Jerry Prevo Brings the Crazy, Part 1

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Jerry Prevo of the Anchorage Baptist Church, defies all logic with a Hannity-on-steroids time line explaining how we’ve become morally bankrupt, leading up to, possibly, the greatest musical number I have ever seen in my entire life (in part two). God bless this man. I’m converted.

Drunk guy trying to cross Katlian St

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This took place right outside my window on Katlian st in Sitka Alaska around 5:15pm it got passed around so fast on Facebook a cop saw it and went a picked him up and took him into protective custody @ 6:20pm

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EFKAS Feagaiga Fou Anchorage, AK “O O le Tupu Moni”

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Aufaipese EFKAS Feagaiga Fou i Anchorage, Alaska. Rev. Niutunu & Faaulu Faiupu. CD recorded in 2009.

GoPro: Liebherr 1600 crane in Sitka, AK for Blue Lake Dam construction

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GoPro mounted to a remote control airplane cruising around the Blue Lake Dam renovation and expansion project in Sitka, Alaska. Crane: Liebherr 1600, owned by STG Incorporated. Crane operated by Alaska Crane, an STG subsidiary. Video courtesy: Bryce P.