Kirby’s Augusta – The Haunted Pillar – Augusta Cyclone Storm – Broad Street Market – Cursed Monument

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In 1878 a rare and destructive cyclone hit downtown Augusta, Georgia. It crumbled many of the buildings and wiped out most of the railroad. When it hit the old market on Broad Street it was said to have “lifted it up and dropped it down in pieces.” Today, all that remains is one pillar from that market. It is at the intersection of 5th and Broad Street. It is said to be haunted too. In fact, before the cyclone hit in 1878, a traveling preacher was angered because he was not allowed to preach at the market. He then cursed the market and promised of a horrible wind. Well, the cyclone came and now it is said the pillar is haunted. If you touch it you will die. Well, not really. But Bill Kirby tries out this theory.

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ISOC in Augusta GA: Hebrew Israelites must ALWAYS be FAITHFUL to The Holy Spirit & stay in THE TRUTH

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Israelites Saints of Christ
Camp Leader in Augusta GA:
Elder Azariyah

“Shabbat Shalom Israelites!
Stay in THE TRUTH and never give up the fight of faith!”

Kirby’s Augusta – Rev. C.T. Walker: No Shortage of Spirit

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You can make a pretty good case that the best preacher Augusta ever had was a short former slave who started life as an orphan.
But the life and success of the Rev. C.T. Walker demonstrates oh so well that the Lord can get the most out of many who start out with the least.

Charles Thomas Walker was born a slave in Hephzibah in 1858. His father died the day before was born and his mother passed away before he reached age 10.
That didn’t stop him.
Using the Christian church and his family for support, Walker moved on with his education at schools set up for the children of former slaves.
It wasn’t long before his calling to become a minister displaced other ambitions. He entered Augusta Institute – which later moved to Atlanta to become Morehouse College – for ministerial training.
A small man, 5 feet 6 inches – Walker was big in the pulpit, quickly gaining a reputation for oratory.

After preaching three years in LaGrange, Ga., Walker returned to Augusta in 1883. In 1885, then 27, he helped organize Tabernacle Baptist Church, one of the most influential churches to be founded in Augusta.

Walker not only saved souls, he informed them. He began one of Augusta’s first minority newspapers, Augusta Sentinel, in 1884.
Dr. Walker’s opposition to the “separate but equal” status of American blacks became more pronounced after his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1891.
On his return to America, Dr. Walker wrote about the irony of an already burgeoning immigrant class that seemed to outdo blacks born in the United States.
“These very people come to America to supersede the Negro and to boss him!” he wrote.

The frustration of watching poor, white immigrants succeeding where blacks failed because of racism became a recurring theme in Dr. Walker’s talks after he moved to New York City to be pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church in 1899.
By 1900, Dr. Walker boldly declared blacks could not hope to escape the evil of racism by migrating North.
“It was a mistake for blacks to leave the South, since prejudice was national and not sectional,” he said.

During a speech the same year at New York’s Carnegie Hall, the minister outlined the state of African-American affairs.
“The Negro is an American citizen,” declared the minister to an audience of 8,000. “The amendment to the Constitution did not make us men; God made us men before man made us citizens!”
Such radical turn-of-the century views conflicted with the cautious approach prescribed by the more conservative Booker T. Washington.
Yet the minister continued, mingling his message of equality with converting souls to Jesus Christ. According to newspaper accounts of the time, dozens, sometimes hundreds, at a time would heed the call to change their lives in respect of God.
One, John D. Rockefeller, one of the most influential if not richest men in America, loved to hear him preach.

Returning to Augusta in 1901, the minister continued his missionary work of education and compassion, strengthening opportunities for black children and offering a voice for the voiceless.

In 1909, Dr. Walker was asked to introduce President-elect William Howard Taft at the YMCA the minister founded on Ninth Street.
Such would become the legend of Dr. Walker before his death at age 63 in 1921. Today, through Tabernacle Baptist Church – the center of Augusta’s fledgling civil rights efforts – and C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet School, that work continues.

When he died in 1921, The New York Times reported his death with sympathy and praise.
Almost a century later, Augusta honors him with the name of magnet school of exceptional young students.
What better way to serve our community’s future?

Daniel Bardier testimonial. Best MMA gym in Augusta GA, Greubel’s MMA!

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Testimonial from Greubel’s MMA member Daniel Bardier. Daniel’s experience with the quality of training he recieived at Greubel’s MMA, the best MMA gym in Augusta/Evans GA area.

Feminist & Racist PERSECUTION continues in Augusta GA against God’s People: True HEBREW ISRAELITES!

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We are oppressed in America because we’re HEBREW ISRAELITES: The chosen Remnant seed (Zechariah 2) -of AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH (Exodus 3:14) The Great “I AM”!
Black on black crime is prophecied many times in Bible Scripture! Like in Book of Matthew Chapter 24! Black people have and will continue to be their OWN worst enemies!!! That’s why The Most High is only dealing with a remnant of His people (Zechariah chapter 2)!!

Commercial Property For Sale: 2335 Lumpkin Road, Augusta, GA 30906 | CENTURY 21

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For more information visit

2335 Lumpkin Road
Augusta, GA 30906
MLS 431225

Building Area: 2290 Sq. Ft.


Contact Agent:
Mary Williams
Jeff Keller Realty

Prophet Brian Carn in Augusta GA 8/13/2016

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Prophet Brian Carn in Augusta GA 8/13/2016.

Prophet Brian Carn in Augusta GA 8/13/2016. Prophet Brian Carn – Word of Restoration – 8/13/2016. This is an important Clarion Call tonight at 8pm (EST) on .

Experiencing Trouble – Prophet Brian Carn (10/15/2016)

Prophet Brian Carn in Augusta GA 8/13/2016.

Prophet Brian Carn in Augusta GA 8/13/2016.

Apostle Darryl McCoy Tent Revival Augusta Ga Friday Night LIVE! Living not in Vain

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Final Night of Tent Crusade 2016 in Augusta, Ga! The Apostle preached his heart and soul to the people of God! Follow the ministry @TrumpTv

Qam YASHARALAH! The ISOC in Augusta GA: Hebrew Israelite Committed to The Most High & The Holy Ghost

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Totally committed to The Most High, Christ, and The Holy Spirit for all eternity!!!
(John 3 and Galatians 5).

Israelites Saints of Christ
Camp Leader in Augusta GA:
Elder Azariyah

“Shabbat Shalom Israelites!
Stay in THE TRUTH and never give up the fight of faith!”

Qam Yasharalah!
Hear O Israel The Lord Our Elohym is ONE!!! (Deuteronomy 4-6).

Read Ecclesiasticus Chapter 2
For edification and inspiration!

Racism at Cricket Wireless store! Exposed by HEBREW ISRAELITES in Augusta GA: Men of God under fire!

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Men of God are being persecuted more and more in America due to degenerate men & women, racists, homosexuals, feminists, uncle toms, and all other reprobates! Biblical Truths and prophecy are being fulfilled everyday! Racism in America under Donald Trump’s Administration is definitely getting worse targeting Hebrew Israelites who are the Remnant of God!
What happened with Racist businesses nationwide like Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza was NOT an isolated event! Racism, feminism, homosexuality, corporate injustice against minorities, black on black crime, and police corruption are plagues on society and are aimed at THE REAL CHILDREN OF ISRAEL! Beware our brothers and sisters and turn to the Most High God of Israel, fast & pray, and trust in His Holy Spirit!
Racism and religious persecution against The Real Jews and “Christians”: Hebrew Israelites in America are getting worse because WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD (Deuteronomy 28-32)! And wicked and corrupt cities like Augusta & Evans Georgia are no exception to the rule!! Read Joel chapter 3 and Lamentations chapter 5!