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The opening is known by several different names such as the Natural Arch, Needle’s Eye, Circle Rock, and Ring Rock―just to name a few. Here’s a rough outline of how to get there:

Go North on I25 and take exit 9 for NM-320, Doña Ana. Turn left onto NM-320 (Thorpe Rd). Continue to follow NM-320 (Thorpe Rd) until you can turn right onto Doña Ana Rd.
Continue on Doña Ana Rd and turn right on a dirt road that goes underneath the train track bridge, should be D62. Follow that under the tracks and it’ll turn into D053. From there if you look up towards the Doña Ana Mountains on one of the peaks to the left, you’ll see two very visible dirt trails that join together at the top, they almost make a circle. At the top of that dirt trail circle you can just barely make out the opening of this rock. From this point, you can take any number of trails to get there depending on your preference. Many are very, very steep though so proceed with caution.

As an aside, please respect the natural beauty by not littering and if so inclined, pick up any debris you find along the way to help preserve our area’s trails.

Alone in St. Anne Church, Detroit, MI.

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Here’s the interior of St. Anne’s Church, Detroit, MI.