Ku Klux Klan of Montgomery, Alabama, 1956. Archive film 99214

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Anti-Civil Rights in Montgomery in Alabama the U.S.A. A Ku Klux Klan meeting is taking place and a leader is addressing a crowd (who remain unseen). He says that he wants no part of a mixed-race society and that he does not want a mulatto mongrel class of people.

abc 33/40 Jacksonville, AL Tornado Coverage 3-19-2018

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Event Summary

National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed damage in northern Calhoun and Cleburne Counties and determined that the damage was consistent with an EF-3 tornado. The tornado first touched down west of US Highway 431 north of Wellington, where it rapidly intensified and widened. It snapped and uprooted numerous trees along US Highway 431. Several homes were damaged by the falling trees. The tornado proceeded eastward across Websters Road and Broughton Road with scattered tree damage. As the tornado crossed Old Sulphur Springs Road, two homes were damaged with scores of trees snapped or uprooted. At Angel Station Road, the tornado filled the valley from one side to the other and caused extensive tree and home damage. An electrical transmission tower line was toppled at this point, but it was believed that flying debris compromised the structure. The tornado continued eastward and destroyed the sanctuary at West Point Baptist Church. Additional structures were severely damaged at the church. The tornado entered the City of Jacksonville where it gained strength into the EF3 category, with winds around 140 mph. It removed most of the roof and the top floor of two buildings in an apartment complex. The tornado affected the entire campus of Jacksonville State University. Several buildings sustained significant damage. The most intense winds remained north of the campus however, mowing down trees and causing direct damage to homes. As the tornado crossed Highway 21, it caused caused major damage to the Merrill Building. It then moved into a highly populated zone, where scores of homes suffered major damage and rendered many uninhabitable. The tornado maintained its strength as it crossed Choccolocco Mountain, with winds funneled up the valleys mowing down trees. It caused major damage to a number of homes on the mountainside. Damaged continued all the way up to just south of the peak of the mountain. As the tornado moved down the eastern side of Choccolocco Mountain, it narrowed substantially and became stronger once it reached the valley below. Stands of trees were wiped out with trunks snapped relatively close to ground level. Perhaps the most intense damage along the entire track occurred along Hollingsworth Rd, where a site built home was completely destroyed with only a portion of one interior wall left standing. Debris from this home was blown downstream across a field with some evidence of wind rowing. Hay bales adjacent to the home, estimated at 800 pounds each, were thrown up to 300 yards to the east. Maximum winds at this location were estimated at 150 mph. The tornado continued east-southeast and downed many thousands of trees in the Talladega National Forest, areas north of Fruithurst, areas north of Muscadine, and to the Georgia State Line. The tornado damage path to the Georgia State Line is 34.29 miles long.

Alabama Church Set To Have Its Own POLICE Department | Briarwood

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A large church in Alabama is one step closer to creating its very own police force, a move that seems to be unprecedented here in the United States. What’s up guys and welcome to Cops Court and Coffee…I’m Darnell Eason.

Now the Alabama Senate has voted to allow Briarwood Presbyterian church in Birmingham the right to form its own police force. The 4,000 member congregation received a favorable 24-4 vote from the Senate to allow the church to establish a law enforcement department.

The church says it needs its own police officers to keep its school as well as its more than 4,000 person congregation safe.
Of course there are some challengers of this bill, who disagree with the measure stating that a police department that reports to church officials could be used to cover up crimes.
It should be noted that Alabama has given some private universities the authority to have a police force, but never a church or non-school institution.

Well that’s all I have on this right now. If I hear more…I’ll bring you more. But for now, comment below and tell me if you would have a problem if your local church had its own police department. Don’t forget to hit that like button and if you didn’t already. Don’t forget to subscribe.


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Alabama Church Set To Have Its Own POLICE Department | Briarwood

Davis Cemetery, Whatley Alabama Hwy 84 behind Garrick Grocery

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Davis Family Cemetery, Whatley, Alabama behind Garrick Grocery Hwy 84.
Burials include Mary Elizabeth Johns, Pvt. John Blount Davis, Sr. CSA, Pvt. Frederick Davis, CSA, Annie Davis, Thomas J. Davis, Margaret Butler Davis

CR 657 Railroad Crossing, near Notasulga, AL

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*originally recorded on 10-17-18*

Signal on the left: 2 pairs of Safetran 12×24 inch lights with WCH 2nd Generation LEDs, a Safetran gate mechanism, and RECO LED gate lights.
Signal on the right: 2 pairs of Safetran 12×24 inch lights with WCH 2nd Generation LEDs, a GE electronic bell, a Safetran gate mechanism, and RECO LED gate lights.

After catching the train in Auburn, I chased it west over to just east of Notasulga, where I got to see it meet an eastbound train waiting on this westbound to come through.

This crossing was a high priority for me, despite having pretty modern signals. The reason is entirely for the bell, as this crossing features the only GE E-bell in the state of Alabama! As far as I know, CSX is the only Class I railroad here in the US to have ever used these bells, and they didn’t use them for very long, though there’s still a few scattered across the country on the lines CSX owns. A few other railroads and light rail lines probably used these as well, though the only one I’m aware of is a light rail line up in New Jersey. According to the FRA, these signals here were installed in about 2011, and replaced a pair of crossbucks. Just east of here is where a spur breaks off of the siding track and heads into a quarry. The spur crosses AL 14 (seen in the background) at a crossing with a pair of gated signals, though I didn’t get a change to record them, as I didn’t see any trains heading through it.

Faulkner University | Television Commercial | 1991 | Huntsville Alabama

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Faulkner University | Television Commercial | 1991 | Huntsville Alabama

Faulkner University is a private Christian university in Montgomery, Alabama. It is affiliated with the Churches of Christ. The university was founded in 1942 as Montgomery Bible School. In 1953 the school’s name was changed to Alabama Christian College (ACC). In 1965, the college was moved to its present location on Atlanta Highway. The year 1975 marked the beginning of the school’s satellite campuses in Mobile, Huntsville and Birmingham. In 1985, the school was renamed Faulkner University in honor of Dr. James H. Faulkner, Sr., a longtime supporter and chairman of the board.