Architecture: Most Beautiful Cathedrals/Churches-U.S./Canada

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Architecture: Most Beautiful Cathedrals/Churches-U.S./Canada

80. The First Church of Christ, Scientist
79. Our Savior Church
78. Blessed Virgin Catholic Church Nativity of Mary
77. Madonna Della Strada Chapel
76. St. Ambrose Cathedral
75. United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel
74. Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle
73. Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark, New Jersey
72. Notre-Dame Basilica-Cathedral
71. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Pueblo
70. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
69. St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
68. Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral
67. St. Cecilia Cathedral
66. Christ Church Cathedral
65. First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Georgia
64. North Christian Church Columbus, Indiana
63. First Christian Church
62. Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel
61. Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
60. Congregation Mickve Israel
59. St. Stanislaus Kostka Church
58. Saint Ignatius Church
57. Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation
56. Heinz Memorial Chapel
55. Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral
54. Cathedral of Saint Mary
53. Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa
52. St. Nicholas Cathedral
51. St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral
50. Church of St. Mary the Virgin
49. Cathedral of the Incarnation
48. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
47. Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine
46. Fort Street Presbyterian Church
45. Sacred Heart Church
44. Saint Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe
43. Annunciation Church Houston
42. Cathedral of Saint John the Divine
41. San Fernando Cathedral
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Alaskan Architecture

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From The Alaska Experience Travel Guide : for stock footage and complete travel program availability
As the road from anchorage to fairbanks winds
through the heartland of alaska, many reminders
of her fascinating history, and unique lifestyles
Appear along the way.
Throughout the state many fine
Examples of alaskas indigenous form of
Architecture can be seen.
Even today,the classic log cabin has
Proven to be the most practical type of building,
and is used for everything…….. From doghouses
to churches.
Fitting perfectly into the alaskan landscape and
Built from readily available materials, these
Sturdy buildings are able to withstand huge
Snow loads and the stresses of thermal expansion.
natural burls which grow
On trees like this one are often seen incorporated
Into these rustic structures.

How to draw a gothic church – architecture speed drawing

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Jak rysować architekturę. Kościół gotycki – rysunek architektoniczny krok po kroku.

Inne podobne rysunki architektoniczne –

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History of the Neighborhood Church

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Dana Graham presents the history of the Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes Estates, CA. Produced by Betty and Jarel Wheaton for Peninsula Seniors

Most Amazing Shipping Container Homes

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Stunning images of houses made from shipping containers.

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St Anthonys Monastery Florence AZ Created by Design Sticy Media Columbus OH

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We visited Florence AZ and filmed this promo video for St. Anthony’s Monastery showcasing their beautiful property that includes amazing landscapes, architecture and churches. We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed creating it. Check out more at

Beautiful Church Buildings – Top 15 World’s Most Beautiful Churches Around The World

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Beautiful Church Buildings – Top 15 World’s Most Beautiful Churches Around The World

► List of most beautiful churches around the world.
15. Pilgrimage Church(Neviges, Germany)
14. Grundtvig’s Church, (Copenhagen, Denmark)
13. Duomo, Milan Cathedral (Milan, Italy)
12. Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)
11. Church in Stykkishólmskirkja (Iceland)
10. Basilica de Higuey (Dominican Republic)
9. Grace Fellowship Baptist Church (Baltimore Road in Detroit, Michigan, USA)
8. Jubilee Church (Rome, Italy)
7. St Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church (Chicago, IL, USA)
6. Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
5. Device to Root Out Evil (Calgary, AB, Canada)
4. Las Lajas Cathedral (Colombia, South America)
3. Cathedral of Maringa (Parana, Brazil)
2. Cathedral of Brasilia (Brasilia, Brazil)
1. The Church of Hallgrímur (Reykjavík, Iceland)

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Mission San Xavier del Bac – Tucson, Arizona

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Wow…what an incredible work of art this structure is….especially on the inside. Easy to drive to from Tucson….beautiful grounds with awesome cacti – and the inside of the building is amazing.

The website:

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Valley Creek Church

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Flower Mound, TX
Cosco & Associates, Inc.

Things to Do in Tulsa, OK | 10K Road Trip Vlog Day 16

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We spent our second day in Tulsa exploring the city. We saw a lot of great art deco architecture and a lot of random sites, including the 5th tallest statue in the US and a spot claiming to be the Center of the Universe. It was weird. And cool.

This is Day 16 of our 10,000 mile road trip across the US.

Check out our first day in Tulsa here:


0:01 – Oral Roberts University (random architecture)
1:07 – Boston Avenue United Methodist Church (amazing Art Deco)
2:05 – Inside the church
3:57 – Downtown Tulsa, Philcade Building
4:14 – Tulsa Union Depot (Jazz Hall of Fame)
4:18 – Center of the Universe (acoustic anomaly)
5:43 – John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park
6:25 – Guthrie Green free live music
6:43 – Street Art and murals in Tulsa’s East Village
7:11 – Boxyard
7:30 – Tulsa Fire Alarm Building (Art Deco)
7:42 – Tulsa’s Route 66 remnants
8:21 – Golden Driller (5th tallest statue in the United States at 75′ tall)
8:56 – Warren Theater (Art Deco movie theater)

What’s going on here?

We quit our jobs, left New York City, bought a car, and decided to spend the summer driving around the US. The plan is to hit at least 35 states and cover more than 10,000 miles. Watch from the beginning here:

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“By My Side” by Craves

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Filmed on June 11, 2017 on a Canon G7X Mark II.

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Adobe Houses: The Face of New Mexico

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Made of stone, mud and other local materials, adobe houses have become an iconic feature in the southwestern U.S. state of New Mexico. Why are people in New Mexico so fond of this type of architecture? And why is it so well-preserved there? VOA’s Lin Yang and Joseph Mok report.
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Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church

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Montgomery, AL
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Second Presbyterian Church (“SecondChurch”), Indianapolis, Indiana – Landmark of Faith, Est. 1838

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Gardens of Eternal Grace:
Second Presbyterian Church:
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The Realm of Possibility:
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This is the background scenery for our full new video, Gardens of Eternal Grace, that gives a glimpse of the beauty that adorns Second Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, Indiana. You can watch Gardens of Eternal Grace, here …

This video focuses solely on the Church building’s exterior, which is quite pleasing to watch by itself.

Second Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, certainly is a beautiful location, full of opportunity for me to explore with my camera. Yet, it isn’t just the beauty of this place that catches my attention. It also isn’t just the historical aspect, as an architectural marvel, opening its doors in 1838. It is the heart that I found within its earliest congregations that naturally connected and compelled me beyond my inspirational video, The Realm of Possibility (

The scenic campus of Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired was the backdrop of my video, The Realm of Possibility; a place that credits its existence, since 1847, to a founder, William H. Churchman. Churchman also happened to be an active member of Second Presbyterian Church from that time period. His heart, with others, resonates though the school’s continuing work. Yet, if the appearance of the school’s campus can be an indication of Churchman’s heart; then this would be consistent with what I discovered in my hour of time, exploring the garden areas of his longstanding Church. In fact, I have gathered that the Church is currently a major contributor to community service, locally and abroad. The beauty of Chuchman’s heart is clearly not fading, as evident through the present place and congregation that he would call his own. Had it not been for men like William H. Churchman, many possibilities might have been lost for disadvantaged young people.

The new video, Gardens of Eternal Grace, cannot even scratch the surface of the wonderful sights and sounds that I discovered, touring the Church grounds on that mid-August afternoon. When I consider the heart of its people, past and present, that the video does not include … The video falls way too short in my humble opinion. Hopefully, though, I have sufficiently represented the essence of the beauty and spirit of Second Presbyterian Church, which is to move and inspire each of us take every opportunity to make a difference in this world. Ironically, my life was changed by the efforts of people that chose to make a difference. Also, ironically, it is basis of the positive lens, through which I strive to capture the world and produce content for