Fern Freeway – Alpine Trail – Mountain Biking Oakridge, Oregon

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Following Bryce Lewis down Alpine trail in Oakridge, Oregon with some primo dirt. There was still a bit of snow on the shuttle road so we were dropped off at Windy Pass(Top of Jedi). Trying to keep the braking to a minimum and the smiles to a maximum.


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Alpine Club 15 years TEASER

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15 years of history is unfolded through recounts of crazy trips, animal costumes, foreign friends and good times. Oh, and being naked. The Alpine Club lives hard and shows that it is in a completely different league.

Full documentary: vimeo.com/157941604


Directed by Drew Herder
Additional footage: Ari Lightsey, Max Owens, Ben Crawford, Jason Siegel

Thanks to everyone who made this a possibility


Hiking Church Mountain

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August 18, 2012. Whatcom County, Washington.

One of the first trails off of Mount Baker Highway. A steep climb through lush forest leads to a long meadow and then to a former fire lookout site at 6100 feet elevation.

Roundtrip is about 8.5 miles and the elevation gain is 3750 feet.