Armed Texas Man Arrested While Heading To Church To Fulfill A Prophecy

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Police arrested an armed Texas man on Sunday who allegedly said he was on his way to a nearby church to fulfill “a prophecy,” authorities said.

#TonyAlbert, 33, was arrested in #SeguinTexas about 40 miles northeast of San Antonio, at around 7 a.m., when a woman called to report an armed man wearing a surgical face mask and tactical-style clothing, according to the town’s police department.

Cop Fatally Shoots Armed Man Outside Church Wedding (RAW ANALYSIS)

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Officer Chansey McMillin, a Muskogee, Oklahoma Police Officer’s body-cam captures the shooting death of Terrence Walker outside a church wedding. Terrence was ARMED. More cops need to wear body-cams. Here’s the video and my RAW analysis! The most RAW and HONEST on the INTERNET!

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“Most Armed Man in America” on guns

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Michael Koenigs @MikeOnABikeABC reports on Colorado gun shop owner Mel Bernstein who casually known as the “most armed man in America” after acquiring thousands of high-powered weapons, bazookas and machine guns.

His firearms collection dwarfs the number of guns — 47 — allegedly found in the Las Vegas hotel suite and two homes of mass shooter Stephen Paddock, for instance, but the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is unable to confirm whether Bernstein has amassed more weapons than any other U. S. gun owner.

“ATF cannot quantify who possesses the most firearms in America because there is no database to reference this information,” an ATF representative wrote in response to an inquiry from ABC News. “A firearm registry or database of individuals who own firearms regulated under the Gun Control Act (GCA) does not exist.”

Bernstein says he has amassed over 4,000 weapons at his Colorado Springs compound, where he also keeps military-style vehicles. The weapons are registered in his name, he says, and he also rents and sells machine guns to his customers.

His gun shop, six shooting ranges, military museum, paintball park, motorcross park and home are located on the 260-acre property known as Dragonland.

“We’ve been selling more guns in the last three weeks than we have in the last eight months,” Bernstein said of his firearms shop called Dragonmans.

As for gun ownership in general, about 3 percent of Americans own about half the country’s 265 million guns, according to a 2016 Harvard-Northeastern survey. Such “super owners” possess an average of 17 guns each, and an estimated 133 million guns in total.

“If anybody comes on your property and threatens you with bodily harm, it’s legal to shoot them, [according to] Colorado law,” Bernstein said as he drove toward his one-story house in which he keeps M-16 machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and multiple handguns around his bed.

In August, four people used Bernstein’s truck to smash into the Dragonmans gun store and steal 84 guns, police said. Federal authorities have since arrested four suspects, including his stepdaughter and step-grandson, who now face felony charges in connection to the theft of firearms from a federal firearms licensee. They have not entered pleas.

In 2012, his wife, Terry Flanell, 51, was accidentally killed by a smoke bomb on the property while filming a reality-TV pilot for the Discovery Channel.

Now, his home — decorated with jukeboxes, vintage Cola-Cola memorabilia and model cars — reminds him of a bygone era.

Bernstein also keeps four female mannequins at the home. “I need someone to talk to, to tell them my problems,” Bernstein said.

He added: “This whole house fixed up like this puts me back in my era, back in the sixties where I belong.”

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Arizona Police Officer rams Armed Gunman with Police Car after he steals a rifle from Walmart

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TUCSON, Arizona — A Dramatic dash-cam video released Tuesday shows a police officer in a Tucson suburb using his cruiser to ram an armed suspect, sending him flying in the air before the car smashes into a wall. The man survived the Feb. 19 crash, and prosecutors cleared the officer of any wrongdoing. The video, now getting attention across the U.S., comes at a time of heightened tension over the use of force by police. The man who was hit, Mario Valencia, 36, faces several felony charges, including assault on a police officer.

Marana police Sgt. Chris Warren said Valencia robbed a convenience store in Tucson, broke into a church, invaded a home and stole a car. Valencia drove the stolen car to Marana, just north of Tucson, where he stole a rifle from a Wal-Mart.

Video from two different police cruisers shows Valencia walking down a busy business corridor with a rifle in his hands. At one point, Valencia points the rifle at himself and threatens to kill himself.

One of the dash cam videos shows an officer slowly driving behind Valencia as he shoots the rifle in the air. That officer tells others to stay back because the suspect is armed. But within seconds, a different officer drives his patrol car at high speed and rams into Valencia, sending him flying into the air. Officers with guns drawn quickly swarm the scene.

The officer has been identified as Michael Rapiejko. Warren said Rapiejko was put on a standard administrative leave because the incident was considered use of force. The Pima County Attorney’s Office cleared Rapiejko of any wrongdoing and he is back on the force, Warren said.

Police dash cam shows Arizona cop cruiser ramming armed suspect Mario Valencia

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Originally published on 15 April, 2015

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A recently released video from a police car dashcam shows the moment where an Arizona police officer rams his cruiser into armed suspect Mario Valencia.

Valencia fled a Walmart in Marana, where he had allegedly stolen a rifle on February 19. Marana police later intercepted Valencia in front of a post office near the Walmart. Instead of surrendering, Valencia pointed the rifle at his head and threatened to commit suicide. He then fired the rifle in another direction and fled.

Marana police pursued Valencia toward Continental Ranch Self Storage, where an officer then hit Valencia with his police cruiser. Valencia was taken to the University of Arizona Medical Center in serious condition and was hospitalized for two days.

According to CBS5, Valencia may be responsible for several crimes in the Tucson area including robbing a 7/11, a break-in and fire at a church and a home invasion.


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Armed Bystanders Shoot, Kill Gunman Who Opened Fire at Oklahoma City Restaurant

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A man opened fire Thursday in an Oklahoma restaurant, leaving at least three people injured, before he was fatally shot by a pair of armed citizens, police said.

Graphic: Police Bodycam video showing shooting of armed suspect

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On May 31, 2015, two Palestine, TX police officers were dispatched to the Walmart for a theft. The suspect was located in a nearby Applebee’s restroom. While escorting the suspect to the parking lot, he pulled a pellet gun on both officers who fired their weapons killing the suspect. This video is to demonstrate the importance of body cams.

Las Vegas police release body-camera video of shooting of armed, naked man

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The shooting of an armed, naked man in the parking lot of a church marks the 16th shooting involving a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer this year.


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Muskogee, Oklahoma Bodycam Police Shooting Video, Terence Walker made death threats to his ex-girlfriend. As police arrive to investigate incident, Terence Walker states he has no weapons. When asked to be checked he ran away from police officers grasp. Suspect drops gun as running away, turns around to retrieve handgun and briefly points at pursuing officer. At that time Officer Mcmillen shot and killed the armed suspect. 1 handgun was recovered from suspect at scene. Bodycam video details complete altercation.

Bodycam captures harrowing moment cop shoots dead man armed with knives in ‘suicide by cop’

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Bodycam captures harrowing moment cop shoots dead man armed with knives in ‘suicide by cop’

This disturbing footage shows the moment a man armed with knives is shot dead by a police officer.

The extraordinary video, taken from the bodycam of Idaho cop Spencer Mortensen, shows him shooting dead 35-year-old Dalton Gardens.

Police have released the footage after an investigation found the officer innocent of any wrongdoing.

They said Gardens had been intent on ‘suicide by cop’.

Mortensen had followed Gardens into the apartment after he apparently fled the scene of a car crash.

Independence Day – Armed Forces Salute (

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Big Band salute to our armed forces during our Independence Day celebration. Video includes “Armed Forces On Parade” including Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard hymns. — CLICK ON “SHOW MORE” BELOW FOR LOTS MORE INFORMATION.

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Recorded at the Piano Source ( in Albuquerque, NM, 7-1-15.


“The Army Goes Rolling Along” (informally known as “Those Caissons Go Rolling”) – Before “The Caisson Song” was adopted as the official tune of the U.S. Army, it was the proud anthem of the U.S. Field Artillery Corps. The song became a chart-topper during World War I, selling 750,000 copies.

The Navy’s “Anchors Aweigh” – Originally written by the bandmaster of the US Naval Academy Band in 1887. He was asked to compose an Academy “fight song” for the Brigade of Midshipmen.

“United States Marine Corps Hymn” – John Philip Sousa researched the music’s origin, and concluded that the melody of the ‘Halls of Montezuma’ was taken from the opera, ‘Genevieve de Brabant’ in 1859. Every campaign the Marines have taken part in gives birth to an unofficial verse.

“The U.S. Air Force” (informally known as “Wild Blue Yonder”) – In 1938 General H.”Hap” Arnold proposed a song-writing contest to help give the Army Air Corps its own musical identity. The page of the original score was carried to the moon by Air Force Colonel David R. Scott and Lieutenant Colonel James B. Irwin on July 30, 1971.

The Coast Guard’s “Semper Paratus” – The original words and music were written by Captain Francis S. Van Boskerck, USCG. Words and music were written in 1922 and 1927 respectively, while serving in Unalaska, Alaska, as the Commanding Officer of the revenue cutter YAMACRAW.

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