DL Pastor Arrested for Having $ex With 3 Male Inmates at Virginia Jail

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Illegal immigrant arrested for involvement in hit-and-run crash

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An illegal immigrant is behind bars Thursday night after Omaha police said he fled the scene of a hit-and-run crash on Feb. 4.
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Black Man Canvassing For GOP Candidate Arrested For Being In A White Neighborhood

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A Black man believes he was racially profiled after an Iowa police officer arrested him while he was out campaigning for a GOP congressman ahead of last week’s midterm elections.

Keilon Hill, a Baton Rouge native, said he was out knocking on doors for Rep. David Young (R-Iowa) in West Des Moines on Oct. 29 when the incident unfolded

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AZ Pediatrician Emilio Luna Arrested Child Pornography, Pre-Adolescent Tots – Arizona Mexico

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Sept 13. FBI: Sun City Pediatrician Child Porn Case Flees; May be headed to Arizona Texas California Illinois or hometown Zacatecas Mexico. Alias: Emilio Luna Del Real. AMW:
Photo: + article at

Federal authorities concerned that Dr. Luna may be in possession of a large sum of money, giving him the wherewithal to travel even greater distances

Sept 14, 2010. Arizona Pediatrician Indicted on Federal Child Porn Charges Fled House Arrest, On the Run. Dr Emilio Luna, 40, is accused of sharing sexually explicit images of children on the Internet. He was arrested Sept. 7 and placed under house arrest. However, he was allowed to attend church services Sunday while wearing a court-ordered electronic monitoring device. Police found that device along w bolt cutters on Sept. 13 inside Luna’s car parked outside the Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in Glendale, Arizona.
The FBI says that Luna may have fled to his hometown of Zacatecas, Mexico. The physician has homes in Illinois, Texas and California.


Dr. Emilio Luna, the west Phoenix pediatrician accused of distributing child porn on a public file-sharing system, was the only one who had used his laptop computer, federal agents allege. A complaint filed by agents in court gives more details as to why Luna was arrested, and what kinds of photos he was freely offering the world from his computer.
Luna, who has also worked in El Paso, lives at home with his elderly parents in the 10700 block of West Peoria Avenue in Sun City, states the complaint obtained by New Times. When agents went to the house this week, they found that Luna’s father has dementia and his mother, a Spanish speaker, has no idea how to use a computer.
The investigation began in June when FBI agent Rajiv Patel signed onto GigaTribe and spot-checked other users on the system. He noticed that someone using the handle “Speeedi69” was sharing a massive amount of data, 10,000 files totaling 920 gigabytes, so Patel browsed some of the shared images and spotted the child porn. He selected 15 of the images and downloaded them to his computer.
Five of the images are described in the complaint. All five involved pre-adolescent boys engaged in sexual poses; in three cases, adult men are in the pictures, too.
Authorities aren’t sure if any of the kids in the pictures were patients of Luna’s

Phoenix pediatrician Emilio Luna has been charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office with distributing thousands of child porn photos into an online, public file-sharing system. Luna is 40, lives in Sun City, + arrested on Wednesday. We probably shouldn’t be surprised that a pediatrician might dig child porn after years of stories about child-molesting priests, daycare workers and teachers. But somehow, the idea of a doctor for kids being turned on by his work creeps the hell out of us. Three addresses show up for Dr. Luna – 8410 West Thomas Road, 3802 North 53rd Avenue Suite 160 and 4137 North 108th Avenue, all in Phoenix. The latter address is that of Desert Valley Pediatrics, we learn from his bio that: The Arizona Medical Board site shows Luna graduated from medical school in 1996 and has no disciplinary complaints against him.

Sept 2, 2010. Phoenix Arizona Pediatrician Charged w Distributing Child Porn; FBI Seized Computers, DVDs, Cash. A Phoenix pediatrician was charged with distributing child pornography. Dr. Emilio Luna, 40, of Sun City

Sep 3, 2010, A Sun City pediatrician arrested + charged with distributing child pornography. +

INTERPOL Public Notices, Emilio LUNA

Kid Arrested for Church Fire After Posting About it Online

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Mission Hill Baptist Church
4653 Business 61 South
Palmyra, MO 63461

A kid going by the name Jediknight12345 posts about how he’s going to burn down a church; he proceeds to post pictures online, which leads to his arrest.

Cop Blockers Get Arrested While Chalking Noblesville PD

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Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner of the Cop Block MAC tour have turned themselves in to Noblesville police on “criminal mischeif” warrants for chalking the PD weeks ago, but not before doing some more chalking! Read the full story here:

Corpus Christi TX~CASA Burglary Suspect Arrested

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The manhunt is over for the individual who police say broke into and ransacked CASA of the Coastal Bend, a local non-profit that helps children. The burglary happened in the early morning hours Monday at the CASA building in the 2600 block of Prescott. Since then, there has been an outpouring of public support as the non-profit tries to recover from the incident. Volunteers were being trained as planned on Wednesday, and toys were starting to fill the shelves once again — shelves that were left nearly empty after Monday’s burglary. Police obtained a felony arrest warrant for 21-year old Andrew Leo Pena on Wednesday. Pena was arrested Tuesday at a home in 2400 block of Cloyde, where officers said the homeowner had discovered the stolen property and notified authorities. Maria Gloria, the woman living in the home on Cloyde Street, told police that a couple of weeks ago, she let Pena, an acquaintance of her daughter, move in because he wasn’t getting along with his mother and had nowhere to go. She felt sorry for him because it was going to get cold. On Tuesday morning, Gloria discovered a purse containing prescription medication in her trash can. The medication did not belong to her, so she called the phone number listed on the bottle. She found out that the medication, along with the purse, had been stolen during the Monday morning burglary at CASA of the Coastal Bend. Gloria decided to confront Pena, but he was gone. Instead, she found stolen items laid out on the bed in the room he had been staying in. She called police, who went to the residence and hauled off the stolen goods. According to police, they recovered a Lenovo Think Pad, Apple Super Drive, Nikon camera, cell phone and assorted toys taken in the burglary. Pena returned to the home later in the day, and police were sent back to the residence on a disturbance call. That’s when they arrested their suspect. “We are extremely grateful for the Corpus Christi Police Department, the action that they took,” said Diana Booth, outreach director at CASA of the Coastal Bend. “It was an immediate response. The community, for all of the phone calls and the support.” Pena was charged with a motion to revoke probation on a previous burglary charge on Tuesday, but now those charges have been upgraded to include the burglary of CASA. His bond was set at $10,000, Judge Stith later increased that bond to $50,000, Pena had requested to lower the Bond but was Denied.