ACA P-50 siren test, Pumping Station Park, Milwaukee, WI (Alert & Attack)

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This is the monthly test of the Milwaukee County tornado siren system. The siren shown is the ACA P-50 at Pumping Station Park in Milwaukee, WI. It sounded a minute and a half of alert, then went straight into 4 cycles of attack. The cycles were much longer than normal, which leads me to believe it was the “Fire” cycle. Regardless, it was a successful test. This siren previously had rotator issues, but is in perfect working order today. I met up with Sirens of SE WI to record this video, so be sure to go check out his page and videos! Like, comment, subscribe, enjoy! Map of Milwaukee County’s siren locations. Sirens are tested on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at noon, year round.

Unbiblical Attack on Kavanaugh! Beto O’Rourke Bad for Texas (Lockwood)

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GUEST: Bill Lockwood | Twitter
The Bible says that accusations should come by two or more witnesses. Democrats say, “I believe her!” Guilty until proven innocent! Democrats are cold-hearted, calculating, evil people! No conscience. Congress has a slush fund of taxpayer funded money to protect them from sexual allegations with settlements! Martha MacCallum Fox News interview: Brett Kavanaugh was a virgin through all the years in question! (Lockwood tells kids that never touched nor tried marijuana or any drug like that! They don’t believe him.) Jesse doubts that the “attempted rape” accuser, woman Christine Blasey Ford, will testify! President Trump is probably frustrated at the weak RINO Republicans giving in to the godless Democrats’ demands even when we have control.

Blog post: Soros-funded “Beto” O’Rourke: Wrong for Texas; Wrong for America. Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) is funded by George Soros, is anti-freedom, and is for socialism (“healthcare”), illegal immigration, high taxes, abortion, etc.

Why is Beto O’Rourke even close to beating Ted Cruz? Bill Lockwood talks about atheist, socialist immigrants and white kids. Our values are sliding. Whites have self-loathing, pretending they’re black or another race — corrupt people love the corruptor, and hate the people they once loved. Biblical Question: Does God love you as you are?

Originally aired Tuesday, Sep 25, Hour 1, segment 1-2


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Man indicted in fatal Springdale attack that killed 1, wounded 4

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Akihiko Clayton was indicted on 2 counts of aggravated murder,1 count of aggravated burglary, 1 count of aggravated robbery, 4 counts of attempt murder and 8 counts of felonious assault. Subscribe to WLWT on YouTube now for more:

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Blacks Attack Whites in Milwaukee, Threaten & Follow “White” Reporters, Shoot 18-y-o White Kid

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Sources: (WND / Paul Joseph Watson) Milwaukee madness: White people ‘hunted’ for attacks
(Hot Air / Tim Pool) Reporter: I’m leaving Milwaukee because white people are being threatened and attacked

Black agitators in Milwaukee threatened, chased, hunted, attacked, assaulted, and shot white people after a black cop killed armed black thug Sylville Smith (who was carrying a stolen gun) the other weekend. Blacks video recorded themselves shouting, “They’re beating up every white person…. He white! Beat his a**!” A mixed-Korean journalist Tim Pool left Milwaukee because he “looks white” to blacks, after seeing a white 18-year-old local shot in the neck by a black, seeing the attacks on whites and anti-white threats and hate speech, like “F*** white people!”

The young man who was shot was dropping off a friend after attending the Wisconsin State Fair, saw the live crowds and decided to see what was happening; he witnessed blacks throwing bricks and objects at police, but did not think the “protestors” (rioters) were attacking other civilians.

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OBDM668 – Top Fake News of 2018 | NYC Lights in the Sky : UFO | Electric Grid Attack

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#### TOP FAKE NEWS 2018 ####

Blue light in the sky over NYC was ‘not aliens’: officials

Kenner NOLA : Electrical explosion, sparks light up Kenner sky : Great Video


Lionel Nation: UFOs Invade NYC | EBEs Light Up Night Sky | Media Deny Bright Blue ET Lights | Blame “Transformer”

Mile wide UFO with multi colored lights causes electrical damage and destruction over Louisiana

## UFO and the Electric Grid ##


## 2003 Blackout : UFO over NYC ##
UFO Caught On TV During the 2003 Power Outage (Fox News) (1/2)

Start prepping! Electric grid ‘prime target’ of terrorists, ‘profound threat,’ says council

Ring me up Video:

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France church attack: ISIS terrorists shot after ruthlessly slitting priest’s throat

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A pair of jihadists murdered a parish priest in northern France on Tuesday, despite one of the attackers reportedly being under tight surveillance.

Agence France-Presse reports that two men stormed a Catholic Church in Normandy’s Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday as mass was ending.

The attackers, armed with knives, took three nuns and two churchgoers hostage. They then forced Jacque Hamel, an 86-year-old priest, to kneel in front of the altar.

Sister Danielle, one of the nuns taken hostage, told the BBC that the attackers were recording the scene and preached in Arabic before slitting the priest’s throat, killing him. Meanwhile, another hostage was gravely injured after sustaining stab wounds to the throat and hip.

The nun said she managed to escape and notify police during the attack on Hamel.

French police tried to negotiate with the attackers through a small lateral door, but were unable to storm the building as the terrorists made the three hostages line up against the church door, blocking it.

When the doors were opened, the hostages fled and the terrorists exited the church, with one brandishing a handgun.

The two assailants were shot to death. They were found with knives, fake bombs covered in tinfoil and a foil-clad kitchen timer, according to CNN.

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Spencer Stone: France Train Attack Hero Talks Fate, Paris Attacks | TODAY

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U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Spencer Stone helped stop a terror attack on a French train in August. In October, he survived a stabbing in Sacramento, California, and he’ll return to active duty soon. Today, Stone is in New York to accept the U.S.O.’s George Van Cleave Military Leadership Award. He speaks with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about his recovery and accolades, and the recent terror attacks by ISIS in Paris.
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Spencer Stone: France Train Attack Hero Talks Fate, Paris Attacks | TODAY

Prophecy of A NUCLEAR Attack Coming To Columbus OHIO

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A Prophecy of a Nuclear Attack on the State of Ohio
(Messenger Gwendolen Song, February 20, 2018)

During the early morning hours of February 20, 2018, the LORD JESUS CHRIST began speaking to me concerning a very serious event that will rattle the state of Ohio, in particular, Columbus. In this conversation with the LORD, I was informed that there will be a multilevel attack on the United States soil. Please understand that I was only shown one of the states that will be affected, but the LORD has spoken to me and informed me there will be several states involved. This attack will involve factions from within the United States government but will be made to look like an attack from North Korea. There will be panic and pandemonium and there will be high-level government officials’ lives being brought into the public sector because the prophecies of the modern day church prophets have come to pass. These prophets will be sought after, hunted down like criminals, and many imprisoned for bringing forth the messages of the LORD.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST will protect His mighty end-time prophets during this persecution/prosecution process and allow His Holy Fire to emanate from within their vessels. He will elevate His prophets and allow them each to proclaim the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. End of conversation with the LORD

If you are an end time prophet or prophetess reading of this prophecy then you know what to do with it. Take it to your prayer time and allow the Holy Spirit to confirm its veracity. These are the days of Elijah the prophet. These are the days of the end times revival. We are in the last days and if you are not aware of this fact and you are calling yourself a prophet, then you must repent and seek the face of God for allowing your calling to be highjacked by the devil.

Repent everyone everywhere. Seek the LORD while He may be found. He is coming for a spotless bride-a bride who has readied herself and has immersed herself in the things of God. Wear your garments of holiness as you go about your everyday lives. Be ready as the wise virgins and go out into the highways and byways proclaiming the coming of the Messiah.

BREAKING USA soldier killed in Firefight Terrorist attack Somalia June 9 2018 News

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BREAKING USA soldier killed in Terrorist attack Somalia & China Hacks USA Navy Secrets June 9 2018

Breaking Trump G7 Summit Focus on America First Agenda Fair Trade June 9 2018

Breaking Trump G7 Summit Meeting Focus on America First Agenda Fair Trade June 9 2018 News

BREAKING Trump Hosts Ramadan says ISLAM great religion of peace clarity and love June 7 2018

BREAKING Trump celebrates Ramadan says ISLAM great religion of peace clarity and love June 7 2018

BREAKING NWO New World Order Forming G6+1 against USA Trump America First June 5 2018 News

BREAKING NWO New World Order Forming BRICS against USA Trump America First June 5 2018 News

BREAKING France Macron demands NWO New World Order Globalism open borders 2018 News

BREAKING USA soldier killed in Terrorist attack Somalia & China Hacks USA Navy Secrets June 9 2018

Breaking Islamic Iran Leader Khamenei says Israel cancerous tumor must be eradicated June 5 2018

BREAKING IRAN ISLAMIC Regime Chants Death to America over Trump Ending Iran Nuclear Deal May 2018

BREAKING Christian God VS Islam Allah End Times News Update June 2018

BREAKING NWO forming SCO June 2018 Shanghai Security Summit Russia China bolster Militarization

End Times News Bible Prophecy Last Days Deception in Churches June 2018

Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Rick Warren Joel Osteen Ecumenical Catholic Pope Interfaith Chrislam

Breaking Islamic Iran Leader Khamenei says Israel cancerous tumor must be eradicated June 4 2018

Bible Study Calvary Chapel Founder Chuck Smith Revelation Chapter 1

BREAKING Hawaii’s volcano Lava destroyed 2 communities hundreds oceanfront homes June 6 2018 News

Breaking Guatemala volcano Fuego massive eruption update 62+ killed June 3 2018 News

BREAKING China released images of new Dark Sword unmanned stealth fighter jet June 5 2018 News

BREAKING B52 Bombers fly to Spratly Islands Mattis challenges China Militarization June 4 2018

BREAKING Palestinian militants fired more than 100+ rockets from Gaza into Israel May 29 2018 News

Bible Prophecy What to Expect now June 2018 till the END comes on Earth as we know it

Final Hour Last Days End Times Bible Prophecy Chuck Missler Coming Great Tribulation

Breaking Flash Floods in Ellicott City Maryland Breaking News May 28 2018 News

BREAKING USA to Buy Israeli UNMANNED Military Nuclear Biological First Responder Vehicle June 3 2018

BREAKING Youtube CENSORING U2Bheavenbound Conservative Views HELP by Share videos March 2018

BREAKING Brian Brodersen Calvary Chapel Ravi Zacharias ECUMENICAL APOSTASY May 23 2018

AI Humanoids Artificial Intelligence vs Cyborg Transhumanism Revolution End Times News May 2018

Bible Prophecy wars leading to Armageddon last days End Times News

Final Hour End Times News Update Last Days Bible Prophecy UFO’s Aliens Fallen Angels Nephilim 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Arch Bishop says Quran Holy Book Islam Muslims R Brothers Sisters 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Pope Francis declares Atheists go to HEAVEN 2018 News

Pope Francis Catholic Church embraces outspoken Gay Priest

Mega Churches Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie False Teaching Rick Warren CONNECTIONS

Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades endorses unbiblical teachers purpose driven emergent Saddleback church founder Rick Warren

Flat Earth findings REVEALED

Las Vegas Shooting – Campos in Elevator – Edited Time Stamps – Route 91 Attack

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This video is examining the CCTV footage of Jesus Campos before the Las Vegas Shooting riding the elevators. MGM released footage to ABC showing the movements of Campos and for some reason they have edited out the real time stamp and added their own.
The 2017 Las Vegas shooting occurred October 1st, a Sunday night, when a crowd of over 20,000 concertgoers came under fire while attending the 2017 Route 91 Country Music Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. 58 people were left dead and 851 injured. Jason Aldean was on stage and was just about finished with his performance of his hit single, Any Ol Barstool at approximately 10:05PM PDT when the first shots of the this tragic event rang out. Once Mr. Aldean started his performance of his song, When She Says Baby, the shooter continued the assault with what sounded like automatic gunfire and lasted until approximately 10:15PM PDT. During this tragic massacre, the shooter fired an estimated 1,100 rounds from several different AR-15-style assault rifles upon the unsuspecting crowd. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has identified the shooter as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada who police say was firing from rooms 32134 and 32135 on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. Las Vegas Police have confirmed that approximately one hour after the last shots of the attack were heard, the Las Vegas Police Department made entry into room 32135 and the gunman was found dead on the floor of his suite from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. No other injuries were reported from the 32 floor of the hotel although the Las Vegas Police Department would later confirm that there was an accidental discharge from a member of the Police team that made entry into the rooms. The shooter’s motives remain unclear at this point in time.
The Las Vegas Shooting marks the deadliest mass shooting event committed in modern United States history. This event has heated up the debate over gun control in the United States and has brought much attention on a device called a “bump stock” which the shooter had installed on his rifles to allow his semi-automatic weapon to perform much like that of a military-grade, fully-automatic weapon.
The casualty statistics from this event are as follows: 36 women & 22 men were killed; 67 was the oldest aged victim and 20 years old was the youngest aged victim; 6 were from Nevada, 35 were from California, 13 from other states and 4 were from Canada; Of the 851 victims injured, 422 were from gunshots; This event bested the previous deadliest mass shooting by 9 victims. In 2016, Orlando’s Pulse nightclub was attacked where 49 victims were shot and killed.

Data & Music Sources:

ATTENTION LAS VEGAS SURVIVORS: Always know you have a place where you can have your story told on YouTube and remain in complete anonymity. My channel is YOUR channel and I will relay any message or video you might want to share with total discretion. I have worked with many survivors of this event and have proven my trustworthiness to all!!!! Contact me anytime.

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Email – [email protected]

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– The most comprehensive website for Las Vegas Shooting information on the net. Thanks Bob!!!!

Las Vegas Shooting Archive YouTube Channel – The best archive of all know videos from this event.

CO.AG Music – Background Music – Makes Excellent & Free Background Music

Charleston South Carolina Conspiracy A.M.E. Church Massacre: 2nd Amendment Attack – Trill Report

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South Carolina A.M.E. Church Shooting: 2nd Amendment Attack – Trill Report
Do not be fooled by the media. Yes what happened in South Carolina is an outrage and an American tragedy,but do not be misled to believe that gun control policy could have prevented this church shooting from happening. “Criminals” are not bound by the limits of the law and it is criminals that perpetrate such heinous acts of violence as what we saw in South Carolina. All gun control will accomplish is removing firearms from the hands of people that abide by the law. The “criminal” will continue to possess his gun as he does right now!