Durham City Council Aug 6, 2018

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To view the agenda visit
Call to Order starts at 2:14
Moment of Silent Meditation starts at 2:35
Pledge of Allegiance starts at 2:56
Roll Call starts at 3:29
Breastfeeding Awareness Week Proclamation starts at 3:56
8. Resolution of the City of Durham in Support of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) start at 8:58 (voted on as part of the Consent Agenda)
Announcements by Council starts at 14:24
Priority Items by the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk starts at 18:02
Consent Agenda starts at 19:04
2. Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee – Appointments starts at 22:15
5. Audit Services Oversight Committee – Appointment starts at 24:48
23. Resolution Approving the Issuance by the Public Finance Authority of its Education Revenue Bonds (Excelsior Classical Academy) Series 2018 starts at 25:53
24. Zoning Map Change – 5123 Chin Page Road starts at 1:16:41
25. Boone Street Closing starts at 1:24:34
26. Case Street Closing starts at 1:30:33
27. Zoning Map Change – Rollingdale starts at 1:35:52
28. Durham Belt Line Trail Master Plan starts at 2:42:07
33. Consolidated Annexation Item – Garrett Road starts at 4:31:58
10. Contract for Neighborhood Bicycle Routes Design (TIP # C-5605I) starts at 4:47:27
12. Durham Belt Line (EB-5904) Supplemental Municipal Agreement starts at 4:49:29


Sun. Service 12th Aug. 2018, Live With Apostle Johnson Suleman

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Chuck Berry – Memphis Tennessee (The London Rock N Roll Show, Wembley Stadium Aug 5, 1972)

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Chuck Berry (Charles Edward Anderson Berry – born Oct. 18, 1926, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.) singer, songwriter, and guitarist who was one of the most popular and influential performers in rhythm-and-blues and rock-and-roll music in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Raised in a working-class African-American neighbourhood on the north side of the highly segregated city of St. Louis, Berry grew up in a family proud of its African-American and Native-American ancestry. He gained early exposure to music through his family’s participation in the choir of the Antioch Baptist Church, through the blues and country-western music he heard on the radio, and through music classes, especially at Sumner High School. Berry was still attending high school when he was sent to serve three years for armed robbery at a Missouri prison for young offenders. After his release and return to St. Louis, he worked at an auto plant, studied hairdressing, and played music in small nightclubs. Berry traveled to Chicago in search of a recording contract; Muddy Waters directed him to the Chess brothers. Leonard and Phil Chess signed him for their Chess label, and in 1955 his first recording session produced Maybellene (a country-and-western-influenced song that Berry had originally titled Ida Red), which stayed on the pop charts for 11 weeks, cresting at number five. Berry followed this success with extensive tours and hit after hit, including Roll Over Beethoven (1956), School Day (1957), Rock and Roll Music (1957), Sweet Little Sixteen (1958), Johnny B. Goode (1958), and Reelin’ and Rockin’ (1958). His vivid descriptions of consumer culture and teenage life, the distinctive sounds he coaxed from his guitar, and the rhythmic and melodic virtuosity of his piano player (Johnny Johnson) made Berry’s songs staples in the repertoire of almost every rock-and-roll band.

At the peak of his popularity, federal authorities prosecuted Berry for violating the Mann Act, alleging that he transported an underage female across state lines for immoral purposes. After two trials tainted by racist overtones, Berry was convicted and remanded to prison. Upon his release he placed new hits on the pop charts, including No Particular Place to Go in 1964, at the height of the British Invasion, whose prime movers, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, were hugely influenced by Berry (as were the Beach Boys). In 1972 Berry achieved his first number one hit, My Ding-A-Ling. Although he recorded more sporadically in the 1970s and ’80s, he continued to appear in concert, most often performing with backing bands comprising local musicians. Berry’s public visibility increased in 1987 with the publication of his book Chuck Berry: The Autobiography and the release of the documentary film Hail! Hail! Rock n’ Roll, featuring footage from his 60th birthday concert and guest appearances by Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen.

Berry is undeniably one of the most influential figures in the history of rock music. In helping to create rock and roll from the crucible of rhythm and blues, he combined clever lyrics, distinctive guitar sounds, boogie-woogie rhythms, precise diction, an astounding stage show, and musical devices characteristic of country-western music and the blues in his many best-selling single records and albums. A distinctive if not technically dazzling guitarist, Berry used electronic effects to replicate the ringing sounds of bottleneck blues guitarists in his recordings. He drew upon a broad range of musical genres in his compositions, displaying an especially strong interest in Caribbean music on Havana Moon (1957) and Man and the Donkey (1963), among others. Influenced by a wide variety of artists—including guitar players Carl Hogan, Charlie Christian, and T-Bone Walker and vocalists Nat King Cole, Louis Jordan, and Charles Brown—Berry played a major role in broadening the appeal of rhythm-and-blues music during the 1950s. He fashioned his lyrics to appeal to the growing teenage market by presenting vivid and humorous descriptions of high-school life, teen dances, and consumer culture. His recordings serve as a rich repository of the core lyrical and musical building blocks of rock and roll. In addition to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Linda Ronstadt, and a multitude of significant popular-music performers have recorded Berry’s songs.


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Fort Worth Soul Winning Marathon (Aug 28-30)

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Here is the link to thousands more sermons from Pastor Anderson:

To get hard copies of Pastor Anderson’s preaching (CDs, DVDs, USBs, etc), come by Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ, to pick up FREE copies. You can also purchase copies online from a third party “Framing the World:”


President Trump and First Lady arrive in Corpus Christi TX to survey Hurricane Harvey Aug 29, 2017.

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President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrives in Corpus Christi Texas to survey Hurricane Harvey damage Aug 29, 2017.

President Trump and First Lady arrive in Corpus Christi to survey Hurricane Harvey Aug 29, 2017.
Trumps to visit Corpus Christi, Austin. President Trump and First Lady arrive in Texas. Trumps to visit in Texas. 8/29/17. Trump: Arrives In Texas After Hurricane Harvey Flooding. Donald Trump in Texas to Survey Harvey Damage (Full video). President Trump visit flood-ravaged Texas. President Trump tours Texas flooding from Harvey aftermath. President Trump in Corpus Christi: ‘We won’t say congratulations’ yet. President Donald Trump & First Lady Melania Trump Arrive in Texas. 8/29/17.

Quo Vadis Gypsy choir from Romania, at Brooklyn Tabernacle church (New York Aug 2016)

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@QuoVadisMusicClassic The Quo Vadis Gypsy choir from Boldesti-Scaeni, PH, Romania, while singing “Worthy is The Lamb” at Brooklyn Tabernacle church in New York City.

Quo Vadis Music Choir Eduard Teodorescu Muzica Crestina Corul robilor Hallelujah chorus

BridgeWay Church | Denver | Aug 05, 2018 Pastor Peter Young

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“Passionately touching heaven, Significantly changing earth.”
5201 E Warren Ave, Denver, CO 80222 | 303.695.8400
Senior Leader: Pastor Peter Young
9:30a Sundays | 10a Children’s Ministry Check-In closes | 1st Sunday Communion
YouTube Channel: BridgeWay Church Denver | LiveStream has Chat

Army Green Beret Funeral for SFC Alex Granado – Aug. 2009

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Army Sgt. 1st Class Alejandro “Alex” Granado – Honored Military Hero, 42, of Fairfax, VA., died from wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device Aug. 2 in Qole Gerdsar, Afghanistan.

He was a member of the Mississippi Army National Guard, and assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Jackson, Miss. He served for more than twenty years.

Granado was home last month and visited his family over the 4th of July holiday. There is no doubt of the family’s pride of one of their own. His nephew Johnny was quoted, “Were real proud of him, he was one of the bravest men I knew. I always looked up to him you have to look up to somebody like that.”

This video is a tribute in his honor. His interment services were held Aug. 10, 2009 in Tatum, TX. Crowds of people began arriving shortly before 5:00 pm. Many came equipped with umbrellas to help endure the 101˚ heat index. Whiles others came waving small American flags.

Once the procession, escorted by the PGR of North Texas, arrived approximately 600 people had gathered to bid a farewell to fallen American Hero. Army representatives from Ft. Bragg performed a military funeral with precision and flawless execution. Church bells and a Texas size bell rang out in honor of Granado. He was given a three round volley salute and a bugler played TAPS. Four flags were presented to his family.

In the end, the family said their final goodbyes, as a small group of singers accompanied by a guitar, performed several Spanish Christian Hymns to help console the grief stricken. After mourners offered words of sympathy to the family they began to file out of the cemetery.

Seven Spanish Angels
By: Ray Charles
Special thanks to:
Granado family
Patriot Guard Riders of East Texas
David – Liberty Bell Ringer
Tatum citizens

Sun. Service, 19th Aug., 2018. Live, With Apostle Johnson Suleman

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Amazing Mosque Open House coming to IFN Mosque for Neighbors – Aug 19 2017

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You are invited to our Mosque’s Open House at the Islamic Foundation North Mosque.
Your Muslim neighbors invite you to a Mosque Open on Saturday, Aug. 19th, from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm
Address: 1751 S. O’Plaine Road, Libertyville, IL
Click below to RSVP

An invitation to promote harmony and peace in the society. In an age of fear, hate, and Islamophobia, it’s crucial for neighbors to come together, form alliances and work for a better society.
You and your family are invited to a Mosque Open House which is FREE for the community.
1. Social hour: meet your Muslim neighbor
2. Tour of the Mosque
3. Islamic Artifact table
4. Henna Design for ladies
5. Face painting for kids
6. Listen to the Quran booth.
7. An Engaging Presentation: ISLAM 101
8. Ample time to ask questions
9. Delicious ethnic food
Text or Call: 312-796-9444

This open house is a joint venture between the Islamic Foundation North and co-sponsored by GainPeace, ICNA and WhyIslam.
So, come on over, to the Mosque Open House. Meet Your Muslim Neighbors. Let’s work together for a better society. Friends, families, youth, churches, synagogues, temples, businesses, all welcome! PLEASE SHARE WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND NEIGHBORS. Thank you.