Follow Me Jesus Tempted

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By Pastor Andrew Castrova at Capital City Church, Madison, WI on September 30, 2018.

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At Capital City Church we build relationships not religion, come experience the difference. We are a multicultural family of servant missionaries sent to make disciples.

Sunday Church Parkour Demonstration at Evangle Assembly of God Wichita kansas

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Me (Christopher Breshears) and a friend doing parkour in childrens church to show that you have to trust the lord so that he can flip your life around from the lowest of lows.

I do not own the song that is being played in the background

Laredo First Assembly of God – Crosspointe Church Architects

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30,000 sf new construction with worship for 1,000, huge lobby with welcome center, ministry concourse with four ministry booths, a Starbucks cafe, and a bookstore. Steve Upham of Crosspointe Church Architects is the architect.