Egg Drop GONE WRONG! – [Living In Alaska 137]

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A helicopter drops 10,000 EASTER EGGS on an empty parking lot full of hay. What would possibly go wrong?

How about a nasty wind storm full of dust, hay, broken eggs and shattered Smarties. While I’m sure it didn’t go as well as planned, you’ve gotta give them credit for trying!

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KTVA reporter quits on-air, reveals herself as owner of Alaska Cannabis Club

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KTVA Charlo Greene just quit on live TV after revealing she was the founder of the AK Cannabis Club.
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Live Stream Drive – Anchorage Alaska – December 17th 2018

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Thanks for taking the time to watch my video. This is a live stream drive I did on December 17th 2018 near my home in Anchorage Alaska.

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Earth RANG Like a BELL, then Alaska EARTHQUAKE! Rev. 6?

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Alaska Purchase

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The Alaska Purchase was the acquisition of Russian America by the United States from the Russian Empire in the year 1867 by a treaty ratified by the U.S. Senate.
Russia wanted to sell its Alaskan territory, fearing that it might be seized if war broke out with Britain. Russia’s primary activity in the territory had been fur trade and missionary work among the Native Alaskans. With the purchase of Alaska, the United States added 586,412 square miles (1,518,800 km2) of new territory. Reactions to the purchase in the United States were mixed, with opponents calling it “Seward’s Folly”, feeling that U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward, the primary American negotiator, got the worst of the bargain.

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2016 Alaska Victory Campaign: The Laws of Abundance in the Kingdom of God (7 p.m.)

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Join Kenneth Copeland for the closing session of the 2016 Alaska Victory Campaign. When your circumstance seems like a mountain standing in your way, speak to it by only saying what the Father says and only doing what the Father does. 

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Alaska State Troopers – Drug Bust

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Despite its small-town feel and remote location, the western outpost of Bethel has its share of big-city problems. In a city plagued with alcohol and drug problems, a special drug unit prepares for an undercover mission to bust an OxyContin dealer. Then, in the dead of winter, wildlife troopers gear up and head out on ATVs to patrol 20 miles across frozen lakes and swamps. And under the midnight sun of summer, people are up and out at all hours of the night—and so are the troopers, keeping the towns and highways safe.

Gathering and Growing Food in Eagle, Alaska

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By: The Rev. Belle Mickelson

Pete Peter and I flew into Eagle on July 21st. Bertha Ulvi met us at the airport. We loaded 12 fiddles, 3 mandolins, 8 guitars—and our bags in the back of her small pick up truck and traveled 5-10 mph over a temporary road (mats laid over the wetlands). This road ran parallel to the river to reach the gravel road to the New Village on a high bluff overlooking the Yukon River, about 5 miles away.

We really saw the flood devastation as Bertha drove us back on the new road. The village site was bare ground—and all the buildings were pushed back in a shambles a half mile from the river—and downstream a half mile Just the church roof was sitting there on the ground. The granite baptismal font and the church bell are outside the Village Council Office.

Music and Art Camp went really well with 25 youth participating from 1-5 pm at Redmen Hall. We had a great final picnic, student concert (both outside at Redmen Hall) and fiddle dance with about 100 people participating.

The highlight of the week for me was the 5:30 pm Wednesday church service at the village site attended by 15 The sun shone on the grass and sand—as we stood and sang and prayed in the outline of the church. Heres where the door was, heres where the altar was, they said. We set up the altar on a blazo box covered with a sheet. Ruth Ridley prayed in Han. It was very moving with people crying as they though of all the good memories—and some sad ones, too. Daisy told me later, Ill never have a home like this one.

We did GBD —the walking on water story—and we thought we felt and saw Jesus out there walking toward us on the Yukon River. It was a good time to remind ourselves that the church is the people—not buildings—and that we are all here What a blessings that no one died in the flood.

I have to admit, I cried when we left Friday morning. We had made such great friends!