Kelly’s Dance Academy – Church – Showstopper Dance Competition Mobile Alabama 2015

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Kelly’s Dance Academy – Church – Showstopper Dance Competition Mobile Alabama 2015
Senior Hip Hop

Church of Christ Crusade – Montgomery, Alabama June 23 – June 27, 2013

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The Church of Christ-Crusade for Christ’s basic philosophy is centered around holistic evangelism. The founders believed that if Christians, in the faith, nationwide, came together, many amazing things would materialize. They all worked tirelessly, as a spiritual army, to actualize this reality.

From coast to coast, the Crusade for Christ has produced some extraordinary results, evidenced by the success of past crusades in: Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Orlando, FL; San Francisco, CA; New Orleans, LA; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Indianapolis, IN; Houston, TX, Chicago, IL, Birmingham, AL, Dallas, TX, Tampa, FL, Kansas City, MO, Washington, D.C. and now to Montgomery, AL, June 23 – June 27, 2013.

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Top 14 Things To Do In Dothan, Alabama

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Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Dothan –
Cheapest Airline Tickets –
Here are top 14 things to do in Dothan, Alabama

All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. The United States Army Aviation Museum –
2. A Night At The Opera With Dothan Opera House –
3. Take A Look At Joseph Monument –
4. Murals Of The Wiregrass –
5. Spend The Day At Adventureland –
6. Go For A Bowl At The Dothan Lanes –
7. Time For a Round At Dothan National Club –
8. Play A Round At The Roundabout Golf Course –
9. Come To The National Peanut Festival –
10. Time For A Farmers Market –
11. Admire The Plant Life At Dothan Area Botanical Gardens –
12. Spend Time At The Wiregrass Museum –
13. Make A Splash At Water World Water Park –
14. Make A Visit To Cherry Street AME Church –
thumbnail: Another of downtown Dothan’s murals –

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Vy Moon Performs at Rivers Edge Church Montgomery

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Vy Moon performs his single “Simba” featuring Jared and Layla Lamb at Rivers Edge Church in Montgomery, AL 181 F Eastern Blvd; Pastor Dr. Eddie Mitchell

September 23rd 2018 Sunday Service – Jesus House Huntsville, Alabama.

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Pastor Peter Oyediran welcomes you to Jesus House Huntsville, Alabama. This is a place to grow, belong and become what you are ordained to be. This service is for September 23rd Sunday Service at our main auditorium in Huntsville.

We know that as you watch, listen, and worship with us, you will be blessed in Jesus name. Somebody shout Alleluia!

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Church Address: 4096 Blue Springs Rd, Huntsville, AL.
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Dr. Earl C. Johnson, Christ Community Church, Huntsville, Alabama

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Dr. Earl C. Johnson, Christ Community Church
Huntsville, Alabama
“A Returning Christ” 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Let the Future Begin Tour – Dothan, AL

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Promo Video for the Let the Future Begin Tour stop in Dothan, AL. This is happening Oct. 5 @ 7:00 at Calvary Baptist Church. Tickets available online at at Eagle Eye Outfitters, Calvary Baptist Church, and at The Joy FM studio. We also have tickets for RBC at a discounted rate through the student ministry office.

Jesus Slept Here – April 1st, 2018

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The Christ Church International Worship Arts Department present “Jesus Slept Here” where we observe the lives of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus during the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. We get to see a glimpse of what they went through and the significance of who Jesus was and what He did for each of them.

Starring Josh Williams, Diane Briley, and Kalyn DelVecchio

COME MAKE HISTORY! Canopy of Prayer over the City of Mobile, Alabama – Alabama

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Canopy of Prayer over the City of Mobile, Alabama – COME MAKE HISTORY! Register at

Visit Canopy of Prayer’s Facebook page:
Hear Apostle Isaiah Kadiri, from Nigeria, share prophetic word about the Coming Move of God beginning in Mobile Bay:
The day is fast approaching as registrations are already coming in and continue to come in to converge upon the streets of Mobile, Alabama under the Canopy of Prayer to pray over every street within the borders of the city of Mobile. For Him Films puts together an anointed orchestration of audio and video as they highlight just how urgent the need for prayer is in this critical hour. Many can attest to the environment of strife that has long existed in our nation. “Distractions, confusion, division…we try to look past it, but in reality, it’s ripping us apart.” For Him Films continues to share how this generation has a mounting responsibility. “This generation is facing a crisis. Many are turning their back on each other and on the Church.” What do we do about it?

Port of One is calling for every believer available to join in unity and prayer, to pray for the city of Mobile. “On April 29, 2017, we are calling every believer to the streets of Mobile. We want every area, every corner of our city to be covered by a massive Canopy of Prayer.” With continued hope, they share these words, “we can be a uniting force, prayerfully and strategically appealing to heaven for a Godly change in our city. We will be one family, one city, together who believe.” Now is the time to act and to be a part of history as the Church responds to the Spirit of the Lord and intercedes for an entire city. You can register now at Continue reading description below…




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This monumental event didn’t just get started on April 29th. Many came together, in the spirit of unity, to pray for Mobile, at the Saenger Theatre in Mobile for a night of worship with Bethel Music. Hunter Thompson and Kalley Heiligenthal led worship as the Spirit of the Lord moved powerfully upon those praying and interceding for the city. The event was funded by local businessman, Fred Rettig, owner of Rettig Auto Body in Daphne, Alabama. This is what the Business Mountain is all about; using the blessings to fund and advance the furthering of the Kingdom of God.

This event not only involved people from the Church of many different denominations, as well as business men and women, but also governmental leaders. The Mayor of Mobile, Sandy Stimpson understands the urgency and need to pray for our cities and to give things to the Lord. Mayor Stimpson wrote a Proclamation of Faith and recently shared these powerful words by beginning how kings of old would do the same. “In days of old, kings and those in authority wrote Proclamations of Faith also known as decrees to unite the people and to provide focus and clarity and purpose, by acknowledging their Creator…”

We do not want our words to fall upon empty responses. We want to see these prayers fulfilled with the footsteps of action and change to happen in our city. “…Now is the time in Mobile for unity to overcome division, for neighborly love to overcome envy and selfish ambition, for compassion to overcome condemnation, for humility to overcome pride, for prosperity to overcome poverty, for good health to overcome sickness, for joy to overcome sadness, for peace and harmony to overcome wrongdoing and misconduct, for faith to overcome fear, and for prayer to overcome worry.” At its onset, the Mayor thought this event would have to be carried out over a few weeks. But, after further consideration, he reasoned that this could be done in a single day.

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Easter At The Boutwell – Birmingham, Al ::: Rock Church

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Resurrection 2011 Spot produced for Rock Church, Pastor Mike McClure Jr, Birmingham, Alabama.