Dr. Anthony Buckles – The New Bethel Church Kansas City, KS

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Dr. Anthony Buckles on piano after Sunday Morning Service 7/31/16.

The New Bethel Church (
745 Walker Ave
Kansas City, KS 66101
Bishop A. Glenn Brady, Pastor

Anthony Sutton Program 2016 at Gabriel Chapel A M E Zion Church Chesapeake Va

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Gabriel Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church, and Rev. Alphonso Griffin , With Gratitude and Appreciation for 30 Years of Service As Organist for the Youth/Young Adult Choir., Mr. Anthony Sutton, Thank You. Guest Minister, Rev. Keith McPherson, Pastor, New Willow Grove Baptist Church

Apostle/Pastor Anthony Daley – Tabernacle Church – Clarksville, TN

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WOW! Pastor Anthony Daley of the Tabernacle Church…we cannot thank you enough for obeying God and delivering that ON-TIME powerful word to the Bride! You make us want to repent and cry out to God so that we can SEE HIS BEAUTY! Thank you for being honest and whipping the Bride a little bit! LOL. We needed it. God help us to not see things based upon our past and MISS THE BEAUTY OF HIM AND HIS LOVE IN THE RIGHT HERE AND NOW FOR THIS LAST GREAT AWAKENING/REVIVAL!

For more about Pastor Daley, go to www.wearethebride.us

SHoWLE comments about St. Anthony Church in Toledo on WTOL June 2018

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Three news stories from WTOL that appeared on the air from June 3rd to June 5th, 2018. Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie either appeared on camera or were mentioned. Chapter Founder Doug Berger is the spokesperson for the group.

Anthony Faulkner Fort Bend Church, Houston, Texas July 26 2017

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The Fort Bend Church celebrates its 13th Pastoral and church anniversary. Anthony Faulkner sings his Billboard Top 100 Charting single “You Are Amazing’, and the Gospel Hymn “Blessed Assurance”.

St. Anthony of Padua Parish Catholic Church Fresno California vid 1

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This is taken place in fresno at St. Anthony of Padua Parish catholic church. I didn’t clean my cam on my Droid x so it came out ugly. Anyways its a beautiful place.

Greater Progressive Missionary Baptist Church – Fort Wayne,

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The Greater Progressive Missionary Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana where Dr. Anthony Pettus is Pastor/Teacher.

Choir singing during revival services.

If you are looking for a powerful and relevant WORD and awesome Worship and live in or near Fort Wayne, I highly recommend GPMBC. Dr. Pettus is some kind of a preacher!

May 2013

Day 8 – USA Road Trip – Lynchburg to Memphis, Tennessee

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