Arlington High School 2017 Graduation Parent Fight Brawl 5-16-17

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We were excited to see our 17 year old son graduate and noticed that the lady in front kept yelling to other people “there is no saved seats”. We thought security would just throw her out. Well they did after this happened. Right after my son gives me a high five I heard the brawl start. As soon as I saw her pulling that ladys hair I ran up there to get between the lady and the older people on the row. Then security came and got her and rushed her out of there.

To leave on a postive note. The graduates of Arglinton received a record number of scholarships totaling over 30 million. This is not a depiction of Arlington High School students. Just one parent.

Alta Vista Ballston | 900 N Stafford St Arlington VA | Ballston VA

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Alta Vista Ballston Condominium | 900 N Stafford St Arlington VA | Ballston VA

Alta Vista Condominium is located in Ballston VA (Arlington). Realtor Arlington VA Matt Leighton takes a look at this Ballston VA condo located at 900 N Stafford St Arlington, VA 22203.

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AltaVista Ballston Condo
Year Built: 1989
Residences: 277
Stories: 26
Neighborhood: Ballston VA
Building Amenities: Fitness Center, Party Room, On-Site Management, 24/7 Concierge
Area Amenities: Kettler Capitals Iceplex, Ballston Regal Cinemas, Quincy Park, Harris Teeter, Ballston Farmer’s Market (at Welburn Square)
Closest Metro: Ballston Metro (elevator ride to station)

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Windsor Plaza

Matt Leighton

3 things you need to know about Alta Vista

1.Equity. The interior of condos at Alta Vista will vary drastically depending on what upgrades previous owners have made in the past. So there are plenty of opportunities for buyers where condos come on the market with outdated finishes. Classic 1990’s interior, where some people see an ugly inside, others see an opportunity to buy below the market value, put in their own custom interior, and turn the residence into a spectacular contemporary living space.

2.A-Town Bar and Grill. A-Town is known for their brunch, their rave-like party scene, and their football game day experience. If you like those things, go there and you will have a blast. BUT, their outdoor patio, which is wildly popular is in close vicinity to the Northeast side of Alta Vista. If you open up your window, at Alta Vista, you could hear fans screaming and yelling. It got so bad and there were so many complaints, that the AltaVista and another neighboring condo The Berkeley filed formal complaints with the county. Well it worked and A-Town was forced to close it’s outdoor patio a little earlier, and they installed noise curtains to help with the disturbance.

3.Hilton Hotel. The hotel is in the same building as the AltaVista. Because of the layout, you’re not going to be sharing amenities or running into hotel guests in the hallways but you will usually see an army of taxis out on the corner of Stafford and Fairfax Drive at all times. The Hotel takes up the first 7 levels of the Alta Vista, leaving the higher levels for condo owners and renters.

Note: The Hilton Hotel occupies floors 2 through 7 of the building, the Hilton and the Condo both have separate lobbies on the 1st floor, and the Condo occupies the 8th floor and up.

Music by Arlington artist Hovey Benjamin

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Major U.S. Army Donald B. York – Full Military Honors Funeral, Arlington National Cemetery

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On February 7th, 2011 Major Ret. U.S. Army Donald Benjamin York was laid to rest with full military honors at the Arlington National Cemetery. He passed away on October 30th, 2010 at the age of 65 after suffering from a service-related condition.

Don was born on the Fourth of July, 1945 in Patterson, California. Being a Choctaw Native American, he spent his childhood on an Indian reservation. At the age of 17, he volunteered with the National Guard to serve in special operations in Asia during the Vietnam War, along with other Native Americans. After enlisting with the National Guard, Don completed several regular and special Army training courses and became a sharpshooter. After the Vietnam War, Don became an officer and served in the capacities of an operations specialist, a training specialist, and a security specialist. Most details of his service are classified. Don fully and honorably retired from the armed services in 2005, after having served for 39 years in active duty and the reserve.

His family misses him dearly.

For more information on Donald Benjamin York, please visit his blog at
For more information on customs of military funerals please visit

If you served with Don, please contact our family.

Music: Taps
The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” 400 McNair Road, Fort Myer, VA 22211-1306

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Audie Murphy Department of Defense Ceremony at Arlington

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The legend and legacy of Audie Murphy endures and continues to grow as the Department of Defense in this video unequivocally declares that Audie Murphy was “America’s most decorated soldier of WW II. This ceremony is also attended by the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Sergeant Major Bryan Battaglia, USMC who although a Marine speaks of the respect and adulation Audie is held to even to this day by all members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

To sign the Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom Petition, go to the homepage of and click on the medal icon.

Video courtesy: Department of Defense News (Public Domain)

Arlington WorkCamp 2018 – Sunday Slideshow

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More than 1,400 teens and adult leaders, contractors and volunteers from 43 parishes across the Catholic Diocese of Arlington trade in one week of their summer vacation to deepen their faith and serve residents of Fredericksburg and surrounding counties during WorkCamp. This is the slideshow that was shown during Sunday night program. #ArlingtonWC18

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Arlington: The Rap

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I moved to a new town a couple weeks ago. Clarendon. It’s pretty tough.

Thank you to BJ and Q for their co-starring roles once again. And to the people of Arlington who I ran into (literally and figuratively) in the process of filming. Oh yes, and thanks to Ally the dog!

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Just moved to a new hood
and it’s straight up gangsta
Let me show you around…
my town

People all around
better know the deal
that the people in this town
are ghetto for real

So when people tell me
Remy, where you calling from?
I say a straight up thug town
called Arlington

It’s a real tough town
packing heat and boat shoes
my crib’s in a rough spot
right next to the Whole Foods

I’m ducking gunfire daily
check to see if one got me
but that’s just life in the hood
when I go get my puffed kashi

But we never do drugs
no, cuz that’s not me
the only thing high up in here
are my condo fees

Welcome to Arlington
the town that never fizzles
Ballston, Rosslyn, Courthouse
the Clizzledizzle

So many places to choose
you’re gonna like to pick
I’m in Courthouse so much that
they call me Michael Vick

And Rosslyn girls got money
they all can pay the bills
but that’s all I’ll film in Rosslyn
cuz I hate walking up these hills

and we kinda got a mall
yeah you know you can’t stop us
got everything but nothing good, man
it’s kinda like tapas

Just try to mess with us
I’ll shoot you right in the foot punk
Just don’t come on Tuesday nights
that’s when I meet with my book club

Okay, I don’t really read
when I buy books it’s kinda causal
“Ah, you read Salinger?”
Nah, my kitchen table wobbles

Ducking down instictively
in gunshots we’re mired
Wait nevermind, somebody’s
German luxury car just backfired

Think you’re leaving alive
yeah you do but I don’t buy it
I’ll gonna eliminate you
like I did gluten from my diet

Come and see me in an alley
Run’ll be what you’re wishing
Bustin out my fightin moves
like the fetal position

But first I need some cover
y’all gotta help me this way
Cover? You need backup?
Nah punk, it’s for my duvet!

Straight thug hood
getting mugged on the go go
but muggings here is when
a stranger comes and gives you coco

Got a lot of bad girls
Got a lot of tough dudes
Our school of hard knocks
was written up in US News

We got dudes in brown flip flops
and dudes in brown flip flops
holy crap, why are all these dudes
wearing brown flip flops??

Welcome to A-town…

5pm hit the gym
even if I’m feelin crappy
But first I walk my tiny dog
with a little plastic baggy

Stretch in front of folks around me
so they know that I’m invested
and press the button for the lobby
even if somebody pressed it

I go jogging
At a reasonable pace
and when I get to intersections man
I jog in place

Up in Gold’s Gym
gonna give it my all, son
So many dudes here
they should call this Ballston

Rollin one deep
so everybody can see us
Cruising down Wilson
all up in my Prius

Get out the car
check my shoe and sock a minute
Stand right back up
I got seven parking tickets

In DC from the get go
head to the metro
You heading to Whitlow’s?
Hmm, maybe, I guess so…

Ride’s never boring
I say it’s never better than
Riding on an orange line
train to Vienna

You better step back punk
that’s your final warning?
You gonna punch me?
Nah, son, the doors are closing!

What’s with this delay?
I can’t wait for this
Why’d they pick today
to do this track maintenance?

Now we’re stuck in the city
how we getting back son?
We could take the green line…

So we’re taking a taxi
Back to our gangsta world
Where the sidewalks brick
and the streets are curbed

So if you think you got the cred
and you think your toughness got me
come and see me in my town
and we’ll grab a cup of coffee

At the Starbucks, or the Starbucks…


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Korean BBQ Buffet at Jin’s Korean BBQ in Arlington, Tx

My family and I are having dinner at Jins a local Korean BBQ Hot spot that a lot of people are raving about, surprisingly this place is very good compared to other places I had tried. Coolest part is that you can grill your own meat! There are so many different types of meat to choose from.

Some of the best Korean BBQ restaurant might be in your city, for the last few years Korean cuisine is gaining popularity primarily through social media like you tube. Some of local Korean restaurants serve BBQ style with a grill at your table so you and your family can have the opportunity to sit down and grill your own meat, so you are the grill master for your table!

hope you enjoyed this video, if you did please share it with your friends and anyone else you know who loves to eat!

Mision San Juan Diego, Arlington Heights IL 60004 2858

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PLEASE GO TO CONFESSION —Phone: (847) 590-9332

Mision San Juan Diego, Arlington Heights IL 60004-2858

2323 N. Wilke Rd.

Arlington Heights IL 60004-2858

Phone: (847) 590-9332

Fax: (847) 590-9333

Minor Car Fire at New Wilke & White Oak in Arlington Heights

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SEP 19 2008 — Video shows Arlington Heights Fire Department Engine 3 and Tower 1 responding to a disabled car in the intersection of New Wilke and White Oak with a small fire in the engine compartment. Tower One responded most likely because Engine 3 was not expected to be available for a primary response in its district. However, Engine 3 did arrive on scene first. Both Tower 1 and Engine 3 effectively blocked traffic from fireground activities in the intersection. Police were called to help with traffic management.

Fire call only involves light smoke and suppression with one handline from Engine 3. Good work preventing a complete fire and destruction of the car.