5th Alarm Building Fire in Long Branch NJ

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www.AllHandsFire.com/STERLING-F4-FIRETECH-FIREFIGHTER-ESCAPE-SYSTEM-NFPA-1983-2006 An intense fire fanned by strong winds ripped through several buildings in the West End Business District in Long Branch NJ. Firefighters were not only hampered by strong winds, but also low water pressure. Additional alarms were transmitted for mutual aid, tower ladders and LDH pipeline to draft from a nearby lake. Long Branch firefighters battled the fire all day and into the night. They were assisted by West Long Branch, Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright, Oakhurst, Neptune, Asbury Park, Red Bank and other nearby departments throughout Monmouth County.

Cleveland Hill FD Fatal 2 Alarm – 27 Furlong Rd

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Cleveland Hill dispatched for a structure fire with possible victims trapped
Cleve Hill 9-3 on scene with fire from #1 side of structure.
Cleve Hill 9 reports first floor fully involved with collapse of floor.
Crews hold at doorway for Defensive attack – floor missing near door.
Rescue FD goes to roof to ventilate
2 -2½ & 2 -1¾” Lines in use
ON Scene:
Cleve Hill: Engines 1 & 2, Ladder 6, Rescue 7, Utility 5
PineHill: Engine 2; U-Crest: Engine 3; Rescue: Ladder 6
Forks RIT: Engine 2 & Rescue 7
Hy-view stand by with Engine 2 at Cleve Hill
Damages: Unknown
2/25/2014 – Time Out: 04:22 hrs

Fire Alarm Sounds Off At Lexington, KY UK hospital 6-12-2018

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I was at the hospital today (not related to me) when suddenly I hear “code red” from the fire alarm speaker strobes and started going in a calm code 3 bell. It went on for about 30 minutes until they were finally silenced. After I turned off the camera I heard it ding again for them to say “code red all clear” this is the footage I caught.

Clifton NJ Fire Department 2nd Alarm Working Fire With EVAC Tones 6-25-14

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“LIKE” Me On Facebook! And Follow Me On Instagram! On June 25th 2014 The Clifton Fire Department Responded to 144 Highview Dr fore reports of a working structure fire. PD arrived on scene confirming it was a working fire. Eventually the 2nd Alarm was called brining in all Clifton FD units with mutual aid from Passaic’s Tower. Heavy fire can be seen in the begining of the video with EVAC Tones sounding. There were a few injuries although they were not serious.

Fire Alarm Test at work today – Augusta Georgia – Change Smoke Detector Battery

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Fire alarm testing at work today in the Augusta Georgia Wells Fargo Building on Broad Street.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries and Keep your Home Smoke Alarms in Good Working Order.

FDNY Fireground Audio 4th Alarm Church Fire in Manhattan

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This is audio from the 4th Alarm Church fire in Manhattan on the evening of 5/1/2016, Box number 0632. This audio was recorded off of the FDNY DARS system off the feed provided by Broadcastify. The audio has been edited to remove most of the long gaps of silence.

2nd Alarm Church Fire – Ascension of Our Lord Church – Philadelphia Fire Department

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Around 1 o’clock this morning Philadelphia Fire Department crews were called to the 700 block of E Cornwall Street in Kensington for a report of a church fire. Battalion 10 reported heavy fire in the rear and placed All Hands in service, and shortly after, Deputy 2 struck the 2nd Alarm. There was one special call for an additional ladder company. No injuries were reported at the time of scheduling this video.

Full Assignment was
Engine 7, Engine 25, Engine 55, Engine 28
Ladder 10, Ladder 22
Battalion 10, Battalion 8
Medic 8

Ladder 3 RIT, Rescue 1, Medic 2, Squad 72, ES 1, ES 6, ES 9, SO 1, Deputy 2, PN10

2nd Alarm
Engine 2 Logistics, Engine 50, Engine 61, Engine 70, Water Tower 38
Ladder 16, Ladder Tower 6
Battalion 3 Logistics, Battalion 2, Battalion 4, Battalion 9 Safety
ES 3, Medic 45

Special Call
Ladder 20

Recorded: 12/2017

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20140811 3rd Alarm with S/c Shamokin

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09:25 a.m.
128 South Vine Street
Shamokin, Pa

Residents woke to find flames from the kitchen and immediately exited the structure prior to calling 911.

Once contacted Northumberland County Communications Center dispatched for what turned out to be a 3 alarm with Special Call incident bringing firefighters from 3 counties to extinguish the blaze.

09:24 1st Alarm for a Confirmed Working structure fire
09:34 2nd alarm
10:13 3rd alarm primarily for manpower

Shamokin Deputy Fire Chief Jason Zimmerman stated the origin of the fire was the “kitchen of 128 S. Vine Street” “but the exact cause is undetermined at this point,” “It’s not suspicious at this time.”

Zimmerman said the “balloon” frame structure of the homes was detrimental to firefighting efforts as flames quickly ran up into the walls and reached the third floor” “95 percent of the homes in the area consist of “balloon” type frame structures.”

1st Alarm
Shamokin Fire Bureau with Truck 2 added once a working structure fire was confirmed.

Fire Police 80
Truck 2, 32
Engine 41, 11, 51, 111, 294, Shamokin 21, 221
Squad 21, 11, 66
Ambulance 926
Rescue 62, 5

3rd Alarm
Rescue 193
Truck 542, Montour County 19
Engine 21 Atlas, 721, 2
Utility 21

If I missed your company please feel free to add it.
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2-11 Alarm Church Steeple Fire – Chicago Fire Dept. Response [02.20.2018]

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I showed up a bit late and retrieved my camera from my car even later to record the CFD emergency response to this 2-11 Alarm at the now-permanently closed Salvation and Deliverance Ministries International Church located at 1540 N. Spaulding Ave. in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.

When I first drove by, the flames were shooting out through the steeple, and by the time I’d found a parking spot out of the way of the firefighters and police, the flames had been mostly controlled on the outside of the structure. However the fire department still had 3 lines pouring water on the steeple and into its internal structure as the flames kept rekindling, especially at the very top.

You can see video of the steeple on fire in this footage that WGN obtained from people at the scene who live nearby or were driving past the scene on nearby North Avenue:


joseg2143 Chicago O’Hare Int’l Airport Plane Spotting / Aircraft Spotting / Flight Tracking / Planespotting / Aircraft Photography / Aviation Photography

Recorded with a Canon SX40HS on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018.

4th Alarm Structure Fire Plymouth MN 7-12-13

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Plymouth Fire department was dispatched to reports of an A/C unit on the deck of an apartment. Chef 4 called a 2nd alarm after fire was confirmed which was quickly escalated to a 3rd and 4th alarm.