“In Christ Alone” First Baptist Montgomery, AL

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I sang this at church one Sunday morning, possibly my favorite song I’ve ever performed there. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ORIGINAL MUSIC AND LYRICS BY STUART TOWNSEND AND KEITH GETTY. PERFORMED BY NATALIE GRANT.
11:00 service First Baptist Church Montgomery, Alabama
March 28, 2010
used with permission from Crossroads Ministries, First Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama

Church at the Crossing Dothan AL Celebrating 5 Years Slideshow

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Church at the Crossing Dothan AL Celebrating 5 Years Slideshow

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*Music credit to Bethel Music in Redding, CA

Al Green at Full Gospel Tabernacle, Memphis,TN. with guitar solo – by Manew Blew

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Rev. Al Green at Full Gospel Tabernacle Church – South of Memphis,TN. This take is a bit earlier than the one from January ’15 – here from 11/2/14, also more intimate. Great and sweet gtr solo… ALL kind of folks are welcomed every sunday in this unique temple! Good news for some… Al never shows up before 10-11am – Enjoy and please share if you appreciate (:

Driving through Downtown Mobile AL !!

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I drove through this Downtown area on the way to Florida. It looked fine with some bars, cafes, coffee shops, parks, churches etc. Nothing special. There is a cool museum here also a very cool looking church. Filmed this with DSLR Nikon D3400 full hd.

True Vine Gospel Church in Palmdale Ca, Pastor Al January Exposed

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Pastor Al January Exposed at True Vine Gospel Church 859 E. Ave Q
Palmdale CA. 93591