Justin Cunningham & Eddie Heyward giving lessons

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playin for b chase in lawton oklahoma

How To: Homeless in Atlanta

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Join Wesley as he spends the night in Atlanta, Ga. talking to homeless people.

Official 2016 Entry: Cause + Effect Film Festival (Athens, Ga.)

Zuri and Corbin: Wedding Film at First Congregational Church, Atlanta, Ga

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Wedding ceremony for Zuri and Corbin on 5.28.17
Wedding Ceremony held at The First Congregational Church, Atlanta, Ga
Reception held at The Commerce Club, Atlanta, Ga
Filmed and edited by: The Creative Impulses
Second camera: Cory Way

The Holy Spirit part 1 service in the Lords church Austin Tx

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Gypsies Feeding The Homeless!–Gypsy Church In Atlanta GA

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Gypsy Homeless Ministry Atlanta, Georgia