Old Abandon Church in Anadarko Oklahoma, January 6. 2018 !

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This is my 3rd time visiting with this old abandon church. The last 2 times I was there. I only took pictures. So today, while driving through this town again. I made it a mission to stop and take a video of this old beautiful building. It is sad, that such beautiful buildings are falling apart. I wish people would preserve them for the new generations.

Jeremiah’s Bridge [Haunted Oklahoma]

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Jeremiah’s Bridge in Anadarko, Oklahoma has been said to be haunted…

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Anadarko, OK – Like You’ve Never SCENE It

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See Anadarko, Oklahoma like you’ve never “scene” it before! A duo of Oklahoma filmmakers (Dylan Young & Kade Wilcox) team up and film, edit and produce a video where the small southwest city of Anadarko, Oklahoma is the “star”. Past, present and future Anadarko citizens and those familiar with the city will recognize the landmarks, buildings and other places and things that make Anadarko, well… Anadarko. Filmed in 2017. Please be sure to watch in HD. Also, please be sure to like (thumbs up) this video, as it will help this channel grow. Please do me a huge favor and hit that SUBSCRIBE button! Thanks!



by: Marshmello


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