“Lost in Darkness with No Love for Light” by Pastor Arnold Aguila at Grace Walk Church on 1-8-17

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“Lost in Darkness with No Love for Light” by Pastor Arnold Aguila at Grace Walk Church on January 8, 2017

Grace Walk Church Phoenix is a church located in Southwest Phoenix in the 85043 area code, near Tolleson, Avondale, and Laveen. 
7840 W. Lower Buckeye Rd, PHX, 85043

Quick Tips with Jeff Arnold – Recruiting for College with Text Message Marketing

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Text message marketing expert and small business expert Jeff Arnold explains how colleges, universities, and trade schools can use text message marketing to aid in recruitment of new students and keep students informed of the ‘start of school’ procedures.

The college bound crowd is the perfect demographic for text message engagement. They live on their cell phones and send far more texts than they use voice minutes.

Pocket-Promo offers a completely turnkey, fully managed VIP Managed Service package that allows you to harness the power of text message marketing eliminating the time and energy needed in learning new software.

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Precious Lord arr. Arnold Sevier

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Led by the Doane College Alumni Reunion Choir, July 13, 2014 at First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska.
Former Doane Choir members from around the nation connected this weekend to share a love that originally brought them together as students at Doane College in Crete Nebraska. Professor Emeritus Larry Monson has returned to co-conduct this event with Kurt Runestad, the current Choir Conductor. Nearly 100 former Doane Choir members of all ages gathered here at First Plymouth to celebrate and sing.

Fort Campbell Soldiers Forbidden from Frequenting Banned Businesses – Sky Arnold

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FORT CAMPBELL, Kentucky – Fort Campbell soldiers know how to deal with an enemy but they may not always know their own community. That is why they’re given a special list of companies all 30,000 soldiers are banned from visiting. There are businesses in Oak Grove, Hopkinsville and Clarksville on it. All have been determined detrimental to soldiers, even if the business owners themselves haven’t even been charged with a crime. We’re showing you Fort Campbell soldier John King being escorted out of a bar for ignoring requests to stop drinking. Bar manager Keith Jones says the security video from the Lodge Sports Pub shows how everything changed when King’s friend Derek Gosciniak comes over and Jones says both men become combative.From my side and what we’ve heard they swung on our security first, says Jones.Jones says his security handcuffed the 2 and called police, but both men have since filed reports accusing staff of assaulting them. Authorities have yet to charge anyone with a crime but the incident has landed the bar off limits to any Fort Campbell soldier anyway.Police investigated, made a report to our people, says Fort Campbell Post Public Affairs Spokesperson Bob Jenkins. People on the board made the decision to make it off limits.Jenkins says an owner doesn’t have to commit a crime to land on the off limits list. Instead, a business makes it there when a local military board determines it isn’t a desirable establishment for soldiers. Currently, a host of bars, automotive shops and even mobile home parks are on the list. Jenkins says it’s needed to protect soldiers and their families. Back at the Lodge, employees take issue with being on the list. They say the video shows employees treating soldiers respectfully. Businesses can appeal being on the list. As of now the Lodge owner isn’t sure if he’ll do that. Incidentally, their security staff is made up of current and former military men. Obviously, active soldiers will be prevented from working there now.

Illegal to feed the Homeless? Arnold Abbott faces court charges

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Church leaders in Florida were preparing for a second confrontation with Fort Lauderdale police on Wednesday over a controversial new ordinance that bans them from feeding the city’s homeless.
Pastors from two local churches and the 90-year-old leader of a long-established food kitchen were arrested at a park on Sunday, two days after the law took effect, for attempting to serve meals to homeless residents. Each received a citation threatening 60 days in prison and a $500 fine.
Dwayne Black, the pastor of the downtown Sanctuary Church, said he and church members would set up their regular feeding station at Fort Lauderdale beach on Wednesday in defiance of the ordinance. He said he expected to be arrested again and to spend the night in jail.

“We have been feeding the homeless for a long time. It is our calling and our duty to not let another human being go hungry. But now it’s a crime to feed a hungry person,” Black told the Guardian.

“The city says that it creates an eyesore; they are saying that human beings being fed is an eyesore. What they are doing is wrong. It lacks all compassion.”

Despite the opposition of religious groups and activists, Fort Lauderdale commissioners, led by Mayor Jack Seiler, have voted through a number of new laws this year intended to clamp down on the city’s estimated 10,000 homeless people. They include restrictions on roadside panhandling, sleeping on public property and the storage of personal belongings in public places.

The latest ordinance, approved four to one in a midweek commission vote that took place at 3.30am, effectively stifles any group-feeding project within city limits. Organisers must first seek permits or the permission of property owners next to the proposed sites, which cannot be within 500ft of residential property. They must also provide portable toilets and must also comply with state-imposed food safety standards.

Opponents say the rule outlawing the public sharing of food is an “atrocious and disgusting” law. “The city is choking out every avenue for the homeless to survive,” Haylee Becker of the Food Not Bombs advocacy group told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “They’re all terrible ordinances, but together they’re a death sentence.”

According to observers of anti-homeless legislation countrywide, Fort Lauderdale is following other municipalities in an increasingly popular direction. The National Coalition for the Homeless reported last month that at least 31 cities had passed bans or restrictions on food sharing, or were acting to do so.

“These laws disregard the first amendment right of religious organizations to exercise their faith and assist their less fortunate neighbors,” NCH community organizer Michael Stoops said in conclusion to a 29-page report on the criminalization of feeding the homeless.

“Budget cuts and criminalization efforts are misdirected, narrow in scope, and neglect to make long-term policy changes that work to eradicate homelessness.”
City officials in Fort Lauderdale, however, insist the new laws were necessary to maintain public health and safety. Mayor Seiler told reporters that anybody who defied the ordinances could expect to be arrested.
“Just because of media attention, we don’t stop enforcing the law. We enforce the laws here in Fort Lauderdale,” he said.
One of those cited by police on Sunday, Arnold Abbott, 90, a second world war veteran and founder of the interfaith Love Thy Neighbour non-profit group, said he would continue to try to feed Fort Lauderdale’s homeless and planned to file a lawsuit against the city to try to get the ordinance overturned.

“I know I will be arrested again, I’m prepared for that,” he told Fox News. “I am my brother’s keeper and what they are doing is just heartless. They are trying to sweep the poorest of the poor under the rug.”
Black, the Fort Lauderdale pastor, said he expected to arrive at the beach later on Wednesday to find police waiting for the church group. “They were already there at the park on Sunday with lights flashing. We’d handed out four or five platefuls and they demanded we put our utensils down and come with them,” he said.

Deaf Church Service in ASL (and spoken English) by Curtis Noland 10/21/18

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The Hands to Heaven Deaf Ministry closed on Sunday night October 21, 2018 with an ASL signed sermon (with spoken English) by Evangelist Curtis Noland from Sacramento, California.
Interpreters who would like to practice voicing may benefit from listening to Kyle Noland voice for his father Curtis Noland.
Check out his AWESOME Sunday School lesson recorded earlier this morning.

“Celebrate Recovery Rocks” by Pastor Arnold Aguila at Grace Walk Church 11-29-15

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“Celebrate Recovery Rocks” by Pastor Arnold Aguila at Grace Walk Church on Sunday, November 29th, 2015.

Grace Walk Church Phoenix is a church located in Southwest Phoenix in the 85043 area code, near Tolleson, Avondale, and Laveen.
7840 W. Lower Buckeye Rd, PHX, 85043

Kingdom Outpouring at Cornerstone Church – Columbus, GA

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An event is coming… A celebration… An outpouring of faith. January 10 – 13, 2009. 7:00 p.m. nightly. 706.326.2636.