Jam in the Van ==== Where music takes a whole new road.
We will be traveling anywhere accessible by road to find and record intimate musical experience’s for our fans. If you are interested in our cause let us know.

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*** Credits ***
Artists: Jerry Jeff Walker
Director of Photography: Dave Yeaman
Camera Operator: Chris Shashaty
Recording Engineer: Jacob LaCally
Post Production by: Joel Moody
Created & Produced by Jam in the Van, LLC
Music by: Jerry Jeff Walker

Taylor Kitsch shares his favorite thing about Austin

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Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.. or can you? Austin After Hours host Taylor Ellison challenges Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch to a friendly round of “Which Taylor Would?” See who’s living life the Lone Star way and hear about his new movie American Assassin, hitting theaters September 15th.

Nystedt | If You Receive My Words | Austin Cantorum

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Live video recording of Austin Cantorum singing Knut Nystedt’s If You Receive My Words.

Performed live at St. Louis King of France Catholic Church – Austin, TX
October 7, 2017

Austin Cantorum
Cristian Cantu, Artistic Director
Brian Kennell, Video Engineer
William Konitzer, Audio Engineer

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Balloon Combo Bouncer | sandismoonwalk.com | Austin, TX

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Balloon Combo Bouncer | sandismoonwalk.com | Austin, TX

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your kids in the balloon combo bouncer from Sandismoonwalk.com! Just kidding. Seriously, your kids will have a blast (and you might too) when you rent the balloon combo bounce house from Sandi’s Moonwalks & More right here in beautiful Austin, Texas. We deliver too, so don’t be shy, give us a try!

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Are you thinking of renting inflatables for parties, bounce water slide rentals, or even bouncy castle rentals? Maybe you want a bounce house party rental company to do all the work for you! Sandi’s Moonwalks & Event Rentals covers all your event needs, from birthday parties to house parties to BBQ on a Sunday after church parties.
We will even handle large-scale festivals! Sandi’s Moonwalks can supply inflatable rentals to local churches and schools for parties, or even company picnics.

Located in Austin, Texas we service the surrounding suburbs in the greater Austin area and have done so for over 17 years. If you live in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, Hutto, Taylor, Manor, or anywhere nearby we are already the best inflatable moonwalk rental company for your needs. If you live in Kyle, Buda, Del Valle, Liberty Hill, or another area unmentioned, we still want to be your premier choice when you think of inflatable bouncy castles for only a small delivery fee.

We also love hard on our military veterans, teachers, and first responders such as our police and the local fireman so be sure to consider that when hiring your bounce house rental experts.

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Austin CFC Zac Poonen conf 2018 – Part 6 – You cannot Serve God and Earthly Wealth

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Austin CFC
Zac Poonen Conference
June 9 & 10, 2018
– Jesus Our Forerunner –
Part 6 – You cannot Serve God and Earthly Wealth

BVOVN: Austin & Morgan Crank | Life Changing Testimony

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Hi we’re Austin and Morgan Crank from Faith Church. You know the Believer’s Voice of Victory Network has been so monumental just helping build our faith, hearing 24 hours of uncompromised word of faith. Has it helped us in our marriage? Our lives? We’ve heard things from people in our congregation, just not only as a young couple in our 20s but also in our young adult friends as well. That’s right, a young professional of ours just recently was traveling, he’s in medical sales, and he went to Portland Oregon, where he was talking with a doctor and what do you know they start talking about their faith. And while they were talking about their faith he said, “Where do you go to church?” He said, “Well I got to Faith Church in Saint Louis Missouri.” And he said, “No way!’ ‘I love the Cranks”! And he said, “How do you know them? Well I always watched them on the Believers Voice of Victory Network. And now they speak to me all the time, their one of my favorites. You know, what I love about that story too, he says not only do I watch it every single day, I tell every single one of my patients to watch that network. Partner with BVOVN Network it’s gonna help you, it’s gonna bless you. Not only our lives but it will do the same exact thing for your life.

The Believer’s Voice of Victory Network provides 24/7 live streaming of programs that include Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland, Andrew Wommack, Creflo Dollar, Bill Winston, Keith Moor, Joel Osteen, Mac Hammond, Keith Butler, Billye Brim, Jeremy Pearsons, George Pearsons, Teri Pearsons, Butch Bruton, Mark Hankins, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Mike Camenti, David Crank, Nicole Crankd Gary Keese and more!

Runestad | Let My Love Be Heard | Austin Cantorum

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Live video recording of Austin Cantorum singing Jake Runestad’s Let My Love Be Heard.

Performed live at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church – Austin, TX
December 15

Austin Cantorum
Cristian Cantu, Artistic Director
Brian and Michel Kennell, Video Editors
William Konitzer, Audio Engineer

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