Grace Apostolic Church Bishop’s Choir Reunion Concert Song ‘Lift Up Your Heads!’ 2015

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Grace Apostolic Church Bishop’s Choir Reunion Concert Song ‘Life Up Your Heads!’ (Portion of’) Sunday, 7-5-15
– I ‘just so happened’ to bring my cam in my car as a back up not knowing the professional film guy didn’t show up. I at the last min. set mine up in the balcony, tried to save time by quickly reformatting my cam instead of slowly erasing the things I had previously filmed at my church that morning. I found out later those things were still there so my cam ran out of memory on the first song …so this little bit was ‘better than nothing’ lol

Greater Gethsemane Apostolic Wedding & Country Club of the South Reception Video in Florence, SC

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Wedding photos by Columbia, SC, wedding photographer Jeff Blake

We photographed Jennifer and Justin’s engagement portraits, and Jennifer’s bridal portraits, at the Palmetto Trail in Lexington, SC. The couple held their wedding ceremony at Greater Gethsemane Apostolic Church in Florence, SC, and their wedding reception at The Country Club of the South, also in Florence, SC.

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Prayer Tower Apostolic Church (PTAC) – The Lifter – Pastor A. M. Montgomery

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Prayer Tower Apostolic Church (PTAC) Sunday Morning Service (1-31-2016). Pastor A. M. Montgomery’s message is entitled, “The Lifter.” The scripture text is Job 22:29.

Faith Apostolic Church choir rocking the house!!!!

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Faith Apostolic Church of Birmingham, AL where the honorable Bishop Heron Johnson is pastor.
This choir came to Tuscaloosa and sang until the power of God came in and sat upon each of us. When they got done singing, Bishop put the icing on the cake when he grabbed the mic and started singing. We had a HIGH time in the Lord!!! Saints in the south know how to have some chuuuuuurch!!!

Elder Michael Bender & Faith Apostolic Church choir – Christmas Day Part 2

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Christmas Service @ Tittusville A.O.H. Church of God (Bishop W.T. Parker, Pastor). Elder Michael Bender and the choir from Faith Apostolic Church, Birmingham, AL (Bishop Heron Johnson, Pastor).