35 – Surviving the Great Alaska Earthquake

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It was Good Friday 1964 and Felton was getting ready to go to a children’s play at church when he felt the force of a “megathrust” 9.2 earthquake. He describes trees and utility poles swaying, the ground rippling and the destruction it wrought. But his church, though without power, water or gas, was still standing and they were able to hold Easter services there the following Sunday.

Trip to Akutan from Dutch Harbor on a Grumman Goose

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Took the camera on a trip to Akutan from the Dutch Harbor airport – on a nice day! Flew over in a Grumman Goose and took a boat ride back the following day. Some Akutan village footage and some Church footage, ate in the Trident Seafoods Galley, tried on a survival suit, and some boat footage. Great view of the Aleutian Islands that we are flying by.